Energetics…Ultimate energy of weaponized earth.

My good friend Dr. Mike Castle Polymer chemist, pilot, and founder of Castle Concepts, discovered the welsbach seeding in the first place. He initially explored this with several people & now the world is learning about chemtrails. Dr. Mike Castle, Cliff Carnicom unique authority, N.D. Gwen Scott (morgellons sufferer), Hildegard Staninger Dr. of intergrated medicine, William Thomas photographer, Paul Grignon 1st videographer, Dr Nick Begich 1st publisher. I would put up his site but the interference isn’t worth the trouble with now so many available on geoengineering. Here is one of his radio interviews.
http://youtu.be/ZtGTl-_8ACc Notice he mentions the power of psycotronics since the target is the pineal gland. The Lowrey patents explain it. Cell towers have another use, imbedded.

More on Dr. Castle. http://rense.com/general76/castlebio.htm Update July 2012

The results of BP drilling in the gulf which destroyed the loop current as of July of 2011, now shows itself a year later by the extreme temperatures of this summer, throughout north america and destroying the wheat crops of the USA at a time when other nations like China and India have already lost a large percentage of their crops due to extreme weather. http://youtu.be/AwP3HfLmVuQ

The more scientific approach as guidance to teach energetics, by Col Tom Beardon. The lines or waves of clouds in the sky. You may notice some mornings there is no dew on the ground. That’s barium. Barium causes droughts. I actually had emails with a man who uses the knowledge of Wilhelm Riche, has repaired regions and returned normal weather, and was caught off guard by his insistence that there are no chemtrails in the sky. Well, a man who would lie about a thing like that would lie about anything to protect his employment.


As discussed with Dr. Nick Begich, geoenergetics are of non living systems, bioenergetics are of living systems, and psycoenergetics are of the mind. There are many similar elements between the pyramids all over the world built by the Nephillim with sound frequency vibration anti gravity, and the pineal gland of the human mind. The greatest frequency generator of perfection however is the Ark of the Covenant.

HAARP in-depth.

Dr Nick Begich five part video on the applications of HAARP.   http://youtu.be/ts59yTHeraQ         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCPoYZFIv2c&feature=share&list=PLtV-5ve4ZBE9AwLKuBHPNJjAIr99D40ka





The disclosure project under Dr. Steven Greer, The Energy Congress who share energy inventions and knowledge,  the hundreds of back yard entrepreneurs the world over in the race to zero point,  all searching for the holy grail of the energy solution…daily it shows itself in the firmament controlled by the adversary and his Illuminati chain of command Neo Con – New World DisOrder. As told to Carol by Dr.Von Braun; You must stop the weaponization of space ! And the last card he would say over and over, the last card will be an Alien invasion. Well, since the US congress voted down funding for Star Wars, Now it’s ground based, the technology passed through many corporate entities, but originated from the hidden library of the Vatican, given to Nikola Tesla by his father and worked on throughout his life just like others in the field of frequency and energetics research like Royal Raymond Rife. Rife was thrown a banquet for his use of frequencies for curing more diseases than I can recount here. The banquet was billed as…THE END TO ALL DISEASE, yet shortly thereafter, few if any even acknowledged they attended such a party.  There were two reasons why the Titanic was sunk. Naturally the major owner of the ship was J.P.Morgan. 1. Nikola Tesla was working with the personal attention of John Jacob Astor, which would have resulted in a world of near free energy and a very different society today. 2. He would have put a stop to the meeting results of Jekyll Island, where the birth of the Federal Reserve privately owned banksters were hatching the financial coup of the millenium, by creating a fiat ponzi scheme that will now in our time, bring down the most powerful nation of freedom loving people the world has ever developed. Fortunately, my grandpa and his friend who both came from Ireland had to take the next ship after the Titanic, since my grandpa had to sell the ticket he had, because his friend couldn’t get one !

Now this technology has been taken out of the proverbial Pandora’s box and used for more disasters than I care to list here. For a good variety of effects you will come to recognize, this video provides a cross-section of effects we can see anywhere in the world.

This is a replacement video. Youtube keeps taking down legitimate video’s put up , falsely claiming the USER has removed them. This is a blatant LIE, PERIOD. This is in your face censorship. It also reveals the vital educational importance and sensitive nature of this information that teaches people the method of attack against society, which is by frequency vibration and scalar.


Now that many youtube videos have been taken down, at least Project Camelot have managed to record the  videos of HAARP in action. This first video has been removed by youtube censorship, since full permission by project camelot and Dutchsinse is provided. The globalists are trying to change internet law to gain control over free flow of information, using media copyrights as their in. Therefore I am including the video showing how HAARP generated the Japanese earthquake. Japan was warned on the 9th and the quake hit on the 11th. The video shows HAARP rings appearing which is known to have the ability to generate earthquakes by patent registration. There are even laws already in place supposedly to prevent this very act of war against Japan by the globalists who control this technology. Dutch has a telecom background, so he knows about the GWEN system and its electronic cage.

New Madrid falt, shale gas, oil and gasses spuying out killing people animals and perhaps a tsunami from the movement of the earth.

The following web site from our hero Dutchsince will show the current state of affairs regarding energetics, though not covering bioenergetics or psycoenergetics, this technology is capable of using the earth itself as the ultimate dual edged sword of following humanities change of heart and allowing that collective heart to be in control of technologies rather than having it used against us and for misdirection.

Here is the latest about storms and on  Feb 27 2013, HAARP interference from Dutch http://youtu.be/RNyNEnfN9L0 


Global geoengineering is not only natural but man-made technological interference. Having over 20 videos removed from my blog by youtube for what is reported as perfectly legitimate reasons, I now present those from Project Camelot that understands censorship as entitled by these Dutchsinse videos, who has been warned to stop his videos and will cover the subject quite well. There are 10 video’s. Here are the first five of them, as the sound track stops, and is back on #6 video & beyond.




From a high frequency altered into a low frequency.



Compare the facebook logo of locations around the globe to various HAARP locations and you will see their common habit of being hidden in plain site. This is psycotronics of the satanic mark of the beast hive mind, with all your personal information included on facebook. Combined with the contents of the global aerosols to alter your genetic code at the DNA level, there is also soft chipping of smart dust similar by using technology to  the brain into the separation of the hive mind while Kundlini climbs and overwhelms in the spirit. This opens the mind to potential spiritual attack. Protect your health and spiritual connection to God.


Sometimes intuitive insight isn’t needed. Sometimes, where there’s smoke there’s fire is enough ! Star Wars has come into the open, without admitting it’s responsible or even provable for countless major disasters like the recent ones…the challenger using exothermic / endothermic mode, Katrina for steering weather, Hati and the US response faster than New Orleans, Japan’s record number of quakes in the shortest time leading to Fukushima, psycotronics used on good people like Judge Judy and other tv personalities, who have no idea what hit them ! Johnathan Frakes…the # one for Captain Pickard on Star Trek, narrates all about what some already know goes well beyond the introduction from the History Channel.  Psycotronic manipulation was already used to get battle hardened troop in Gulf war one, to give up and surrender. Being a soldier, I don’t think it was shell shock en mass ! The chemtrails have multiple applications. One is military.  Originally in order to provide a military commander with enough information, the intelligence departments, say, for the General of an infantry battalion would use a situation map with specialized symbology to identify all positions of armaments and personnel of both sides of the war. The battlefield map would have plastic overlays requiring continuing updating from many sources, all managed by intelligence operators in the field. Periodic briefings keep the commanders appraised of the situation including weather conditions, in order to make battle plans to overcome the enemy. Today however this is passe, and is the slow manual way of doing things, considering the level of technologies at his command, and is as  far removed from the way this is done today, as using ancient semi-fore flag waving or lighting fires on mountain tops for signalling long distances. Today under DARPA, the physical sciences involve a computer program called VTRPE, or Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation. This is embedded as a sub program within the radio frequency mission planner system. This is connected to satellites and ground radar to bring a visual image of the battleground for situational awareness, in order for the commanders to make appropriate battle plans, given his resources, those of the enemy, weather, and many other issues to be considered in the overall strategy of war. Naturally mistakes in military intelligence will get many people killed, and perhaps lose the battle or even the war. Unfortunately, the materials used to provide more exacting functions are extremely dangerous to ones health and environment, like barium or aluminum.


Psycoenergetics  or psycotronics like thought reading capacity for example are discussed somewhat by Dr. Nick Begich, but here is a great reference for further studies by the reader. See: www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalartech08.htm  This is, Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence.  The work is by John J. McMurtey, M.S.  dated 23 Dec. 2003. Also, at the end of the project Camelot interview with Dr. Pete Peterson, there is mention of an item carried by the “men in black” used for mind control and protection from it, which slipped out and he insisted it wasn’t him that said it. This suggested one would not want that kind of visitor to confront you about talking about certain things. There is also another good source See: www.world.mysteries.com.

Here is Lord Stirling explaining more about what will bring catastrophe to the United States and the world, combining the use of energetics, with the oil multinationals activities brought to the attention of many by Dutchsince. Not only can this bring starvation from altered weather, but as previously mentioned a separation of the US land mass along the new Madrid fault, the gulf, the Mississippi and Missouri rivers all the way to lake Michigan.


Our Danish friend who has been exposing the same things as Dutchsinse has this video showing the progression of the global elite’s scorched earth policy as a part of the depopulation agenda.


Here is an independent explanation of the effects of the gulf oil disaster on the loop current by qualified scientific investigation on how the ocean currents function. only part of this interview can be found on youtube. 


Once again, here is Tim Alexander Lord Earl of Stirling on video, showing the destruction by geoengineering through a massive “accident” in the gulf coast by BP oil drilling. The destruction of the salt dome will bring catastrophe to the entire gulf coast region and usher in with the help of HAARP and gas shale exploration, the collapse of the new Madrid fault. He discusses with Dr Bill Deagle the effects of their strike into the heart of the global weather system and it’s effects on the loop currents bringing northern Europe to a mini ice age, and reducing food productivity to a reduction by 10% to 25%. This is of course part of the depopulation and agenda 21 plans. catastrophes will provide excuses for new laws about the environment, severely restricting the use of resources, economic opportunities, and provide enormous profits in cap-and-trade for them, as environmental concern will be a cornerstone of the new age one world religion.


Here is an explanation of the events in finance leading up to the gulf oil spill. Jessie Ventura exposes these events on this video. Crisis capitalism uses order out of chaos, which is the modus operandi of the global elite.



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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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