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English: RCMP officer in regular uniform

English: RCMP officer in regular uniform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fri 28 July 2013                              CANADIAN NEWS

Apparently the prime ministers office has opened it’s opinion to the nation over the last 3 weeks, on what is clearly not in it’s mandate to be directly involved in. In this case the RCMP acted exactly as the public has a right to expect, to protect the flooded community. This is also an example of overstepping boundaries of responsibity, which anyone in any organization knows has procedures in the chain of command for. Just a symptom of an overcontrolling Harper in a time when gun owners have had to deal with registration. Historically (although never in Canada),  such action by government has always preceeded the public being murdered by it’s own government in large numbers. 

 Any soldier or policeman, knows you cannot leave a firearm unsecured. This is law, and certainly any responsible gun owner agrees with this unless not properly trained in the care and handeling of a firearm. In my case I have used everything from a 105 howitzer to a 9 mil browning so I understand the action of the RCMP was more than justified, and I would actually expect them to do as they did, as the only responsible thing to do. That’s their job and we expect it of them. That being the case, I don’t see there is any issue here at all. We do not expect however, for Harper to make ANY comment on the matter at all, and he needs to get back into his office and keep his place in the chain of command. As anyone who has read the patents on HAARP already knows, the deeper issue here, is the cause of the flooding in the first place. Naturally to steer the conversation away “like steering Katrina”, from the very idea of this being a deliberate act by those who can control weather, the gun issue is raised. After all, there is a history of above government control using HAARP, to bring destruction in a systematic and targeted way. Katrina is a prime example of the deliberate destruction of a city by HAARP, and deliberate abuse of the citizens including gun confiscation which was highly unethical. Typically this weather disaster scenario has taken happened in places like Oklahoma, where there is resistance to the federal government overstepping it’s boundaries into states law. Canadians have been kept oblivous to reality of geoengineering that is destroying our environment. This in a series of disasters will only in numbers and severity. The only response from the Canadian government has made after more than a decade of environmental abuse and violation of airspace has been, “It’s not us”. That…it the real issue here. Not the appropriate police action of  protecting citizens.                             


Now we have  senator Davis of Texas, spending 13 hours on her feet for the right to talk her face off in a bid to save innocent lives. If a woman decides to be sexually intimate with a man, he should be her husband. If he is not, this morally suspends her right to commit murder by abortion. However, you can’t legislate moral values. The west is under judgement by God for the continous murder of millions of innocent lives being returned to him. While the senator with two daughters herself needs to philibuster about abortion at all, at least someone has the tennacity to make the effort. Where are the millions of youtube and other views to match the attention and numbers in the building? The real question dear legislators, will earth become a birthing room or will it remain an abortuary? Now…if you were God, and people were doing to eachother what we do to the innocent…what would you do? After 20 weeks? HOW ABOUT…AFTER CONCEPTION PEOPLE ! IMMEDIATELY AFTER CONCEPTION, OR YOU ARE A MURDERER. Republicans tried to say they had already passed the bill.  The senator needs 60 million backers, not 60,000. The word of God will be the law we are judged by, and woe to those who refuse to live by it.

Boston Marathon: Ah, now to justify the 4 billion for the new central Homeland Security building, UN / TSA, and the brownshirt replacement from the 1930s…The civilian Security force of the Green Shirts. Right winged interests do not want to kill Americans. This was not a terrorist attack. No person or group has taken responsibility. This was a false flag event. Americans will get used to having the civilian army around public events. Why were the police told to announce to the public that the police presence had bomb sniffing dogs in the area ? Why were they having that excerise in the area anyway? Reminds you of the excerise scenario going on during the 9/11 collapse too. They said it was an excerise…Yea right, and the moon is made of blue cheese instead of helium three.

Governments have signed agreements not to do harm using weather technology. Who do they think they’re kidding ? Anyone grounded in a sound spiritual & education system backed up by parental training, will once given cause to investigate, discover the myriad tragedies the satanic cabal has brought by their delusion that technologies without spirit is going to be allowed by the angelic of God. This will never happen as Satan well knows. Society is obviously not prepared for what is coming, neither spiritually or in any worldly way .  Today, perhaps 75% of US population are living in a place they cannot remain. predominantly ocean side. Not forgetting the control by FEMA ensured lack of food water and medical assistance. Katrina was deliberate weather manipulation as were many others.  The US government is now being sued for manipulating the weather in the case of Hurricane Sandy. It looks like the convergence of several storms due to the lack of natural causal conditions. Here is a discussion with Prof. James McCanney. On Oct 29th. Here is weather man Scott Stevens on info wars explaining his view. He began studying in 1998 & 99 just after Dr Mike Castle had shared his research with others.–ZfK_g

Two points made here by Steven Quayle provide tremendous feedback that confirms the understanding I have been given and reflect what has been happening. 1. The intensity of the spiritual war in the heavens has moved into the energetic /physical dimensions.  2. Issac Newton said of the last days, that a body of men will be raised up, turning attention to prophecies insisting on literal interpretation.  When worlds collide. Red list are truth tellers& the outspoken are killed, blue list are those who are law enforcement in police & military who go along with it will be killed next by Russian Spetsnas & foreign  NATO troops.                                                  

Here are discussions of the coming financial collapse, and preparations for the martial law to follow. The world is going through the same process as before WWII. The elite owns the precious metals & don’t want you to have it. Everyone needs to  prepare. You will need stored food, non GMO heirloom seeds, water & purification means, nutrimedicals against pandemic, off grid energy supply, weapons for defence, and preferably a small isolated community of skilled & prepared people.

In 3 parts. The Doctor is       IN

The latest update on core events/issues.

The collapse of the gulf by BP is destroying crops as they planned, and destroyed the salt dome holding back the ocean, now temporarily until a tsunami brings the final blow, by the top of a land mass falling into the pacific from an island. This along with the new Madrid fault and the hydrofracking placing water beneath the land in advance, will with an earth quake, create the new inland waterway to split the nation, sometime after Israel is partitioned which is an act against the will of God. The USA and Israel are spiritually one nation and therefore connected.

Russia & China veto military force against Syria in the UN assembly. US navy deliberately sending ships to the straits of Hormuz.

From the Dr. Deagle radio show, placed on to youtube 2012 July 18th. Now he reveals he is a prophet.  Describing current events you can NEVER get from the evening news. HERE IS TRUTH  He reveals the mark of the beast, extreme taxation, technical split between  the generals of the military and the foreign policy of the Obamanation the most evil man in history, and a takedown of the bankers due to the LIBOR scandal, as the NWO sacrifices their own puppets for their plan to destroy confidence in the US currency as a reserve for the world.  

 There is a death list of 750,000, some for the DUMB prison, the FEMA camps, economic slavery, environmental destruction, thermonuclear radiation, alteration of your DNA by GMO foods while geoengineering a plasma environment for the energetic weaponization of earth, exposing the demonic Gorgon in the physical like Phil Schneider, witnessing an issuing of orders by these demons to those possessed and indwelt that hold high office, who set the rules of the NWDisorder. To run the world via UN & NWO 3 lettered agency structure ie; CIA, BIS, WTO ect… using technologies orders of magnitude beyond star trek. Technology/ knowledge without an eternal spirit. They wish to eliminate all knowledge of God. Scientists, governments and corporations are conspiring continuously with those who mostly unknowingly,  participate in the plans of the adversary. This is your confirmation of conspiracy reality ! If you don’t know about Phil Schneider, where have you been? ” This ain’t just another sixties revolution commin !

On the news of mid September 2012, now that the fraud of the political system has dashed any hope of Ron Paul being president due to complete corruption, we see a great deal of air time given to Obama with Romney trailing in the fake poles and Hillery Clinton. What we see physically is far different from what the spiritual eyes must understand. Obama, with a near complete wipeout of his background from public record except what is found on the internet by researchers, is perhaps the most evil man in human history. Hillery Clinton like Obama, has a string of murdered people in her wake, as she had pushed her husband to the presidency. She has (in her maiden name of course), many generations  of  Illuminati demonic ritual possession and curses placed on her. Seeing her in the spirit one sees a tall ugly fallen angel…a true monster. These are two very possessed people by fallen angels. The majority of those people of greatest power and influence holding key positions in every industry on a global basis…are also of mixed blood Nephillim, possessed in their spirits. That is why the world is acting SUICIDAL.                                                                                 The uninitiated would think this conspiracy researcher like many, wears a tin foil hat cowering in a corner of ignorance and half truths, to be pitied like a hoarder of unsound mind. In truth, those who live in spiritual reality know the world is in that condition and wouldn’t know truth if it came in the form of a President committing global suicide on behalf of the brotherhood of evil under satan, King of the air. Intense spiritual opposition will only increase.

To have this explained beyond what is taught in seminaries to future priests, the below video explains what is found throughout the corrupted masonic hidden language of symbols of mixing the blood of the fallen angelic race, with the seed of man, as is continuing. With about 110,000 bodies being grown underground in China. These bodies await maturity coming very fast, to rise with a fallen angel or, transdimensional demonic servant of Satan to take over the body, once the spiritual gates are open to bring many into the 3D energetic world we live in. The master key to these gates is cern. Those in personal relationship with God & have the comfort of his Holy spirit have no need to fear anything. Ultimately, there will be 144,000 of us who will be the front line prayer warriors. Naturally you will never see a TV program with serious discussions exploring these issues. Television evangelists speaking from the Holy Spirit on tv is not very likely. On the internet however, there are programs that are real, like SID ROTH. His guests are people like Katherine Mary Baxter, whose life purpose was to tour heaven and hell with Jesus to tell others of her experience.

Petros Romanus:   AN URGENT MESSAGE  OF VATICAN STRUGGLE. Here are Steven Quayle & Tom Horn & Chris Putnam explaining the last pope. Before you see these videos, you should be aware… that pope John Paul II has already been seen in Hell. He did not tell the whole truth, he loved the position and power and wealth more, and he was not moral. Many priests and nuns in the Vatican have sex outside marriage.  See the web site   

Here is a picture from a video game depicting a Gorgon. They have been seen in both the DUMB (deep underground military base) at area 51, issuing orders to those who rule the UN and beneath the vatican in ritual sacrifice. Other places too. They have also been seen “drunk” by human workers who worked around them. While I have never encountered anything but life natural to this world, I have witnessed a HAARP installation in Norway, and I have been underground.

I have also discovered how the enemy has drastically altered my life and a few of those around me, by my comprehension of the truth about what it is to be human.  Why it is, that such powerful beings of God would have so much pure hate against humanity. They were once beautiful and full of the attributes of God as in all creation. What remains of them is complete corruption with extreme intellect, and the time of their reign to pull the rest of us with them into oblivion, is extremely short. I say oblivion. Corruption will exist for eternity, but isolated and completely forgotton in the rest of creation. This is the judgement. To see God and be cast away for all eternity. A condition man cannot even comprehend in the natural.      From global radiation to US corruption, like nuclear stations on quake fault lines. The day the US Gulf coast oceanic loop current died was July 28 2010. This was a deliberate & timed strike, at the heart of earth’s weather moderating heat exchange system. Northern europe will experience a mini ice age, so will north America. The water will become radiated by nuclear radiation and poisoned, just like in the time of Moses in Egypt, and from the same root cause.

Let it be written here. In 2012 we begin the time of earth upheaval. The beginning of the time of sorrows as foretold is close. I recall Catherine Coleman stating their will be a war in the middle east.  Russia and allies will attack Israel for the oil. There are 27.2 TRILLION barrels in the shape of a hook, drawing nations to war. By the way, oil is not a fossil fuel, but quite replenishable since it’s abiotic in nature. The Arabs will claim drilling in the north(Megiddo plains) of Israel are draining their more shallow pool from them. In truth, the oil pressure gushes up from Israel draining into the Arab nation across the border. They would not want to admit their wealth is owed to that of the Hebrew tribe of Asher.  Reference: (DEU 33:24 And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil.) Russia does not desire war, yet those of evil intent, the globalists, Neocons, British banksters, oligarchy, false Zionist Khazar Nazi Jews, keep aggravating Russia. Using their control over the military industrial complex and over America to bring war. The globalists want war to usher in their new world disorder. as with the last two global wars, this last is also to cover their financial tracks.

People need to vote Ron Paul as President, ( and I believe they will ) ending the fed is already planned for. ( well I was right, but the voting process was too corrupted). Corruption  will happen sooner than later without Ron Paul in office as President, but the economics while a key issue are not the whole answer. For years in advance, those of the NWDisOrder make their plans and cray five computer simulations to play out events they initiate to bring chaos they are ready to take advantage of, by means of the changing of times and laws.

Everyone in the world knows of the 9/11 event. It was the begining of WWIII. The next false flag, is  expected  to be at the London Olympic games this year. Physically a non event, yet full of symbolism. These men of evil intent are known as the Olympians within intelligence circles.

It was James Edwin Tolleson who taught me, one man with courage, makes a majority ! Discussions on current events at the green line ( the front ), about those with power and evil intent in the world. This is with both Lord Earl of Sterling Tim Alexander and Dr William Deagle. You can sign up for in-depth discussions on Dr. Deagle’s web site. Oil skyrockets, banks devalue fiat currency. Gold hits extreme highs & then they dump gold & lower the value so people will lose everything as the bankers buy it up at fire sale prices. It will eventually become worthless. You can’t eat gold. People will be isolated with no means of support for survival since our people die for lack of knowledge and resources deliberately withheld, and do not seek truth with an open heart since they are spiritually blinded. The manipulation of science education and media play a large roll in the public’s lack of awareness.

UPDATE  The latest on vital issues. Energy, environmental destruction of  hydrofracking,  stratagems for war, cyber attacks of China. The extinction level galactic event every 62 million years of earth arriving at the northern point of the galactic plane, exposing life to ultraviolet shock of space normal radiation reaching life on the surface and die’s from it. Loss of magnetic field strength. The north and south atlantic are both becoming dead zones from lack of healthy atmosphere. The geoengineering destroys the protection of the ozone layer and the oxygen, while polluting the entire eco system making populations subject to diseases to profit big pharma and kill millions with forced vaccines or cross contamination in the FEMA death camps.

What mom and dad never knew to tell us. This is the witness of Ephraim.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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