Imbedding nano array psycotronics

Here is the red pill. Earth has been weaponized AGAIN. Here is a good friend with whom I have had countless emails. The discoverer of the welsbach seeding which launched the awareness of chemtrails has with the help of a core group of researchers like Will Thomas, DR. Hildegard Staninger and Cliff Carnicom, now spreading awareness resulting in hundreds of web sites on the net. Dr. Michael Castle is a PhD and polymer chemist with years of experience in environmental research as the owner of Castle Concepts.

He also had the solution for cleaning up the gulf coast which was deliberately ignored. To this day, corexit is poured on oil still being released into the gulf & destroying the loop current and gulf stream. This is one of his interviews, with DR. Bill Deagle on his Nutrimedical radio show. Dr Mike has his site listed at the top of this blog where he explains on one of his radio interviews, he learned of Dr Milewski & his use of black magnetite sand. He has a theory of  morgellons prevention & a way to fight back. This is an off world pseudo life form & intelligent like bees & ants,  which has already resulted in the suicide of some infected. (IN MY OPINION)As reflected in movies about Replicators, this nano invasion is a replicating internal invasion using the body’s minerals, electrochemical nature, and the dirty electricity of the electronic cage we all now live in BY 100,000 more potent & dangerous then the post WWII era of radio & tv, to reach the pineal gland of the brain like the practitioner of Yoga meditation or Kundilini, which takes over slowly as the mind is relaxed and emptied to let down defences, allowing quarter to be given to evil perceived as good, to do its work of separation by interference from one’s nature and the ability to connect with our spiritual side in order to persue relationship with our most high God and his Holy spirit. The goal is two-fold. Separation from our nature, and to alter our DNA as warned of in the bible in the statement”as in the days of Noah”.

 Hildegard Staninger is an Industrial toxicologists and Doctor of Integrative Medicine of Integrative Health Systems LLC. Dr. Castle also mentions Rosalind Peterson. Her site also explores issues like one article called Chemicals, Photosynthesis & solar power connection. See:

Now the receptor array inside morgellons sufferers can be found in large scale from above too. 

Having GMO food is bad enough. But, what if you can’t tell if it’s transgenic, or an insertion of Morgellons ? The purpose, is to alter the genetics of people. Ever see the way to look at metal filings in your cereal? We are walking antenna. The corruption of the electromagnetic field works against the immune system, and ones body clock, in it’s connection to the schuman’s resonance. This is a frequency attack which has serious health consequences, like the use of cell phones & wifi everywhere. The body cannot live if disconnected from this resonance. How about corporatocracy participation for this one world govt of the anti christ. In Morgellons, the nano receptor array bypassing the blood brain barrier, appears as a gel. On the other hand…what if you find the gel in your food ?

Dr. Begich interview on HAARP. The technology of weaponized earth, all part of the electronic cage. The scalar technology applications for energetics in it’s three modes of operation of geoenergetics, bioenergetics and psycoenergetics. This includes radio tomography to see the interior of the earth, scalar shields against ICBM attack by energizing the ionosphere, and exothermic / endothermic applications. His site is

Frequencies are used with applications as discovered by researchers like DR. Nikola Tesla, and also DR. Raymond Rife research to use frequencies to cause or cure-all diseases, and Dr. Delgado on manipulation of the mind and emotion, interfering with the electrochemical processes of the body. More recently are the Dr. Eastland patents, a plasma physicists. This interview is cut off and unable to be completed due to censorship of part 4.

As for psycoenergetics or psycotronics, you will find in depth sources on the article about our ultimate weaponized earth.

The energetics for living systems include psycoenergetics, or psycotronics, for mind and emotion.

Dr. Nick Begich PhD helped in publishing with Will Thomas and Paul Grignon producing the first video about chemtrails, were instrumental as a part of this core group in helping to launch awareness of this complex issue. Alaska, Nick’s home state holds tremendous wealth available to eliminate all dependence on foreign energy. This discussion involves issues of bioenergetics, geoenergetics and psycoenergetics by use of HAARP & the GWEN tower system. Dr. Begich is an expert on HAARP.

These are technologies not being released to society that would solve major issues facing the world. These are used by the NWDisorder to control world events like an attack on Pakistan and Iran, a pivotal event to cause Russia to move against the United states. Meanwhile the new world electronic currency is being arranged, which is the biblical mark of the beast. This transition awaits the coming economic collapse first. The use of these technologies will be withheld & given to the antichrist in order to appear as the “answer man”, to further enhance all the other demonically derrived aspects to him which make him JUST TOO PERFECT ! From his education, dress, deportment, financial achievements, physical appearance being the chiseled look women will find appealing, to his manner of speech.

Using the bodies minerals and electric system develops off world materials inside the body, to reach the mind and seal off the pineal gland. This facilitates psycoenergetic interference and separation  from one’s own spiritual nature. The initiation unto the mark of the beast as far as I’m concerned.  Perhaps 15% cannot be so effected by mind manipulation technology. All throughout the freemason symbolic language is displayed the mixing of the bloodline, which began with Eve and Satan unto the line of Cain, and later the Nephillim also in Genesis 6. This mixing of clay and iron was the reason for the global flood. The entire old testament is about turf war, and orders from God to kill all those of this demonic bloodline. This is also reflected in ancient Greek mythology. It follows then…As in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the son of man. The goal is for Satan to take all souls from God and to rule. The fallen desire eternity in the flesh without the judgment of God.  Satan is kept from the knowledge of man’s DNA condition before he corrupted the world. It is his own corrupt nature which cannot exist in the perfection of God’s creation which prevents him. In all heaven, only the son of man is worthy to open the book of life. The book is within the King James version of the bible, and one must trust the translations. It is also within the Torah, which is the heart of God.  All others have a copyright and lack power. The very act of speaking the words of truth from the bible is painful to the fallen. After all, what fellowship has the darkness with the light?

In our time they mean to alter the DNA of society. From our two strands to three. This toxic interference is known as morgellons as mentioned. Further to this, they grow supersoldiers in underground cities, as the Nephillim who sleep in the DUMB’s and elsewhere, await the opening of cern. This is a master gate to all 22 on earth. The opening of gates is a whole other subject involving ritual sacrifice.  


In the following video, you will see what is trying to grow inside all life on earth today.                    

The nation building has a multitude of purposes, but vitally, the control of all gates which they do not yet have. The spiritual or other dimensional gates to hell within earth have been seen in the spiritual dimension, high above the surface as swirling hurricanes into hell from which none can ever return. Though designed for the fallen and not man, there is no other place to exist if one does not enter heaven. When the master gate of cern is opened, the fallen will enter those in suspended animation and awaken to terrorize the world. Men’s hearts will falter out of fear. These spirits may (though I’m not certain), enter the bodies of many being grown underground…as I recall I think it’s reported there are over 100,000.

For the chemtrail content of bioactive crystalline cationic polymers, see  Further to this and found on the Carnicom web site, here is a partial list of chemtrail contents. Aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead. See:

crystalline polymers are even used in outdated solar panels, believed to be state of the art in the public view and by those in the manufacturing business of solar energy.  I don’t think the public will ever see much mention on panel instructions, the effect of the global aerosol geoengineering like solar dimming from chemtrails…. you know the same people responsible are the same ones who own mass media. The foremost authority on the global aerosol geoengineering is Cliff Carnicom. The excuse for these chemtrail operations are to mitigate global warming which is based on the lies promoted by the UN IPPC (exposed as such), by climategate.It’s difficult to believe that pilots are actually stupid enough to believe that the aerosol releases are to fight global warming. Cliff’s web site is an excellent place to find members of the military industrial complex and the US military who likely study his work to keep up with what many of them are part of already, participating in as described by Dr. Michael Castle, the methodical demise of earth. Cliff is one of the original researchers. The first of sites listed on the top of this blog, his web site is;

A basic activity in military intelligence involves gathering information from many sources to arrive at an understanding of a larger picture, in order for the commander to make decisions appropriate for the conditions. While Ditchsince videos show us activities of HAARP rings agitating the new Madrid fault zone, the coming separation of the land (which is already being purchased by multinationals), is also supported by FEMA activities and the troop and vehicle movement for military exercises.

Dr. Rosalie Bertel  ph D. A Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart. Founder of the iicph which opened it’s doors in Toronto in 1984. Founding member of the International Commission of Health Professionals, and The International Association of Humanitarian Medicine. She is a nominee of the Nobel Peace Prize. She is an author and editor with 5 honorary degrees. One issue she covers is the low-level radiation and pollution of the great lakes. The web site is ; In Sept 2012, there was a memorial for Dr Roselie Bertel. None of the youtube videos can be used for a web site, only on youtube, who have found reasons not to make them available unless you go directly to youtube.

Now millions experience the encroachment of diseases by the aerosols, electronic pollution, GMO foods, microwaving of all foods, and codex Alimentarius. Food multinationals are taking over as only their modified seeds will survive the radiated & toxic new plasma environment. With 100 million Americans in poverty and growing, people need heirloom seeds, a geodesic biodome, independent energy generation, water & it’s purification ability, and the use of black magnetite sand.

Do you lack energy lately ? Having interrupted sleep ? Are you already experiencing symptoms of one of the many emerging diseases ? Are you already diagnosed as having a disease ? Do you eat GMO foods grown by the industrial scale farms processed by large packagers ? Do you have that stupid “smart meter” for electrical monitoring and further use for water monitoring….so they can tax us ? Do you live surrounded by wifi now spreading out and expanding in developed countries ? Is Wifi in your child’s school? Do you PAY…for the newly advertised wifi security called the “HOT SPOT” ? Yea…it’s HOT alright, just not the way you think !  Do you use your cell phone daily ? Do you use a microwave oven daily ? Do you watch the 11:00 o’clock news on  high-definition television ? Do you live anywhere near an industrial scale wind generator  which is like living in a microwave oven, depresses land values, and even animals would choose not to graze near?  Do you have the “smart meter” put on yet ? Do you have a GPS in your vehicle ? Do you work in front of a computer screen all day ? Have you been vaccinated for anything ? Did you know about the corporate ties between Microsoft, Google, Skype, and Facebook with a logo of HAARP ? If not you may well already use facebook or Twitter with your personal life permanently profiled and recorded for data mining because datamining is the purpose of all social networking sites.

On this site I mentioned seeing the twin towers being pulled, thinking it was just a movie ! Another movie reflecting the REALITY of the electronic cage was called “The Matrix”. After seeing this set of videos, you will get a better understanding of why it was a good thing for me to leave military service, and even later, the traditional energy industry, now doing sales involving cap-and-trade by paying more for Green energy to eliminate your carbon footprint. If you believe that then I have some land in Florida, a bridge in Brooklyn and a tower in Paris…all for sale. What this leads to is eliminating humanity, claiming sustainability and that the state is more important than people, leading to UN directives under AGENDA 21.

I refuse to sell GREEN, because it’s a co-opted lie to force costs of basic necessities to be too high, less effective, and even dangerous to your health. Ask any local vegetable grower who refuses to use pesticides, or eat GMO food that’s been trucked 1,000 miles, radiated, and mislabeled, or worse, comes from a country using chemicals that were already banned at one time. Ask any average homeowner if they want to pay an additional $300.00 dollars per year, so they can say their electricity comes from an industrial wind generator because someone told them it was the GREEN thing to do! 

You know the EARTH DAY commercials? COMPLETE SCAM. It’s actually Lennin’s birthday. So take your WWF sticker off your door, and stop supporting your own depopulated demise. Raising money for your favourite disease to fight? All that money goes to big pharma, so they can try to duplicate by synthetic & chemical, all those things in nature which are already available to anyone to stay healthy without side effects in the first place.

 William Deagle. A traveller whom God smiles upon.

I watched my mother surrender herself over to God, and displayed the gifts of the holy spirit. This is the example of one woman who gained eternal life by her willingness to give up this life.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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