The space fleet

The banksters with the underground hotels control every inch of space between the earth and Mars. Of course they will be crushed beneath the weight. David Sereda covers a lot of what you’ve heard here from others. I like the autocad from a young man with the blueprint for constructing superluminal vehicles.

Just to provide a brief example of the manipulation of time just like the superluminal craft, this can be done by an individual as well. In this occasion, it’s used by someone on the inside to save a life. While useful especially if you are about to be killed, it’s being kept secret all the same.

Now you have seen David Sereda explain superluminal flight, knowing the crop circles provided information & used by the young man with an autocad to show the design concept. You should also know the entire story in case you missed the youtube lectures of Phil Schneider, before his murder by strangulation in his apartment. Several attempts were made on his life before they got him. Sereda has also explained he needs less than 3 million to build a craft today. Here are the lectures of an abductee by transdimensional  in physical form, explaining the history of events, activities and outcomes of the alien agenda as exposed by Phil Schneider and others. This speaker has written three books also, but prepare to be outraged once this information sinks in to your heart. There are eleven parts to these videos. Video’s 7 and 10 have no audio. The latter video’s cover a lot about the crop circles which are tools of communication, and needs some knowledge of astronomy to read. Crop circles are sent outside the 3 dimensions we live in, to appear in out 3D world. In my opinion, scalar balls of energy are capable of forming these with extreme speed and precision. I still have a problem accepting the premise that there are good aliens who get involved in human events, other than in a biblical spiritual sense. Spiritual law overrides all physical actions and events of people throughout human history.

The reality of transdimensionals using superluminal makes perfect sense….the fallen have no attribute accept intelligence, used to replace those abilities now lost to them, as they work to destroy humanity. Following is a well explained understanding.

So, what might be some of the places the space fleet goes to ? Nothing we see in nature is straight or organized like city blocks. If you study photographic interpretation as I have you get better over time with seeing what the untrained eye will miss, like a nuclear fusion reactor.  John Lear and those he knows shows and explains about the moon and mars. Richard B (for Billionaire) and his Virgin airlines has now built a space port, but have you seen the one on the moon yet ?

In conversation with John Lear and Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan behind camera of Project Camelot. Unfortunately Mr. Lear is of the opinion there is nothing evil about what alien DNA manipulation is about. It is pure evil… This is the mixing of clay and iron as in the days of Noah ! He’s right that it’s all about the soul however. In my opinion, separation of the soul from God is the purpose. His knowledge of planetary conditions however is about the best I’ve come across, though nothing is discussed about geoengineering other planets, as is now being done on earth, an extremely destructive process leading to the devastation as seen on mars…. desolate of life.

Now we move on to mars.

John Lear backs up some explanations of Phil Schneider. Make no mistake however, the most high God is more real than the human senses or imagination can perceive.

William Cooper knew of the Globalist cabal, the progression of events of technological developments, and the destruction of the free world.

Phil Schneider witnessed the issuance of orders from the demonic in the flesh to those in the UN, while in the DUMB, which he helped to build over 17 years until he discovered the truth. Like so many others, it cost him his life.

As the last age of humanity closes, here is a more advanced version of the past as discovered by others.

Part one Stan Deyo’s explanation on gravity is on his web site, while within his first interview he explains part two.

To draw the big picture of the purpose of the luminous followers of the adversary, is again Stan Deyo who can well explain issues other than antigravity and superluminal technology to the location of the garden of Eden, carbon tax, and as mentioned by Von Bran told Carol about the weaponization of space, that the last card would be the Alien threat to bring about the satanic world order, by the club of Rome model, membership to be paid by your soul. He is also an author of a book worth having called The Cosmic Conspiracy. Events to be watched…the partition of Israel, Russian forces marching to secure oil 20,000 ft. deep of 27.2 trillion barrels, pushing oil into Arabia,  the gulf of Tomkin which is the bottleneck for oil transport and Damascus Syria releasing a nuclear missile.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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