Unstable traditional energy industry

Knowing for many years the world may come to Armageddon over energy, I entered the industry in 1997, after capitalization of my mining venture failed due to the interference from the red shield. The evil intent of the global elite is seeking to change times and laws. Like others, the entire industry has not only missed the answer to energy generation which has altered society into a “keep em paying situation” because of people like JP Morgan, but is being steered like Katrina toward disaster. Many who gain financial benefit think free trade was a great idea…since they look no further than their operations and their industry and the bank account in willful ignorance. FREE TRADE  is anything but a free lunch. It is good to have international trade, except in the way it is being done ! I also have about two years of experience in international trade that proved to be too expensive for me.

Today trade is named as the Security Prosperity Partnership, with another name change called “The Triumverate”, as practiced by university students so they are familier with the structure of the NWO in the future.  This is not being done politically, but by multinationals and their agreements. CEO’s are chosen for their views on free trade and everyone who prepares for the ISO designation has some experience dealing with conformity. Both corporations and nations either have their house in order or you don’t get to play in the game. Wealth of nations are being drained by globalization with selling off of publicly owned assets that are replaced with privately owned ones, or  joint venture structures of public monies or government loans or tax loopholes, and high risk scenarios like the failed solar company backed by the Obamanation administration that was hastily funded and failed with 1,000 people losing their jobs. In a recent speech Obama had to ask for applause for his results of job creation. Not one person in 10,000 is even aware of the solar dimming effect the global aerosol operations are having on solar cells, decreasing effectiveness even in sunny places like Arizona by 30% at times. Solar technology has advanced beyond what is on anyone’s roof, as have the batteries. These items are not available to the public. Solar dimming from chemtrails isn’t something factored in by any manufacturers, any more than furnace filters could be expected to eliminate the many fungus types found by Canadian author Will Thomas within these chemtrails at the sub micron level. There is no public technology to filter out air at the submicron size. The best available is the hepa filter.

Another example of being steered. Just as Japan is prepared to begin manufacturing cars that run on nothing but water, Fukushima happens as a consequence of direct energetic interference from HAARP as shown by disappearing youtube videos by creator Dutchsince, knowing faulty preventers and substandard engineering made it vulnerable as many now being constructed in Mexico, near fault lines…deliberately ! Guess what will happen to US nuclear sites when the new Madrid fault collapses? Well, the GMO foods will be the only food available, designed to survive radiation. None of these water fueled cars will ever be seen in a dealership in Toronto or anytown USA. Even in Ontario nuclear is subsidized by public money, at times NOT to generate energy. Instead of replacing the grid with INDIVIDUAL generation, the grid uses a Dutch auction to buy & sell it, meaning the price per kilowatt is based on the highest paid price by generators every fifteen minutes to match supply and demand.

Ontario coal generation is being phased out, instead of installing scrubbers. Even the low price of coal isn’t wasteful enough for the green energy plan taking charge of energy generation in Canada. Consider; with 60 out of 100 units wasted at the generation plant, 38 units enter transmission, the transmission loses another 2 units, and the incandescent light bulb uses 36 units, and the bulb loses 34 units from heat, leaving 2 units for light.  Can they make the system any less effective ? The waste in Ontario energy created a 40 billion restructuring cost. The IMO (independent market operator) is actually quite pleased with themselves as are all the electrical engineers that know little about open energy systems, let alone study from the likes of Col Tom Beardon. I’m not even going into the heavier strategy here of the economic hit man and their jackals, all to take over resources.

Well, If I want the world to do everything the wrong way, this video would capture the means, which is why I went into the energy business. Those of evil intent would start with money, energy, food and water. 


In a follow up to not changing a thing…if you want America to fail and by extension the world, keep doing what your all doing by letting those of evil intent do whatever they want. Keep participating in the world without trying to change anything. Don’t make any waves that may cost you your job.


This man has “the answer on the direction to take for energy independence” we are all in desperate need of. Now this guy has solar panels in the wrong place being too low to the ground, and his tanks are too old which he explains, you can have liquified smaller ones. You can’t store electricity but hydrogen works safely and relatively cost effectively for independence. This guy has had death threats, because he’s on the right track. This is in two parts. His web site is www.strizkisystems.com  He shows his own property, a closed loop system and no use of zero point energy.



Here’s Les & sue Stroud, from Survivorman. Off the grid. Naturally he did a lot of his own music filming and editing here, since that’s what he does anyway, except in this case…no eating anything wild to keep up his strength.  This is the challenge we all face in a relatively short period of time…before the collapse of the grid and the economy. Wonder if he would sell off ten or so acres to have a neighbour?


My idea of off grid living, would include two geodesic biodomes for growing food, and include aquaponics on a scale adequate to feed a family of four, having fish once a week and feeding chickens off the fish tanks growth. That’s why I’ve been looking into how these are built with using 2X4’s for the frame. People use these without much land really, except I would want 2 of them at 50 feet in diameter for growing food. It’s a lot of work to establish, but very satisfying to feed yourself from the fruits of your own labor. Once the balance is achieved with built up soil quality and a little experience growing the right foods in the right seasons, there’s apparently less work than one might think to keep it going. Letting plants grow upward in restricted ground, rows facing north/south for maximum sun, and a nearly secret ingredient, called magnetite black sand, which enhances growth greatly, especially if you incorporate orgone !

Les Stroud uses one wind generator and one 3 panel solar. I would prefer two of each, and a few spare parts too, in case of repairs being needed. Then again, I would also prefer to have a concrete dome built mostly into the ground for better security against serious weather, lower requirement for energy use, and improved personal security.  It will be necessary to generate your own closed loop of power, preferably using a hydrogen system which can also run the vehicles and having independent food supply.  Did I hear somebody say…”get a horse”? 

Here is an informed web site that covers a lot about solar energy.http://www.solar-facts-and-advice.com/coronal-mass.html

This stripping of public ownership of basic needs for society is being done to every politicians portfolio and every industry. Even with six years of trades training as a young student being taught the wrong curriculum for my natural abilities, I foresaw the destruction of manufacturing telling me I was learning all the wrong things anyway. Half my formal education was trades training from grades seven to twelve. My energy expertise is in natural gas and electricity, in deregulation, marketing, and having bottom line regional office responsibility, a mid level management roll, by the systems of traditional energy generation. 

Personal studies & research has branched out to very non traditional methods which the traditionally educated experts have missed out on. Of course any backyard tinkering gets bought out, made fun of, driven into chapter eleven, or the inventor ends up dead. For the creative open mind there are strategic advantages, not to have wasted another eight years in a university to specialize in a particular discipline. Formal education to me was like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. I needed a square hole that was never going to materialize… and it never did. 

Higher education has a price. Not just in making money, but I never had anyone teach me all the wrong things like an economic 101 text-book and it’s very definition of economics which contradicts our Judeo Christian ethic of God…. that there are limits to resources and is expected that man will go to war over them. We are taught there are limits to resources, and who should get them at the expense of someone else….complete stupidity ! Of course the same global elite that teach oil is a fossil fuel, have also manipulated the text books in schools since the 1920’s. As far as their concerned, we need to decrease the surface population by dying off or returning to the middle ages and a one world Gia worship religion to replace the real thing.

Deregulation can bring benefit for protecting costs due to free trade but it is a small part of a much larger picture. I have also worked to get companies out of bad energy contracts. This was unheard of, until energy companies began rewriting over each others contracts. The structure is all wrong as well. Publicly traded companies in any industry are not working for the best interest of the customer, because they have a fiduciary responsibility to earn a profit for shareholders either way. This business model is morally wrong, allowing far too much corruptibility as evidenced by poor performance for consumers and unnecessary legal workload. One must see into the many layers of intent behind the changes experienced in our daily lives to understand it is a methodical demise as DR. Michael Castle describes.

Expensive low density energy generation with no surge protection from the coming interruptions, loss of privacy and of public wealth are not all that bring our demise. In the guise of improvement all future smart homes will have monitoring systems developed and manufactured by foreign capital and people with interconnections to appliances throughout homes and businesses funneled to the unprotected outdated grid. These are to be connected to a central location and provide a means of effecting all individuals who can be targeted even to be murdered….using your own appliances in the home.

Remember years after the FLQ October crisis, having language police in Quebec ? Now we have well meaning pros in home improvement being used to impose environmental regulations which will become extremely intrusive. There will be increasing regulations and red tape like passing a thermal scan in order to sell your home. There are already “GREEN POLICE” hurting businesses by (deliberate over regulation). This has a parallel with the medical,  pharmaceutical & natural “food as medicine”  industry. The appliances will eventually all be interconnected and heavily monitored, begining with the electricity “smart meter, and then for water as well, to eventually limit & control how much you can have of all basic necessities once the biometric cashless mark of the beast system is enforced.

 Where are the subsidies for independent systems for homes and business ? One man was found floating in a river within 48 hours of his scheduled presentation to congress of a black box the size of a bread box, that if mass-produced would provide energy to homes for life for about three thousand….goodbye grid ! Society has been so misled people think the retrofit programs are a good solution for jobs and lower use. While it is useful it’s the wrong direction to take. What use is a revamped system in a future where it can no longer function ? How could a layman deal with electrical systems on a region experiencing an EM pulse, or a collapse of the protective layers covering the earth from radiation, or a planet that has reversed its magnetic polarity?

Where are the energy from the vacuum personal generators and the factories to produce them?  Where are the surge protectors for the coming grid collapse?  After the Quebec ice storm, Canada hardened part of it’s grid. Not in the USA though. Why does government allow marketers to sell ineffective low density generation methods, with the name “GREEN” attached to them, when there is absolutely no benefit to the user or the environment. ? To misdirect all energies into the wrong direction, only to provide the solutions wanted by those of evil intent to gain control. Engineered disasters to follow guidelines of the UN Agenda 21. 

 All that does is drain money from people needed for correct measures. The energy industry as in others is designed to collapse and create chaos, without a single word from those who who use these advanced technologies to cause disasters and earn a profit for it. So called leaders in business and government who close their eyes from truth because it will cost them money or position and prominence. I left the energy industry because I refused to sell green. I will not support industrial scale solar, wind, or ethanol. I am however forced to admit, I don’t have zero point energy or even independent generation for my family, but I know it can be done. At the personal level, I am relatively limited economically into small-scale wind, solar, and hydrogen for the car to increase mileage once I can install it. Meanwhile industrial scale wind and solar in Ontario is still spreading more public debt and employing people (temporarily).  For solar, the Ontario subsidy just decreased from 80.2 cents per kilowatt, to 50 cents. There is a serious back log for implementation even for the few who get presented with the idea. In my opinion if your business needs government subsidy, you don’t have a business at all.                                      I know people will need independence in generating it, but I prefer a closed loop without selling it into the grid. With all that’s coming environmentally, people will be living underground more and more for survival, and lean toward geothermal generation, permanent magnetic motors, wood, propane and unimproved battery storage systems compared to the withheld battery technology. Our society is after all, facing another ice age.

 There is one part of another aspect which destroys the health of populations. Here is one dot to connect the pollution puzzle in the “electronic cage”. Obviously at several levels in the electricity industry as in others, people are being lied too.


This guy is a long way from telling the whole story in open parlement, but at least he points  out the vital step of approval by utility commissions. Even that would not expose the real issue of the larger picture here. This is part of the means to monitor great detailed personal activities, history and location, and to ” increase the electronic pollution ” in the environment, while adding on the price tag to do it. Altering DNA is the issue, which brings diseases, just like GMO foods, and vaccines. In the public view, it’s the Clean Energy Act. ( http://youtu.be/0YwtsV5Vrjw Youtube has removed the video….must be too informative. ) I went back to find it and it has been completely removed. Guess who is responsible for preventing spread of truth in Canada ? Our own minister of propaganda, Prime Minister Steven Harper. Do readers recall who was responsible for propaganda during WWII ?

Now a little more direct to the point of the issues regarding the utility meters as both dangerous to our health at the DNA level due to radiation, and as an invasion of privacy. The smart grid is more about Agenda 21 than consumer benefit. PG & E for example wants to charge an increase on to those who refuse the smart meter, so they get more money anyway. This blog explains and links to sources of how to REVERSE the issue of electronic pollution.

Below is a permanent magnet motor, to generate electricity for your home and stay off the grid. A joint venture opportunity is available. Only an able investor can fund the building of a unit for demonstration, in a specific region for taking orders. To verify the authenticity of this technology that the reader may know this is quite real and that it works, you should go to the web site for Lutec Australia Pty Ltd. at http://www.lutec.com.au   There you will see the current situation on magnetic energy generation. For the rest of the world, unless you have the expertise and resources for development of zero point energy, I would suggest you stick with a combination of small-scale wind and solar plans and products. Many an entrepreneur would disagree, however industrial scale is a very bad idea in the way it is currently funded and promoted by large industry and governments. The entire industry simply misdirects development away from zero point and scalar energetics used only by the global elite in black ops infrastructure and weaponry. The world has no idea of the power and purpose of HAARP and the electronic cage.

Here is an example of energy independence which was needed decades ago, yet only now too late to distribute in time to replace the grid under threat by those who withhold technologies. It took independent researchers to come up with it. The answers will not come from those in power of course, because like JP Morgan closing down funding for Nikola Tesla, it threatens their profit, and their control.

 Now the government ignores the truth about the pending collapse of the grid from solar mass injections, and make no preparations for it with surge protectors. The government is also making this worse by investing in the completely wrong technologies like ethanol, using up more corn for fuel than for food while crops begin to fail due to market speculation and interference of weather patterns, and destroying the independent seed production of farmers not involved in industrial scale operations. The industrial scale wind is a shining example of the stupidity of science, investors seeking profit with short-term horizons in mind, and politicians with no qualifications for making the move to the sheer “greed of the green sustainable development agenda …including energy carbon capture technologies and the carbon trading scam which now also involves the Royal Bank of Canada in transactions.

For some time now I’ve been in touch with Dr. John Droz Jr. PhD. Being something of an energy expert, I naturally agree with a great deal of his writings, which specializes in wind energy. Not long ago he also mentioned he’s available for any group who need to have a guest speaker for an event planned, to educate people on the lies and misdirection used by the wind lobby, which reminds me of Direct Energy…a company which after 5 years was sold by its primary owner (Mark) for a billion dollars to British interests.                Unfortunately it earned a reputation for slamming customers and in my opinion, abusing public trust in every market it does business in. I would dare anyone to question that, since I have a lot of first hand experience is seeing the public being taken advantage of, and politicians who allow it. Even those who are supposed to police the industry are made up of those who hold or have held positions in the very same companies. Reminds me of the FDA made up of those formerly of high positions in big pharma.  For those who have experienced a less than honest energy agent at their door, you need to understand…the wind industry is worse on a grand scale, and the entire energy industry is one enormous SLAM. Deregulation abuse is merely the symptom of a much wider sinister concept. Following are articles concerning the traditional energy industry from DR. Droz JR. Most sources I know and a few I don’t, but after many emails and being familiar with his research, I have trust in his knowledge and common sense.

Here is Dr John Droz now on youtube about his latest & most important perspective: I got his email on it March 11th. 2013 Science attacked : http://youtu.be/cng56swJ_4I

One of my most important documents, What Not To Say, has been updated (especially the PS part): <<http://www.northnet.org/brvmug/WindPower/WhatNotToSay.pdf>>.
This is a VERY significant story that gives us hope that sensibility and science may yet prevail: <<http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11226/1167245-454.stm>>.
One of the main strategies of non-science lobbyists is to justify their self-serving promotions (e.g. wind energy) as producing jobs. It should come as no surprise that “renewable” energy forces are proposing to congress to cut gas, oil and nuclear subsidies‚ but not any for renewables <<http://www.energybiz.com/article/11/08/partisans-joining-forces-cut-energy-subsidies>>.
Here are three recent articles that put the job claims into a more accurate perspective:
2) “Feeding the Masses on Unicorn Ribs” is a wonderfully insightful story about green jobs, etc <<http://blogs.the-american-interest.com/wrm/2011/08/19/feeding-the-masses-on-unicorn-ribs/>>.
3) “The Dirty Secret Behind Clean Jobs” <<http://cascadepolicy.org/pdf/pub/CleanJobsReport8.22.11.pdf>>.
Beyond the site fight: can communities reclaim the right to say “no”? <<http://www.yesmagazine.org/people-power/the-right-to-say-no>>.
A fine energy article by attorney Dave Schnare, directed to our presidential candidates: <http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/aug/16/campaign-advice-for-all-of-the-abovers/>>.
A new article about wind energy performance in Illinois (that applies almost everywhere) <<http://www.continentalecon.com/publications/nge/2011.9.pdf>>.
“Eco-Fads: Feel-Good Policies Replace Science” Although this is not about wind energy, the same situation exists there:
A Carnegie Mellon study on shale gas <<http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2011/08/new_shale_study_refutes_cornel.html>>. On a related mater the US government revised their estimate of shale gas available, and now project it to be some 40 times higher than before <<http://articles.philly.com/2011-08-24/business/29922377_1_shale-drilling-marcellus-shale-natural-gas>>.
GE’s laser advances in nuclear fuel is an informative article <<http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/21/science/earth/21laser.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1>>.
Some recent global warming articles of interest —
US presidential candidate expresses skepticism about global warming <<http://news.yahoo.com/perry-says-doesnt-believe-global-warming-143259373.html.>>
A new (major) example of how politics adversely influences scientific research <<http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=975f250d-ca5d-4f40-b687-a1672ed1f684>>.
A CERN particle-physics study that may reveal that solar radiation is a major cause of global warming <<http://climatescienceinternational.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=537>>.
A fine article discussing the fallacies of the “97% consensus” about AGW <http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2011/08/30/rick-perry-neednt-sweat-his-global-warming-skepticism/>>.
An intriguing exchange about the health benefits of global warming mitigation <<http://www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2011/8/29/health-co-benefits.html>>.
A worthwhile film: The Great Global Warming Swindle <<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaTJJCPYhlk&hd=1>>.
Some other recent articles of general interest —
A superior , must read article, about our education system — which explains a lot about what is happening with wind energy and the like <<http://thenewamerican.com/culture/education/8617-mainstreaming-progressive-education-a-scheme-hidden-in-plain-sight>>.
This is a remarkable piece. It is a story about unnecessary spending in the US armed services — written by a high-ranking (now a General) career soldier, who I happen to know <<http://www.military.com/forums/0,15240,86755,00.html>>.

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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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