Choose this day the language of God or Man

Parse Syntax Grammer unto the mark ? Or Restored ancient pictoral Hebrew in tongues ?
One is for the king of this world, the other is for the king of creation.

On April 6 1988 Federal Judge David Wynn-Miller broke the math interface in all 5,000 languages proving that languages are linear equations and algebra. This has not been done in 8,500 years (since we began to babble in the first place…remember Nimrod ? ). This unlocked 2/3 of the missing words of all languages. The intro to the secrets begins at the 33rd degree. This man is a 92 degree mason, yet there can be up to a 180 degree mason, of the 360 seeing spirit within the dual nature of humanity.

This disqualifies every treaty trust and contract on the planet. He calls himself PANDORA as destroyer of worlds. He explains however that the word destroyer is a no, no, no word. That without the correct parse syntax grammer, the world exists in a world of verbs, instead of a world of facts, so what he destroyed was a world of verb in all 5,000 languages.

This also means that all legal documents are being re done in proper parse syntax grammer because being a math equation, people never go to war over a math problem, so there will be no mis- communications, even if it is between a human and an alien ?

EXCUSE ME ? I don’t care if Petrus Romanus accepts the ALIEN. That’s his misfortune. Deut. 11:13-21 Bewware…lest you be misled to turning aside from the right course, to worship0 alien gods and bow down to them. God will be angry with you, and he will close the heavens, so that there will be no rain, and the earth will not yield her produce; and you will fast disappear from the good land which the Lord has given you.

The problem with this of course, is that this enables the mark of the beast system, when the entire world switches to it. The beast is of course operated by the synagogue of satan, which operates all human activity by computer code and biometrics authentication and one may buy and sell via the RFID chip tie-in , to the cray five quantum supercomputer array beneath Falcon Colorado. Not me fella ! Today we have the cutting off of heads for religieous reasons. As the adversary and his functionaries in the world will demand all humanity worship him as G-d, the world will accept this math interface of perfect language under UN law, taking the mark so they can live in this perfect forward and BACKWARD language of false peace. What do we do with music today that has language understood when it runs backwards ?

Counter to this of course yet completely ignored by the world, we have already been given the perfect language which is the restored ancient pictoral letters of the Hebrew alphabet that is already given by God to be that perfect language. A Hebrew cantillation. Music IS math.  Can’t read ancient Hebrew? JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES. It also means there is no mark of the beast biometric authentication math interface. So, wanna guess which language the synagogue of satan will use, and which language the people without the mark will use ? It will be in the gift of tongues.

It is petrus romanus who controls the universal postmaster general and all keymasters. The matrix is there for those who choose to corrupt themselves unto satan. Otherwise, take the pill and wake up to hear and do the will of G-d by the leading of his holy spirit to join the rest of creation. Not the transdimensional fallen under the adversary and king of this world. Come out of Babylon by speaking in tongues and having common law, but more importantly, the eternal law of God…his eternal covenant of Jewish law of Torah, AND the testimony of Jesus.  Not the babel of the language of the admiralty for commerce, or the mark that is the math grammer of commerce to worship the alien beast and his false prophet Petrus Romanus.  Besides… since when does a high level mason keep Torah and have the testimony of Jesus ? How about NEVER !

The quantum language provides the neuro linguistic programming accepted by the quantum cray five array in Colorado. The tie-in is the RFID. When the speaker mentions the aliens…understand, there is no such thing as a good alien. There are only the fallen either in the spirit or in the flesh. If you ever experience the presence of an angel, then know you are spiritually saved, once you have tested the spirit. This requires discernment, for they don’t work in sin. They are only for the saved.

Psalm 94
Shall those who decree iniquity, who devise evil by law, have companionship with the ? They conspire against the life of the righteous; they condemn innocent blood.
Deuteronomy 11:16 ( Hebrew Translation )
Beware lest you be misled into turning aside from the right course, to worship ALIEN gods and to bow down to them. God will be angry with you…

Von Braun did tell Carol, that the last card the globalists would play, is the presence of aliens, which naturally Petrus Romanus will claim are morally superior to us, and are our space brothers. Certainly one who is spiritually saved, would not have their life force taken from them, for they know who they are, and are not rooted in fear, but in love by the indwelling of the Holy spirit. Peace beyond understanding.

Whistleblower Calls Dr. Deagle, Gets Mind Blown. The doctor has more knowledge about the mark of the beast system than any man alive.

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Sacrifices from Nimrod to Petrus Romanus

Eyewitnesses Testify Vatican, Drug Cartels Trafficking Children to Satan worshipping pedophiles of royal families, corporate heads, politicians
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 7:42

According to victims and for big bucks, the Catholic Church and drug cartels regularly funnel children through international pedophile rings to Satan worshipping businessmen, politicians and members of European royal families. Since May more than 34 eyewitnesses have given depositions to the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels about this CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE and forced participation in child sacrifices by these global elites of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Five international court judges have considered evidence against Ninth Circle Cult members including the trial’s chief defendant, Pope Francis, plus former Pope Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth. In 2013 the ICLCJ Court found Queen Elizabeth and Pope Ratzinger guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and issued arrest warrants against them.

A European mafia known as “Octopus” or Ndrangheta, was said to make considerable money by securing drugs and children for the upper echelons of Pope Francis’ Catholic and Queen Elizabeth’s Anglican Churches, royal family members and European, Canadian, Australian and US politicians and corporate heads. “The Catholic Church is clearly the largest baby trafficker in human history, making billions each year by selling Catholic newborns to orphanages, foster agencies and undisclosed parties” Antonio Barrero testified before five judges of the ICLCJ Court. “In Spain alone between 1940 and 1980, the Catholic Church reaped over $20 billion by trafficking more than 300,000 children.”

“The now Pope Francis organized the marketing of those more than 30,000 children of Argentine political prisoners” according to a ICLCJ Court witness identified only as Number 32. In the 1970s-1980s the witness was a former Argentine civil servant who was present in meetings between the now-Pope Francis and the Junta Military during Argentine’s Dirty War.

The Court recessed to do further research after the ICLC Court Chief Prosecutor professed a link between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families and the disappearances and killing of Mohawk children at Queen Elizabeth’s Church of ENGLAND or Anglican’s Brantford Indian Residential School in Ontario Canada. “The ‘Ndrangheta syndicate obtains its child fodder through its deep involvement with the child-snatching Roman Catholic Church and top Vatican officials” a Radical Party member of the Italian Parliament, Matteo Macceo, told Kevin Annett of the ICLCJ Court. “The modern Mafia are the same people who run the Catholic Church and Italian government. They’re indistinguishable. They’re all in the same club. Their main concern is their assets, which come from organized crime: drugs, arms dealing and human trafficking.”

“Crime pays and nothing pays as well as selling human beings, especially children” Annett said yesterday. “Last month, I was contacted by a retired Dutch lawyer whose former husband is a member of the criminal syndicate that provides the children and adolescents used in Ninth Circle ritualistic “hunting parties” in Belgium. I’ll call her Josephine. According to Josephine, in the Springs of 2000 and 2004 her ex-husband, along with Octopus members, provided ten children and adolescents who were then stripped naked, let loose, hunted down, killed and mutilated by WEALTHY MEN in forests near Oudergem, Belgium. She was told the victims were kids from the juvenile detention centers in Brussels. The global elite killers were thought to be members of the Ninth Circle and included Prince Friso of Holland, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Prince Albert of Belgium. Satan worshippers are known to think that certain numbers have mystical qualities. Notice their use of the number ten when choosing their victims. After they shot down the ten young ones they cut off the boys’ penises and held them up like trophies, cheering and applauding.”

According to last year’s ICLCJ Court findings, on Oct. 10 1964 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip took ten children around the age of ten from the Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia. Their native parents haven’t seen them since. The Kamloops school closed in 1978, though a child mass grave site wasn’t discovered on the Kamloops school grounds until last year. Since 2008 Queen Elizabeth and the Canadian government have refused Annett’s ITCCS’s continuous requests for excavation of 34 child mass grave sites discovered on some of the 80 native residential school grounds across Canada.

Vatican and European Royal family members of the Ninth Circle were said to have scheduled child sacrifices for this August 15 and on the new moon in September at the Carnarvon Castle in Wales, Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Marie Reine du Monde Catholic Cathedral in Montreal Canada.

The court was presently in recess. Evidence was being gathered in hopes the five judges and 27 jury members could reach a verdict by this Fall. Because of the large amount of victims coming forward to testify about Ninth Circle activities more indictments were expected to follow. A third international court was planned for next year.

Last year’s ICLCJ Court found 40 global elites guilty in the disappearance of over 50,000 native Canadian children. A few days later Pope Ratzinger resigned from his office. Evidence presented at last year’s court could be found in Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” available for free here.

The ICLCJ International Court has over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Local organizing funds were available for common law groups wishing TO APPLY. To contact the ITCCS, ICLCJ Court in Brussels, its local affiliates, or to volunteer, email or call:,, 386-323-5774 (USA) or 250-591-4573 (Canada).

About the Author
Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities” ( is a retired therapist, Public Speaker, Activist and investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited on hundreds of blogs and websites. The ex-Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo FAMILY COUNSELING Center is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau ( If you have news tips about CHILD ABUSE issues please email Judy You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children by clicking here: http://www.chang

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The Harbinger II

Here we have part 2 of the answering of his critics on the book, The Harbinger, by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, found on the article of this blog called The Two Witnesses.


Now that I have found my way after searching for truth since the loss of my mother in the days of 9/11 and the knowledge has led me to PROFITABLE ACTION, I am dedicating my life to a Holy Spirit led ministry and the wisdom of a prophet of God. The Blogathon Philabuster from this day forward, will leave the events of the world to it’s own demise, as it has chosen to go it’s own way that is not the way of God. I hereby leave my own opinions behind, in favour of the opinion of the Holy Spirit. Above all, this requires obedience to prepare myself for the taking of correction that I may count myself worthy.

An author needs to write about those things which he knows. Having heard the call from God to come home, I take my place as one who does not have the spiritual maturity to say anything about the spiritual war I am entering. I AM A SPIRITUAL INFANT WHO DESIRES TO OVERCOME THE FIRST DRAGON THAT IS THE SELF, TO BE BORN OF AN ETERNAL SPIRIT. It is therefore not my place to teach anyone anything, since everything I have learned came from the world. I begin anew of reality that is not of this life.

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Our time of global decision

Now over a year ago, this speech was given and is reflected in the book released a year earlier. THE HARBINGER. It’s author takes no credit for it’s writing as the source is from our most high God. Prophets have called us to return to our Judeo Christian ethics in all humility with repentence. The prophets have given us warnings that God can raise nations and can remove blessings from them.

The United States became the greatest nation in the history of this age. Well, I have been to a few cities in the USA and I see a collapsing society that is in decay. I see a lot of flash, and no substance. This is a nation my own father and several previous generations lived in. Today because of a Bush policy, I no longer have my birthright of dual citizenship. Today I watch the current president who was never even born there, one who has no makings of a president,  take that position and break so many moral rules and even impeachable offences, that I have refused to so much as cross the border.

As of this writing, America will face unpreventable judgement because leadership is corrupt, and the people allow it. Globalists under a UN flag care nothing for nationhood. Even the catholic leadership in Rome fails to preach truth, and instead inviting all, to join in a global new age religion where all manner of corruption is responded to with the statement, “who am I to judge”.  This is not merely abdication of moral responsibility.

Last year I displayed a video of Jonathan Cahn answering his critics about his book. He puts them in their place very well. Here we see Rabbi Cahn making an address in Washington, that gives America reason to stop and reverse the trends that have been established by a nation that has turned from Jesus in it’s leadership, and turned from the law in it’s people’s. It’s obvious even to this obscure author, the two must come together as we once were so many generations ago. The messianic vision. And the two shall become one stick in his hand. Elijah’s double portion.

This second video will show you just how far our spiritual leadership has fallen, for not heeding the words of the witness of Ephraim and the witness of Judah.

Out of the mouths of babes. The TRUTH.

If Vatican II doesn’t get your attention, what about this video below?

As for my decision, I don’t know about other catholics or christians, but to any reader let it be known here and now. I HEREBY RENOUNCE ANY BELIEF IN THE  CATHOLIC RELIGION, THE POPE ,OR HIS DAMMED MASS, AND VERY VERY, VERY TEMPORARY WORLDLY POWER BY THE ADVERSARY/ SATAN/ LUCIFER, FOREVER. It will be given to the anti-christ to overcome the saints. Whoever trys to save his life will lose it. Whoever gives up his life for others and for God, will save it.

Praise be to Jesus Christ, God’s only son and our lord and saviour, for giving of his blood for the covering of sin which the world will see, as God’s testimony of his son, that we may live with him in his kingdom forever. He has made all things new and every knee shall bow. Praise God.

UNSURVIVABLE…a video of Lyndon LaRouche shows the alternative humanity now faces. Will the world be an abortuary or will we survive by the leading of the spirit of God as in all creation ?

This commentary is from a great statesman, Lyndon LaRouche.

LaRouche: Get Obama Out Now to Stop the Countdown to Thermonuclear War!
February 11, 2014 • 4:16PM

Feb. 11 (LPAC)—Lyndon LaRouche, the renowned American statesmen who has been warning that the British Monarchy and their stooge Barack Obama have placed the world on a fast track towards probable thermonuclear war during the first 2-3 months of 2014, today commented on a strategic evaluation of the Ukraine crisis presented by Russian General Leonid Ivashov, the former foreign relations head of the Russian Ministry of Defense and current President of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies.

In an interview published Feb. 10 by, Ivashov denounced that U.S.-NATO strategy in Ukraine is based on “thoroughly studying the doctrine of Dr. Goebells… Nazi propaganda” of telling big lies, which will then be used to justify a direct U.S.-NATO military intervention into the country. “They are preparing for an operation by land and sea… I assume that the [Russian] Foreign Ministry understands that we are at war,” Ivashov stated bluntly.

LaRouche commented that once the U.S. and NATO do that, which is what the British Monarchy is instructing them to do, then we are directly into a nuclear confrontation, which we are already on the verge of now. I have written about the amplified considerations of that in my latest document, “Mind Over Your Matter,” he added.

Our response, LaRouche continued, is to get Obama out now! If you care about humanity, you will impeach Obama right now: get his hand off the button! We must say this in every forum, in all of our media. Obama is a war criminal and a liar to boot. It is urgent that he be impeached immediately.

All patriots will react to this call to action, LaRouche stated. Those who don’t, are stupid or treasonous or both. As for Secretary of State John Kerry, he will go along with Obama because he is an opportunist and a butt-kisser. If you want Kerry to improve his behavior, remove Obama from office.

Responding to news reports of the deployments of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Russia’s main Pacific submarine base on Kamchatka peninsula “in preparation” for the arrival of a new class of Russian nuclear submarines, and to the visit of US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to Spain to “supervise” the arrival of the Aegis-enabled USS Donald Cook to the American base at Rota, LaRouche said:

This is the marine part of the deployments for nuclear war. The relevant fact is that the USS Cook is there now, not that other Aegis-enabled warships are scheduled to arrive later this year and in 2015. Because we are on an immediate timetable of February and the first weeks of March at most, for this confrontation.

The call at a recent anti-fascist demonstration in Zaporozhye, Ukraine for Russia to step in to defend Ukraine’s “stability and peace,” along with similar reports from the Crimean Parliament, means that the Russian intention is being signaled that way, LaRouche elaborated. This is their response; Putin has made it clear that there would be a change in policy if the provocations continued. Now things are warming up. What do you expect?

Our job is to get Obama out of office now. That is our job. If we do that, then the sane section of the United States can go to work. But it must be done immediately.

LaRouche continued: This countdown to war is reality. It is no great secret. And it is being driven by the fact that the entire trans-Atlantic financial system is going bankrupt, and is about to collapse totally. The system is coming down. FDR’s Glass-Steagall policy must be put in place now, and Wall Street simply has to be canceled. Obama, who is resisting Glass-Steagall, should be fired for that reason as well. Wall Street is a treasonous factor, and should be canceled. Cancel their influence and go back to the Constitutional approach to a banking system as prescribed in detail by Alexander Hamilton. His writings are crucial, and established the legal basis for a Constitutional banking system, which is what we have to return to now—that is the solution. Wall Street is an instrument of treason, by strict Constitutional standards, and should just be canceled, LaRouche concluded.

Relevant Today

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The Zionist false Jews desire war with Iran & use the back door of Syria. NOTE… Only eight times in the last 2,000 years have there been the sun earth & moon in alignment. The US will back Israel, but later Israel will not back the USA. This is because those who control Israel are of the synagogue of satan. Not real Jews.
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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,800 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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I prayed for truth. Boy did I get an answer. One discovery was the blood test which will be made known to the world by all the networks like CNN, showing living blood with a chromosome count, already taken from the western side of the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant. There were eight priests of the Sanhedrin who died trying to enter the dig, where the stone tablets of the commandments are sitting on a shelf having been removed from the ark.

This is God’s testimony of his son. This…about the time of the enforcement of the biometric controlled system to buy or sell, by the 13 families of the Drudic Council of the synagogue of satan, now own over 51% of all planetary wealth, while in the early years of this century, their wealth was 25% of the world. Some of these people think they are of the bloodline of Christ….that’s insane. The CEO of Earth Inc ? That’s Baron Guy de Rothschild. He is the head of one of the houses of the council & holds title as the Pindar or ( Penis of the dragon. ) This is represented by the oblisk or phallis like in the nation states of London, Rome and also in Washington.

Guess who the enforcers are? Can you say chimera supersoldier ? How about what happens to those that are “not” emitting any signal while travling, giving automatic permission by a drone to fire on your position since your not being recognized by the electronic cage, because you don’t have the mark of the beast. After Agenda 21, living outside a supercity with most places kept out of bounds & rewilded will require a personal relationship with God. Caused by geoengineering to bring drought & damage more places will be against the law for people to trespass, as this destroys the feeder root system of all plant life.

Meanwhile, Google helps with things like cataloging all planetary resources and collecting personal data for the new billion dollar data spy center that keeps getting caught on fire. Then there are the new age leaders whose condition are as in the days of Noah which we now are living in, which is a result of the abductions, cattle killings & mixed blood people of part … fallen in the flesh, and those of mankind that are possessed, are increasing in numbers beneath the ground, growing. Being integrated into society & some raised in society.

The generations of nephillim of the last days like the days of Noah. Naturally God brought the global flood to kill them off. In out time we now call these Indigo or star seed, crystal child etc…. Like all the superheros in the comics you read as a kid, and today’s movies, to get you used to the idea of super abilities and of transhumanisim. The darling dream of people Like Ray Kurtswell. To bring about the spiritual blindness that people will desire evil and see it as good. The global elite learn technology by demonic worship, using their three mother goddesses and the blood sacrifice rituals, as on new moon and Oct 31 at midnight, to control those they call up from the deep. A corrupted temple as those of clay and iron to which man adds technologies, used to add too himself beyond the purpose of God, when man is not even to so much as defile his temple by markings…like make up, or tattoos, let alone a technology that will alter your temple DNA permanently & bring spiritual death which is the mark.

Today tattoos & piercings are pushed into mainstream, and promoted on television as acceptable. People have no idea they are cursed in God’s eyes…or do they really care anymore ? Less than 50 years ago only the hardened sailor or soldier would have brandished such a publicaly unacceptable display of anti social or criminal signage on themselves. This brings my attention to those who will bend over in agony, since the people having taken the mark are changed in their DNA structure.

For those who know scripture… The roll of a book which is how DNA is read, is only sweet tasting to those who keep the temple ” their body”as a living sacrifice. Only God may open the book of life, which is denied the adversary. The very design of creation fits DNA like a glove, solar systems with all the same movements & arrangements.   Today, the public is breathing smart dust to track and more easily influence people as their DNA is altered by GMO foods, flu vaccine adjuvents & the contents of the geoengineered plasma environment. This is now destroying our oxygen & ozone protection from death by normal space radiation. Adding tremendous levels of toxins like barium & aluminum but which also brings the same effects as nuclear radiation.  The dead spiritualism of channeling the ascended masters which by any name / age are the fallen of the adversary, while people get a taste of a tiny amount of power for the ultimate price of the soul; the worse “deal “in creation, taken by those with the most money & power that should recognize a bad deal when they see it. The world has it hidden from tham that these they worship ruled on Mars in the last age, before the shifting of the planets wiped away the atmosphere. Fortunately the earth can not be moved.

Why don’t they ? Spiritual blindness. Many of the synagogue of Satan have generations of evil curses of power within them & will never escape the grip of Hell. They could, but will refuse. So much for being smart in business… eh !  I know of one woman who made a great deal. A woman who turned her temple into a transfigured mansion. Corrie Tenboom, a hero of the overcomers from the 3rd rise of the Reich. We need an army of prayer warriors like her to gain intervention from the forth and final rise. One use of this widespread corruption of frequencies in the environment is to separate people from God, by severing the spiritual connection in the pineal gland. By that same principal, I think uncorrupted frequency of the holy spirit in music can bring revival. This was the great fear at the onset of the baby boom generation. So, along with a corrupted musical solfeggio, the Rock-N-roll music generation was prevented from experiencing a spiritual  revival. All that pot to destroy their minds and drive.

Today this garbage has a few variations of further corruption, like heavy metal already proven to have health consequences over time by destruction of healthy structured cells in the body. Words and intent matter, especially once you throw in a basic understanding of physics and the structure of reality & time. Tier one science is kept from the world to destroy the world, when it could save it. The catch is…man must balance spiritual development beyond technological advancements, but this is being prevented, and God knows well that people are spiritually sleeping, but that will change by increasing judgements.  Another, the most outstanding result among several was, I found Dr. William Deagle and others in answer to my prayer to know truth, because God gave him a voice for wakening others up to slaying their own dragons & keeping the commandments. The man does speak truth. He fulfills the statement. He will be a thorn in their side. Now I recall where I read that. He comes from conviction, knowing who he is inside. His boldness is out of spiritual maturity like no other I have seen. Finding him…that’s answering a prayer.

Then I find out his spiritual calling ! I won’t reveal it here.  Enough self sufficency in basic needs too. I recall as a child a cousin of my dad’s visiting from the southern states. I asked him how come he kept saying praise the Lord all the time. He simply said, “Because I do, that’s why”. He & his wife had just had an accident a few miles from his arrival at our home. There are a million little experiences like that which now come to my attention that before, my travels in life had provided a far less meaningful perspective.  It is said that on the cross, Jesus experienced the loss of those who would not come into heaven with him. This must be the ultimate spiritual anguish that physically tore open his heart. Obviously as terrifying as being crucified can be, he was also the perfect sacrifice, from a place where much of the animals raised there were also for sacrifice.

I don’t think the natural mind could comprehend the much more powerful level of intensity of the physical senses being translated to one’s spiritual body. I think as beautiful as the earth is, it’s like a brief whispy shadow of the true reality, created by all life as individuals and as a collective.   I am also convinced that beneath the center of the pyramids like at Giza, the lowest chamber discovered is the chamber entrance to great evil. I believe these pyramids which are placed on ley lines & trinity points are amplifiers to open the gates to hell.These are seen in the spirit as tornadoes high above the earth and lead into the center of earth where hell is temporarily located in the shape of the human body. Due to spiritual law, these fallen must be invited into our 3 D existence by the opening of gates by human sacrifice. As these continue the evil increases.

Nothing in the physical can take place without the observation of spiritual law which gives permission in the physical to manifest. Just as if you have the faith, are saved, and pray within the will of God and develop the anointing over time by keeping his holy covenant you can speak to a thing that is not, as though it were and it shall come to pass.  The synagogue of satan by ritual, give spiritual permission to manifest. For knowledge, there are always three mother godesses to be used for controling the disembodied who never want to be returned to their eternal prison. The pyramids act not merely as an ancient energy hidden from the public in these last days to re-emerge as a solution to bring power to the synagogue of Satan, in the form of today’s frequency technology.  They would also function as a giant pineal gland for the fallen, put into operation by the demonic blood sacrifice rituals. Today technology is known that was common place in the last age, like antigravity for building such structures.

During my research, I got the impression a spirit of fear comes from these places, while focused on this lowest of chambers. I even avoided going there when the opportunity arose, because intuitively and followed up on by  research, I already knew who built them & why, and although I don’t have the specific knowledge of engineering and materials,… how it was done. On the other hand, I sensed nothing while at the vatican, but that was before the prayer that woke my spirit by increasingly recognized answers. This should upset well over a billion Christians. The vatican now holds the seat of Satan until the day he arrives and calls himself God, in the abomination that desolates. Today Petrus Romanus seeks control over the “upper room” where the holy spirit descended on the followers of Jesus, so he can defile it. The replacement of the pyramids of a previous age are partly fulfilled by HAARP & the entire electronic cage, and of course the rituals continue. Cern, is the master gate.

I’ve discovered there can be grief in receiving knowledge. There is also the aspect of being separated from the strong ties of earthly life in a body. It’s very emotional, and extremely fulfilling, as it’s the holy spirit and his indwelling which heals you in so many ways.  This is being made aware of my personal separateness, and that of a corrupted world.  By the answering of a prayer  you are made aware of your spiritual condition to a point and that they are indeed answered. To the degree which one can withstand such spiritual awareness. The Holy Spirit knows what we can deal with much much better than we know ourselves, because this is God, and he placed all the yearnings of your heart into you.

Be careful what you ask for, you may get it. God’s love is so great he even gives us things that he knows are not good for you, and that you will learn from it, because he knows the heart thoroughly. By deepening our relationship we discover sin to overcome by repentence, out of love. Our temple is a living sacrifice to God, whom in the flesh is also a living sacrifice for the body of Christ.

In gaining awareness, this also requires fulfilling your obligation to others in what you learn. Not all answers desired are given as we must at times, wait on the Lord. Yet other answers are given we are not yet to speak of.  I have seen several videos of Mr. Cahn. His knowledge and spiritual condition goes deep into the heart of God. Not having read his book and based on comments I’ve seen & heard, the contents below about his book reflect the same view I have concluded, obviously not in the same level of clarity & depth of understanding, but that there is spiritual connection between the true Israel and the populations of the US and Canada, as well as Europe and the rest of the world too for that matter.

The blessings or the removal of spiritual protection are based on collective spiritual relationship. More to that point, all is in the timing set by God. I have written that once the abomination of desolation happens, that this would lead to the collapse of the New Madrid fault. What you do to one, you do to the other. Now I understand this is all very precise in how events unfold, yet based on the free will of humanity at the same time. The only way this can be is by God being in control, over what satan can & cannot do. Knowing the end from the begining of course.

It’s always facinating how the spiritual and the knowledge of science & technology come together to reinforce the intricacies of the grand intelligent design of one that is limitless perfection beyond comprehension. One suprise for me is the thought that the almighty has a need for keeping that which he loves by the sacrifice of his son. That God can be hurt. That to grieve the holy spirit is eternal death with no forgiveness. The same death would result from suicide or taking the mark of the beast which can never be reversed as it permanently alters the DNA of our temple, our body.

The presence of Jesus is so powerful his mere presence weakens the body that one cannot remain standing on their feet, unless he has a reason to appear before a person which has happened. more than once. Although good and evil are opposite, I have also discovered this is the case in hell too. You simply have no strength. Well, it’s one place that has absolutely no attributes of God.

The preparations as some know have already been made both in Israel toward the abomination that will desolate in Jerusalem on the the special day, and on the land in the USA. The hydrofracking, the pre existing weak substructure, HAARP, and yes even initiated by space weather. When the New Madrid fault splits, perhaps technology will give the USA a push in the prophetic direction ? The splitting of the USA will apparently be caused because man has divided the land of Israel against God’s will. Jerusalem…. will NEVER be destroyed.

Then there was the destruction of the loop current. A strike at the heart of weather stability of the world with uncanney timing, already knowing the dangers by warnings from geologists about drilling in the gulf.  As usual, people were told in a movie with Steven Segal, about a faulty blowout preventers of a refinary he destroys in the movie, along with the mercenaries.  Kinda like the magazine held up by Bart Simpson showing (9/11 symbolically using the two towers) The drill site in the gulf was a strike against the very heart of the earth’s weather moderating pattern. This abuse worsens to this day by the weaponized planet, and the additive to hide the spill that only makes it worse.

Abuse like deliberately hydrofracking in just the wrong places. This creates increased liquefaction in all the wrong places, shown to these people by using the looking glass with torsional field imaging. Public awareness is far too ignorant of important revealing events. Basically if you split Israel, you provide the spiritual ground to allow the splitting of the USA and it will happen. People don’t understand that prayer & repentance is power over this kind of planned group of catastrophes we have already experienced….yet the public remains ignorant of the nature of the attacks. Instead they look for a practical / physical solution created by the mind of man. HELLO!!!!! Following a wisdom inferior to that of your adversary….is suicide into eternity. Talk about going into a war ill equipped. The distractions & intensity of the war will only increase.

As the spiritual door over the west closes and protection is removed from the USA, there is also a spiritual door opening over Russia where it will never close to the heavens again. Here Jonathan Cahn highlights the exactness of the replay of judgements between Israel & the western populations. All the events of the nine harbingers that happened to Israel in it’s refusal to unite under God. The fact is, a large number of the lost tribes of Hebrew are today, the population of the USA & Canada. In a word of Knowledge given to my parents: I call you my own. I see your body as whole and renewed.

In a time we see the removal of God from people’s lives, the spiritual connections of events become evident to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn as the same things happen to the USA. All part of why the warlike Kahzars became false Jews. Why bringing the USA into WWI brought forth the Balfore declaration to own the land of Israel against the word of God. Why the US state department is loaded with Zionists. Why those of evil intent have infiltrated every institution of man, never designed for sustainability in the first place as the world is corrupted. Why Israel is led by a nut ! Wait till this one hits the fan.

The future discovery of 27.3 Trillion barrels of oil in Israel will bring many nations against Israel while the straits of Hormuz will be the bottleneck for world supply. In ten years the profits will build the military & more people will go there, for the oil development. You think Saudi Arabia has oil? that was the overlooked overflow from Israel. Yea…the largest pool on earth. Energy…is survival.

This is like revisiting the fall of the Roman empire as a living history lesson. In the words of newscaster John Stossel, “gimmie a break “, did you see young Miley Sirus on stage? Even her hair was made into horns. How obvious can it be? Yet, a young woman in India will hang, as there are several people who say she insulted Islam or the prophet. The truth is being murdered while evil is being raised up.

More and more, in order to receive honour from the world, we unwittingly become part of the problem. Less and less, do we see the truly virtous, rewarded. Well, actually the work of black ops is killing off the next critically important individual so as to control outcomes. If the following upsets you, leave. If you want to learn the outrageous truth, read. Here & now I say in truth, the child molester named Mohammed of the false religion of Muslims is burning in hell.  He is no more a prophet of God than the last pope to die that was the most loved, because he’s there too. That ought to upset about a billion of my former fellow believers in the Vicor of Christ ! Further, the pope who just resigned, did so within six days of getting notice of the trial results in absentia, of child sex trafficking in the International Criminal Court of Common Law in the Hague.

There are charges here against the Queen, the Prime Minister of Canada, The head of the RCMP, and several religious officials and investigators who hid evidence. This is in relation to the native residential schools. The only response I recall was an apology from Steven Harper. If YOU were God, and you saw what people are doing with what you gave them, what would you do? Likely erase it all & start over. Well folks that’s been done before, and this is the last age of corruptibility.

I sure don’t want to depend on being underground with a one way ticket. On 9/11 the world changed. America experienced a sacrifice by the synagogue of satan, who destroyed the twin towers and building seven to continue the wars, continue their (literal) underground & off world economy, and plot for increasing mass sacrifices to the fallen. Thanks to Dr. Deagle we have a venue for the details on the “how too” of the 9/11 event. That was the morning of my mothers so called leukemia treatment…it was not a good day.

People need to give up their own opinions for that of the holy spirit. Ya think love would catch on ? Now Jonthan Cahn answers his critics. In my opinion, this man has a highly developed spiritual strength and maturity. In the opinion of the witness of Ephraim, he is the witness of Judah. No person can get a better reference than that. Besides…. who better than for one to call out the other as he has done? If you think the economic troubles were great in 2008, you ain’t seen nothin yet. The economic collapse coming is like just about everything else…engineered to happen, to replace cash with the cashless biometric mark of the beast system. As indicated by the harbinger, the collapse may ? begin on Sept 13th 2015. There is certainly a powerful set of examples for this so far. Here is Bob Jones warning the people that will hear and do the will of God. Pray for truth. Some perspective for the over fifty from Bob Jones. Dr. Deagle has stated he will ask Jonathan Cahn to join him on his show. Here is his latest Aug 22 2013.

Take this rule & note it. Whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your heart, obscures your sense of God, takes off your love of spiritual things. Whatever increases the authority of the body over the mind and spirit, however innocent it seems to be itself, is sin to you. More effectively as stated by DR Deagle, doing anything outside the will of the Holy spirit, is sin. The more I learn of the spiritual dimensions, the more I know how extremely limited our physical senses really are. They are merely a faint passing shadow of reality. Like the hippie who took one too many trips said….”Reality, wow what a concept”.

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UPDATE /Global intel “sit rep”

On this section of articles, the most recent article was about the flood in western Canada, and the removal of personal guns, but was done in a responsible way by the RCMP. This was the correct procedure we would expect, but it is not the issue to be debated here in this article. is a good source as one of many for information about the ongoing use of the weaponization of earth to bring down society to create the chaos needed for a reason to take control of the public.
UNDERSTANDING the evidence is needed in the minds of Canadians, in order to prevent these attacks on Canadian soil. For any reader with doubt of it’s effects on weather, here is a video of Dutch S. proving it using the rainbow effect.

Reverend Michelle Hopkins is an advanced student of the geoengineering & exposes the masterplan of the adversary & those he leads by deception. TTA sonic cloud formations, created by HAARP & the electronic cage. The satelites are used by computer program & Tesla tech array. This is meant among other reasons, to decieve the masses into believing aliens have come to help us. The inside messages of the images portray anything desired. Like an image of a fallen angel.

The only response by the Canadian government about the aerosol / chemtrail activities is to respond by letter saying “it’s not us.” Other enquiries will not end with Canada gaining control over it’s airspace, regardless of what the government will or will not do. This is beyond negligence by the lack of enforcement of protecting and controlling Canadian airspace. The public is being lied too in a lot of areas, but this one is vital to understand. This evidenced eco attack on Calgary Alberta demands nothing less than the resignation of the top persons responsible for neglecting their duty and responsibility to the public they apparently do not serve, like the Prime minister and the minister of defence. The video herein assumes these leaders do not know about geoengineering. This is no longer an acceptable excuse for those in position to protect the nation.

The truth of it is…Canadian leaders especially in the church, the multinational CEO’s & top level politicians have all shown themselves to be COWARDS toward Canadian citizens who believe Canada is a free nation. The ozone depletion above Canadian airspace will at some point kill anyone out in the daylight in the period between Nemisis’s (the death star now well out beyond the ort cloud ) but eventually reaching it’s closest position to earth at whatever distance, with it’s trajectory rounding the northern hemisphere on it’s way back out to space, on it’s 3,600 year hyperelyptical orbit.

This third star of our solar system was for the most part the main cause of the destruction of the last age of human civilisation, and again in the time the Hebrew nation left Egypt in the exodus. The leaders participate with the misdirection from tier 2 science which is taught in universities, which is deliberately witholding technological solutions. You can’t even find a manufacturer of transformers in Canada. These are all made in China of all places. Who’s the idiot that did that ? Who cares. It’s not the point. The fact that we have no grid hardening or protection is the issue.Globalist agenda 2030 is well on it’s way to developing the scarcity mindset. From energy to all basic needs. Going green is the HUGE scam.

People are told the pilots believe global warming is caused by man and industrialisation. Obviously the pay cheque gets in the way of expressing truth, or pilots are a little less intelligent than I give them credit for. The truth is…they are wilfully ignorant because their jobs are on the line and they don’t have the guts to stand up against their participation in geoengineering.

Don’t tell me they don’t have access to seeing equipment loaded on to aircraft. I have a relative that was in charge of all maintenance at an airport. He was retired before anything had to be explained…but he never would have accepted it. Leadership in the airlines has changed just like in everything else from police chiefs to military command rank officers.

We are in an energetic region of space bringing a pole shift that is quite survivable, but only if one is prepared for it. Just the grid shut down is estimated by three governments to cause the deaths of 90 % of the population over time. I think that is a little extreme, but there are a lot of other things coming at us in these last days. One issue is the 360 year maunder minimum now taking hold and was the reason for the Viking move into Europe now being shown on tv programs.

To cause the biggest death rate possible as espoused by the masonic stones stating goals of depopulation, the public are left ignorant until it’s too late. Societal collapse is expected to begin with a pandemic & followed by a financial collapse into the cashless biometric mark of the beast system. Another controlled demolition like that of 9/11.  At least a currency correction during a bank holiday. These corrections will come in Canada as the US currency bounces up in value, because global currencies will return to the US greenback in a flight to quality, as Europe faces banking manipulations to prevent them from leaving the EU. and driving down the Canadian dollar. Brexit is one example, and it’s a struggle, especially with all the Muslims destroying the countries they are being WELCOMED into by globalist leadership.

This silicon – chip based supercomputer system for an economy will be subject to extreme control over commerce. Remember, silicon is sand without foundation & will not last. Can we imagine say… 3 1/2 years as the scriptures suggest ?  The internet is also a technology based on the use of sand. The destruction of the environment by the contents of the aerosols will provide the reason for mass evacuation of land. Not just mass migration of Muslim populations. This is central to the UN depopulation goals under agenda 21. Now called Agenda 2030 and backed by the last pope… Not actually the man 1.2 billion Catholics think he is.

The Duke of Edinburgh, my former boss as I was part of his personal guard for a time, wants to “reincarnate as a disease” to de populate. All royalty get their crowns from the pope. They will do as Satan commands. I understand Bill Gates invested in vaccines for the third world… Guess he just wants to do his part in decreasing the surface population like old SCROOGE ! Not that reincarnation exists because it doesn’t. To live in high density very large cities being monitored by everything from smart dust to monitor you, to the smart house & your personal device.

Food would be GMO and radiated till it has no life giving properties in it, the environment covered by electromagnetic frequency pollution by the global electronic cage. Google bathing the planet in wifi by satellite.  You can’t even walk into a fast food place without walking ointo wifii, or in an increasing number of establishments, and people have NO CLU what this is doing to their genetics, making them subject to diseases, weakening the immune system.

Wild reproduction will become forbidden due to the radiation releases and a host of engineered circumstances. WTO rules allowing for spread of diseases by it’s policies. Participation without which also destroys the economy in the globalist TPP economic model. Codex Alimentarius and lack of organic food, with regulation strangling the rise of human ingenuity in the public interest, which is our political leader’s trust. Unfortunately now run by the son of a man who was seen by George Green to have cocaine in front of him. Can we say nose candy ? So much for Canadian leadership. That SNOT NOSED KID needs a kick in the diaper out of office.

I’m not yet able to love those who would allow the murder and destruction of my country. Prayer would heap coals on them. If these so-called leaders continue to allow this as I strongly believe they will, there is much more coming to hurt them from those they remain silent about, than anything the public would do. We will all have a day of judgement. We will be held accountable for every word in that book.

What’s your reason for being on this planet ? How vital is it that you overcome the flesh by spirit, to hear and see reality ? How long will people remain wilfully ignorant ? What level of destruction will be needed to force people to change ?

If the public knew what our leaders have done???? They would chase them down, drag them out into the street, and treat them like B. Mussolini when he got his. People are asleep at the wheel. Spiritually sleeping too. The mass media are totally owned & no editor will go contrary to his company owners, because he would lose his job. Hey people, if I can take the financial loss for the truth, SO CAN YOU. The argument of needing to make a living is no excuse for cooperating with those who would kill you. Millions of us work in multinationals unaware of their role. Create your own work that doesn’t participate in the harm it may do to others. Tell the big multinational corporations where to go.  The Steering Katrina method using the electronic cage has “by way of evidence”, come to Canada. Not that those of Calgary or anywhere else would have a clue without the right information. Dutchsinse does a mean video on youtube.

There was also the recent flooding in Ontario, against the greatest black soil in the province just north of Toronto. Fantastic rich bottom land soil. It is now destroyed by flooding. Obviously food is going to become more expensive while too many people still have no clue this is even going on ! The public is too distracted by daily living and deliberate pulling away, by many means of a somewhat modern society.

Yep… everybody wants a local SEO job to optimize for cell phones so they can make money by helping destroy the health of populations with no knowledge of the effects of psycoenergetics against the mind and emotion, let alone the brain cancer they pay for in the monthly cell bill. You give a child a cell phone or cordless phone ? You ought to be shaken till you wake the F*#^ up !

By either psycoenergetics or eastern philosophy’s I caution anyone against giving heed to seducing spirits and following any medium. Scripture teaches this is an abomination. The coming one world religion being embraced by the vatican is gia worship also known as the new age, which isn’t new at all. The pope has already called for a new world order. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ? That is the pope showing himself to those in the know, that he is not the man over a billion think he is. If I want knowledge of other dimensions it can only come by way of prayer in tongues to develop the anointing over time, and not ascension masters or spirit guides of the demonic. The mind, is Satan’s playground.

Clearly eastern mysticism, kundalini, yoga, TM, remote viewing, hypnotism, freemasonry, the false Jew kabala which could take many years of study, are all based on the satanic agenda to steer people away from truth. As in the case of Mr. Snowden, the NSA needs to leave him alone for merely telling others what a large part of the public already knows regarding countries using ESCHELON to share personal conversations or information. Countries didn’t spy on their own, ( till recently) so they spy on eachhother & share files globally under Omega, which oversees all intelligence agencies globally. This intel structure was created by Bush senior. Meanwhile, Obama refusing to meet Putin is merely a stage act for public consumption.

His attitude if genuine would otherwise show the mentality of a narcissistic child’s temper tantrum for not getting his way. Something he has already displayed to his peers. It’s been developed and going on since before the cold war, which was merely stage play for public consumption. Misleading empty spiritualists are people who listen to seducing spirits… like David Icke.

Ever wonder why he’s still alive & Phil Schneider was finally murdered after many attempts? Globalists want some of this out there, because it serves their purpose by yet a deeper gameplan. It bloggers didn’t spread this stuff for free, they would need to pay people, like those they pay to lie in forums and created misdirection.

If psycotronics is a subject new to you, you need to learn about scalar weapons, electromagnetic weapons, using a now weaponised earth against populations. The technology of mass mind control is at least 300 years in advance of the public knowledge….but not mine. Why ? Well, certainly not because I’m smart, but because I stand on the shoulders of others with a heart that is right with God, and also have say… an IQ over 200. Being exposed to that for over ten years, can teach you a few things. Let’s face it reader, even a parrot, can repeat with it hears often enough. Spaced repition learning is the mother of all education after all.

The applications for example include geoenergetics against geology & weather, bioenergetics against all life, and psycoenergetics or psycotronics against the mind and emotion. This surpasses all other weapons of humanity including nuclear weapons. Conventional military armies are no longer viable. You will find this information on this blog in the article Ancient energy returns. The title reveals the concept, that scalar energetics using ley lines & trinity points have the pyramids & structures for all the same reasons that HAARP & the electronic cage has been reconstructed in these last days. This includes of course the off world space platforms.

Study the protection research done by my good friend Dr. Mike Castle, the man who first discovered the welsbach seeding. He has also discovered the means for protection. His information is part of this blog. He uses orgone. Also Dr. Milewski & the research of those who are knowledgable on frequencies and basic physics. Have you read the book by Dr. Nick Begich called, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP ?  Unlikely.

When you look up, you do not see with understanding because you’ve been lied too. It’s been used since the Vietnam war. Now it’s being used on the world that is not so free any more. You know things are bad when slaves believe they are free. That’s where Europe and the west is.  Wilful Ignorance will kill you.

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