Boeing 707 crashes in point Mugu.

I have announced this blogathon philabuster on the web site OV:ONE since it was the site administrator who announced the story of the chemtrail plane crash. The story is entitled; (Boeing 707 crashes in point Mugu.) naval airbase in Ventura county on Wed May 18 20 11. The email of this occurrence was sent to me by my good friend DR. Mike Castle, and was posted by Charles Magus on the 19th of May in”The Truth Revealed” His site is the one mentioned above. The membership of the site reflects the awareness of the issues confronting humanity.

The picture of the crash makes obvious as to the aluminum (being at least partially what the contents of the aerosols being sprayed on populations do contain). Fortunately there are now many who know the IPCC lies used to justify this planetary destruction and genocide, from the work of people like the founding group of researchers that exposed it. People like Dr. Mike Castle who discovered the welsback seeding found on sites like with the brilliant visuals by David Dee. The closely monitored often visited site of another founding whistle-blower,Mr. Cliff Carnicom. The world’s foremost expert on the aerosol research and owner of the web site, Dr. Hildegard Staninger who explains the “smart dust” on youtube video for us, and an original collaborator with Dr. Castle, researcher and author from BC, Mr. Will Thomas. Now to carry on the work are many other sites to educate ourselves on the growing issues tied into this. Fortunately as victims are being claimed by this global attack, increasing numbers force the outward signs of show, acknowledging the existence of weather modification …but the truth is far more sinister than even those who visit these sites know. We now have for example Lord Christopher Monkton with his wonderful challenge to those who seek to make billions by taxing the world for destroying it, like Al Gore who is so blind to truth he actually believes his own twisted lines to justify his actions. Geoengineering is used as an excuse against a minority fraction of the planetary gases referred to as co2, with its generation by humanity as being the cause of our environmental disasters ? Gimmy a break ! Climategate had to happen since the perpetrators make mistakes and the lie is too outlandish and stupid to be believed by anyone with average intelligence or above.

Anyone with grade 12 science knows the planet requires CO2 as food for all plant life to grow. That this combined with sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis to occur which generates oxygen for all life to exist. That human beings and animals are carbon based life. That such an attack is an affront against all life.

What is not known by those with grade twelve…or even PHD’s…yea, when I found out what that ment…Piled higher and deeper. Maby since I stopped and began thinking for myself after grade twelve, I never had to UNMESS me up !

Fortunately there are many with that level of so-called normal education that are good at independent thought. Dr. John V. Milewski is one such person. He has already released his writings on SUPERLIGHT.

It is magnito-electric radiation moving at an estimated speed of 10 billion times that of light. The yang to the yin if you will, of the sunlight we all know and love so well for the great tan, and photosynthesis needed for food… long as enough CO2 is still available that is ! Oxygen levels have changed from the estimated 35% global content, to 18% in our cities of the world.  Throughout history, there have been many other names for superlight. These names include…Tesla free energy, the all important animal magnetism which for humans at least, Wilhelm Riche calls Orgone, named after the orgasm of sexual union, biomagnetic energy or Chi, which can enable an accomplished practitioner to move a bowl of water across a long table, without touching it. Also dark matter energy, or energy from the vacuum, or zero point energy. It’s all the same folks. For our younger readers who have followed the star wars movie, …it’s the force that is with you Luke…use the force.

Yup…call me nutz an stick me into a wrap -o- straps…it’s real folks. Perhaps people like those who study Maxwell’s equation don’t get out much to tell the rest of us about the way the real world works, instead of the garbage taught to teachers to brainwash the rest of us with. Well, garbage in garbage out. That’s not the kind of diploma I wanted, so I never paid anyone to teach me the lies in the first place.

Unfortunately the electrical engineers of today were never taught the negative calculations side of algebra, cause the teachers never learned about it in the first place. Reminds me of prior to the turn of the century, when the oil men wanted to force everyone into using increasingly higher priced oil. They said it was a fossil fuel. Sorry folks. DA..It don’t come from no fossil either, and yes, the dinosaurs have always been with us, they just aren’t big anymore, cause we no longer have planetary conditions like extremely expensive hyperbaric chambers affordable only to professional sports teams. Ya know why the earliest people in the bible like Methuselah lived so long like nearly a thousand years? Because it was natural for them too. Today you can destroy the world in less than 100 years, cause we don’t live long enough to get the truth passed on to the next generation since the bad guys manipulate the education and mass media so much. We don’t live long enough to remember the truth !”lest we forget” HUMBUG”, we never really knew the truth in the first place. You know how I know? I’m also a veteran of ten years service in a soldier’s uniform, so don’t tell me what goes on. You don’t even know a PhD knows only 3% of the total sum of knowledge available in any given field of study. If the PhD knew it before he started do you think they would go through all that just to get it?  I wouldn’t. I just want to know the important parts, and because even history books were being taken over by the robber barons in the 1920’s. Check out Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” statement. After 1920, it was omitted in a large number of them.  What’s that got to do with CO2, Al Gore and geoengineering? Figure it out ! Unless you still think the clouds are normal clouds. If that’s the case….go on then and get that PhD cause your kinda like the investor who needs a mutual fund. You’ll never expend the mental energy to invest on your own, so you need a guide, even one that will fail in the end like normal education. At least you’ll have a chance of getting a job so you can eat untill the mark of the beast shows up. Then if you have any sense, you start asking around about who has the PhD in growing organic food…if it’s still legal thanks to Codex Alimentarius, the equivalent of Napoleonic law.

As this is being written, the laws of the land are being globalized under high-sounding names the likes of which are so obscure that even if you read the first 100 pages you’d vote for it anyhow cause you only had an hour as a member of parlement or congress before you had to vote on it, or get slapped by the whip like Google slapped about 100,000 affiliate wanna be’s who don’t know what an algorithm is, let alone a cray five supercomputer.

So, back to the superlight. you’ll need to know about it so the rest of this will make more sense, but it’s not my material, it’s from Dr. John Milewski,  so you’ll need to check out his work by going to  so he can get the glory he deserves. Key in the following;  Dr. John V Milewski -Presents, The Wonderful World Of Advanced Materials. Here is a scientist which we need more of, who can help the world if mainstream science studied and taught his work.

I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog of people in the early days of the bible living nearly a thousand years, because it was natural for them too, given the environmental conditions which have deteriorated ever since then.  In this age however, few men have knowledge of how to use technologies for the benefit if all, except those who use it for evil purposes. Just to peak your interest, he explains that people of the former age in the time of Atlantis, lived thousands of years. ( Now think back about what the pharos’ of Egypt would sleep in, if not for real then in the si-fi movies to “rejuvenate. Think also of today about what pro athletes use to rejuvenate and heal in.) Well, our good doctor explains, At times, they would sleep in crystal lined caves and this would rejuvenate them with healing and regeneration. What he proposes because of his experiments, is that he or whom ever will carry on his work, will spin crystal yarn into a cloth that could be used in the home.( How about energetic clothing?) Well, he doesn’t say that, but that you could line walls with it, use it for bedding, etc…

In his summary here, you read; Under Life healing and spirituality…

Vital life force energies come from super light reacting with coherent structures in the body.

Organs and chakras produce energy vortexes from the interaction with superlight.

Aging comes from loss of coherence in the body.

Healing and regeneration will be possible, by exposure to higher concentrations of superlight.

All psychic phenomena takes place on the superlight wave bands.

Personally, I like the waves coming from the presence of the most high God, like was experienced by Israel of old in the time of Moses, around the ark of the covenant, singing prayer of Deuteronomy and Exodus. And also the explanations that come from people like Dr. Len Horowitz. Fantastic healings and gifts. The love frequency of 528. That’s what I call an engineering of the heart. The ultimate human engineer. Hey…it beats reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, because of what it does to you internally, and that’s a very difficult thing to put a value on.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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