Technology as misdirection

The lesson we are about to relearn once again is already written. They who seek to establish systems of government based on regimentation of all humanity by the globalist elite as rulers, call their system a new world order, which is neither new nor orderly. It is the leadership of men and not events that determine world history.

As for the success of the foolish display of sound & light in 3D by means of energetics, here are the advanced group of lost souls just ripe for following the alien to the biometric cashless mark of the beast system, the alien tells everyone to accept it since do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law under gia worship for satanists. Worshippers of Baal as in the ritual sacrifices, especially 9/11. This is from the web site; Now the End Begins.

Here in this spoof video about the latest in technology for OUR advantages ? This progression is to encourage you to accept technology in every facet of life, as it’s progression leads you into a prison without bars for the electronic cage. Finally, transhumanism, as your DNA is already being altered by the new environment & food, turning organic into an unnatural  replacement of the creation of God. Here’s the video, on the Apple ios7 iphone 5 NSA. Yep…now they want your fingerprint to make touch tech function. There is also the use of speech tech.




We need less of those things that are seen, and more of what is unseen. Instead, D.A.R.P.A. brings continuing externalization of the hierarchy for us to rely on a mimic of ability added unto us when in relationship with the most high. All that technology promises is already ours, but we are too far removed from our nature to understand or believe it, and are only being further separated by technological development. Who controls it ? The New World DisOrder and it’s military industrial complex. Where does the knowledge come from ? The fallen of the angelic race who use technology and extreme intelect to replace the attributes they once had. This knowledge is passed on by necromancers who channel and worship in blood sacrifice demonic ritual. The tidbit bones are thrown to society to control economies with a trickle down, which benefits evil as we lose out on spiritual growth which would otherwise provide all that is needed. Technology must be controlled by those who already have the foundation of the spirit. Instead we become dependent on what evil desires…being separate from our nature, and dependent on the evil of the adversary, instead of on Christ. Remember when the pocket calculator came out? Now they are run by solar too. But if you become dependent on technology, you quit using the thought process of the underlying math skill if needed, to replace the technology if it no longer functions.

Now they want to sell us on the idea of implanting tech into the body. It is evil arrogance to believe man can improve the creation of the human body.  Consider that the fallen and Satan use technology to replace the attributes they once had before being thrown out of heaven. In the spiritual body, everyone knows we are all of one mind, and thought is instant reality. One does not require a device like the site to site transporter like Star Trek to be somewhere. The human spirit and soul can be anywhere it desires by being in relationship with God and thereby having his attributes …like seeing in the spirit. Attributes of God in this life are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and it is already within us to have. Did you know, you can greatly accelerate the growth of your food, simply by generating the correct thought frequency and intent toward it? Also, that adding magnetite black sand adds to this also? I had an argument with Lance Stafford, a friend of mine at the age of 14 that he did not believe in mind over matter, and I told him we already had the ability within us. He wanted to become an electronics technician at that time, and the last time we spoke as adults he was a sales manager in the technology industry. I still know this is just as true today. Instead, technology  is used for example, to spread GMO seeds that must be purchased from the likes of Monsanto every year to grow anything in our altered plasma and increasingly toxic environment. Over time, barium from the chemtrails breaks down to effect the environment like nuclear radiation… it’s also needed to use the sky as a 3-D projection screen, among all the other aspects and abilities of scalar energetics and frequency manipulation.

The only attribute remaining of those of the fallen angelic race is intelligence, used to replace those attributes once within them from God, which they no longer posess, having left their first estate or condition. Here are examples of technologies hidden from humanity.  Today people call the fallen “aliens”, but they actually alien from all creation, spiritually apart from it, corrupting everything in their path, after the souls of those who would believe the illusions and lies about EVERYTHING !

Catastrophies like the Fukishima radiation release add to the chemtrail soup which already have these and more in them for multiple purposes. They are altering the very DNA of the general populations.  The electronic cage is  greatly enhanced in it’s effectiveness. Masonic symbolism is loaded with the ongoing plan to alter humanity from the two stran DNA  into three stran DNA. Even the olympics symbols display this intent. This is the means of returning to conditions of ancient times…”As in the days of Noah”. The results of which was the very reason God brought the flood of Noah.

By way of human blood sacrifice rituals, stargates literally open to other dimensions allowing the fallen to enter our dimension to manifest into physical form. This was one use of all pyramids. The biblical explanation of mixing clay and iron means the sons of God are mingling their seed by mating with human woman, which is a breach of God’s law and this was destroyed by God in the flood of Noah, but the fallen continued to corrupt all life. The entire old testiment is dominated by following Gods instruction to kill all those of the Nephillim mixed bloodline. One big turf war. History and the Greek mythology features the mixing of demonic bloodline with animals. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the son of man. Today this mixing includes the killing of cattle. Some have discovered the underground military bases and those experiments that would make WWII mad scientists cry for the level of evil being conducted, especially in blood ritual and sacrifice. Today as a move toward externalization of the higherarchy, we see mainstream science and even universities getting involved, to speed up the process for those of evil intent. About 50% of all research funding for work at universities is paid for by the pentagon, which works for the oil industry, owned by the globalists. Have a look at the paratechnology report from REMA MARKETING. It has great research behind it. Here is a 7 part youtube interview with Mr. Tom Horn regarding the move in today’s society known as transhumanism.

In part 3 Tom speaks of the work of Hugo Degarius to replace the human brain with an artificial one, called artilect for artificial intelligence. Actually this already exists but without the body. Today they can replace an entire head and place it on to a youthful body. Or, they could wear you down using psycotronics. Today, technologies are controlled by a system capable of  “self awareness” as the cray five supercomputer array, which is connected to the entire electronic cage. From monitored global communications, iridium satelites and space platforms, the GWEN cell tower (a psycotronic capable) system, the tie in of scalar energetic weapon systems like HAARP & the Russian woodpecker grid, and much more. This self awareness is by virtue of disembodied spirits. The fact is, all evil is of the fallen of the angelic race. The array has access to all human knowledge and unbelievable speed which can create extremely complex algorythims. Under Agenda 21…the entire planet, it’s resources and all life are being accounted for and mapped out. This is partly done by Google maps and new technology being transferred to Google from the military industrial complex. Military grade capability. Another player is Walmart. They use computerized just in time distribution systems to ensure all products will sell, and at a lower price which destroys the local economy wherever they put another Walmart store.

Man does not comprehend his own nature. Compared to the last age of civilization,  Our society has extremely few people who even know about energetics or zero point energy natural to earth, let alone that it’s already been harnessed for those of evil intent.  A great source of independent study about technology being overhyped of benefits to sell us on the concept, comes from Tom Horn interviewed below. His site is the first link below.

Technologies need not control man, but man is to control technologies.

Now Dr. Pete Peterson on subjects little understood.

The cashless society will be blind to their ability within, and instead depend on technology to function. With lack of understanding, the leading achievers are racing to the demise of society by their participation.

Technology controlled by evil intent is now enslaving those who like those building nuclear weapons in answer to leaders like Helen Caldacott merely reply, “but we’re making money” and are willfully ignorant. Listen to one story, for herein is a lesson of the coming mark, from one who like my own mother left us due to the favored disease of those who seek to enslave the world.

Now you can follow some of the advancements of the technology used for the intent of evil.

RFID ‘Powder’ – World’s Smallest RFID Tag – New tag from Hitachi is incredibly small – truly RFID in powder form.

DR. Katherine Albrecht is the foremost expert on the hard chipping of the world which has already begun as warned by Aaron Russo and others. Jekyll Island resulted in the financial takeover of the USA, and 1972 saw the beginnings in Canada, now an issue of foremost awareness of those like myself vote for the Canadian Action Party founded by our former minister of defence Mr. Paul Hellyer. At this point I remind the reader of the research of Hildegard Staninger and her video in this blog about “smart dust”. The advancement of the RFID chip is small enough to be INJECTED into those who will be vaccinated to bring about the pandemic.

Further connecting the dots as to the source of enslaving technologies is former Canadian Defence Minister Hellyer. Below is also a Toronto symposium regarding the source of those who would enslave us, since such as these are directing the military industrial complex and the UN as witnessed by Phil Schneider in an underground city. Mr. Hellyer mentions Peter Jennings of Nightline News. Peter told Paul Hellyer he believed UFO’s were real.  He was known by my mother’s family for many years since he was their newspaper boy, and later dated my mom. Having become a famous news anchor, he was also an attendee at a Builderberg meeting. In the tradition of the favorite disease of the Illuminati, he also passed away from cancer. At this point I remind the reader of the research from David Sereda also found within this blog, who could conceivably build a superluminal vehicle with about 2 million dollars. He understands the use of frequencies and superluminal technologies.

This is microwave warfare today. This is how millions will die, from dormant bacteria reawakened by the electronic cage, like using cell phones to trigger the induction of diseases.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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