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Feb 25 2013: Revelation News Radio. The Witness of Ephraim, Dr. William     Deagle. If this doesn’t wake a person up….    http://youtu.be/Wpg7fdic0Rs 

We are co creators of the existence we experience.


Another explanation of the dual nature of life, energetically and spiritually.

http://youtu.be/1DQ140F32Tw        http://youtu.be/cC-Je_Nt6Cs

Meditation can be dangerous. There is a huge difference between channeling and verbal prayer. Never give over control to seducing spirits by emptying your mind. Always remain in control of thought. All success education teaches that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.



Gregg Braden


Eye has not seen nor ear has heard. Your nature is not the body you inhabit. There are nine spiritual bodies of humanity. Only by your free will in repentance, coming into relationship with your eyes fixed on Jesus.


Here is Bob Jones explaining an end result, of Spiritual beginnings from the US into the Soviet Union. He saw a red angel to keep the spiritual door open. There will be a billion souls saved, of youth from Russia, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland. God negotiated the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989. This also involved John DeLorean the car maker, and 1.4 mil from 5,000 people at a convention. Terry Law printed the bibles and distributed them. John Connor began the ministry in Russia. These evangelists will return to the USA also. There will be revolution in the USA against wickedness. http://youtu.be/bPGA2PbRug0


Of humanities dual nature, the energetic / physical is a moment and a whisper. The human spirit in relationship with the Holy Spirit of God, lives eternally in the now in his presence with countless civilizations in unimagined conditions mere words cannot bring to you. It is the power of his blood that made all things new. Very very few will choose eternal life.

I watched my mother surrender herself over to God and displayed gifts of the Holy Spirit. It didn’t happen over night. This interview is an example of another woman, who searched much of her life.  Some of it you will relate to your own experience. Hear her testimony of what happened. Once she willingly gave over her life without reservation, she gained eternal life.  Then she was tempted, yet overcame and then received the holy spirit.

http://youtu.be/L7HYLLhSr24 CJ is obviously willing to share with the audience as to her spiritual journey and experience. She finally acheived joy unspeakable. She is shown the fork in the road. Jesus said that leads to heaven but it will cost you everything. Don”t think you can go 99% with me, or you’ll find out it was all for nothing.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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