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Lyndon LaRouche has the greatest plan available for reigniting the global currency situtation. But, here is an update on the currency issue.

Background of who controls what, and the arrangements unknown to the public knowledge. The solution to the global economic “fiscal cliff” and destruction of the middle class, is immediate implementation of the Glass Steagall Act. Ideally this would be followed by a seizure of all black project assets of the global cabal.

The results were just a matter of time when you create a system designed to fail, and in many nations already has. As the USA holds the reserve currency for the world however, the world will soon experience a total economic collapse, in order to be forced to taking the mark of the beast system to survive. The coming electronic cashless currency system. We were warned as Aaron Russo was on his way to death by cancer, the favourite tool of eliminating opposition. Social security / social insurance…brings emergency powers to manage the bankruptcy. The Illuminati want the last war to happen to cover their activities beyond collapsing building seven on 9/11. This has already begun, as the straits of Hormuz becomes the center of attention as a distribution bottleneck, coupled with deliberate refinery issues to reduce oil and fuel supplies to increase prices.

Ron Paul and Chris Duane in their meeting. You cannot reform the system. One must be completely independent of the world. For what business does the light have with the darkness ?

Buy silver as a store of value until hyper inflation vastly increases it’s value for you to sell out before it collapses. The extreme rise of silver prices can come when it’s skyrocketing in value due to QE 3 austerity measures and riots have been going on in the USA due to broken promises by the government. It can also temporarily come down by the selling of certificates without physical silver being available as noted in the below video. I would look for silver at a minimum value of USD $1,000.00 /oz before selling out physical silver holdings, because the price will rise beyond that level. Eventually you will not be able to buy physical silver at all. The potential increase in price earnings ratio for silver puts this poor man’s gold in a very desirable position with an eye to buying as much as you can. DO NOT KEEP THE CASH, unless you hold it in Yuan which is the next best competitor for reserve currency, but even then you won’t want any form of cash currency holdings when the global collapse occurs. Here is a good video as to the current state of market conditions.

More on silver

At least you can eat food, why not grow it! That’s my money, in a geodesic biodome. What if confiscation of gold & silver is manditory ? George Soros is out of metals ! Here is the latest from Kerry at Rema Marketing are always spreading the news for researchers the those of us who prepare. It’s the economic war.

This video once again shows a direction to take with your holdings, but since one cannot own land in the future, nor buy or sell without taking the mark.

Upon selling out you then use the cash very quickly to purchase personal supplies that will be in great demand like spit pour flush consumables, once you take care of independence on energy, heirloom seeds, freeze dried foods and water and water purification supplies, medical materials, medicines & heirloom seeds for wellness herbs. Scalar or energy med and supplies.

Since 9/11 the economy has been changing like never before. Cyber security as in all other industry, is removing freedom from society. Today the USA has 40 million stay at home dads. Unemployment is 20% and increasing with manufacturing being deliberately wiped out as more & more regulation makes small business extremely difficult to start-up, like the green police, licensing, & regulations being imposed along with cap & trade. There are 48 million citizens now on food stamps with purchases made at huge grocery chains who benefit, instead of small independent ones. Since the cost of raising a child to age 18 is now an average of $235,000 and every year of college costing $81,000.00 more families have 3 generations in the same home, especially immigrants. This food stamp system is making serious cuts into the independent retailers, just another level of destruction by policy.

The deliberate economic collapse by hyper inflation from the central bankers is funneling increasing numbers toward the internet. One benefit being a major factor is control. The monitoring of all economic activity will culminate in the elimination of cash and be replaced by electronic transfer for all purchases, and though not speaking of online work, was spoken of by Aaron Russo, to cause the people toward the mark of the beast system. Anyone who knows about this knows the social networking sites are for data mining. Readers may be surprised to discover that the logo for facebook is also a logo for HAARP, the most powerful means to weaponize earth ever created, far surpassing all nuclear capablity by it’s electronic cage & central command of the cray five supercomputer quantum array. Did you know anything or anyone can and has been used, to be vaporize at 11 million degrees ? On the other hand, you don’t need it to instantly vaporize those who died in the twin towers on 9/11, but it was so fast they never knew what hit them. Here is an example of what may be a surprise to the uninitiated. It was superthermite with nutron insertion. Instant people dust, steel, aluminum and anything with water in it. 

What the next video will show has nothing to do with the reality that the cray five supercomputer array has more computing power than all the computer systems in the world combined. It will reveal interesting statistics about global population which is now going to be reduced greatly by many natural and unnatural forces, but these too are not included in this video. 

Here is a video showing several possible future scenarios for public consumption about the future.

There are very interesting ties between Google and Facebook I won’t explore here. You will notice the most visited web site on the net is FACEBOOK, naturally for data mining, and makes a good logo to represent the most powerful weapon on earth which is the electronic grid involving mainly “HAARP”, GWEN cell system, global satellites & the cray five array as a central command, which the home of the mark of the beast system,  in Colorado.  With this system earth has now been weaponized. Plasma can be used to instantly destroy any major city on the surface any time the new world disorder desires, and it’s completely untraceable leaving no radiation in its wake. You should know that because the use of electronic gadgets has vastly increased, this has increased the electromagnetic pollution people are exposed too, which is slowly killing us by over exposure, to about 100,000 times that of our parents who mainly had TV & radio. Like the video asks…so what do you think about this ? The answer is, extremely few comprehend the impact on health of populations and the extreme capability of the new world disorder to monitor all economic activity for the soon to follow electronic cashless mark of the beast global system. If you thought the rise of the machine flying around killing populations was too sifi for you, more than 30,000 drones are already prepared to do just that. I am familiar with the concept from personal experience, except I used a fly by wire missile system….these are very expensive missiles I used, but I first had to prove my superior eye hand coordination and dexterity before I was permitted to pilot them into targets.

This section of video and commentary as with the others on this blog will be added too, as benchmark developments unfold and time allows. My experience in  international business affairs was quite limited since for example, interests like my mining effort were snuffed out at every turn by those who had control over opportunity by control of capital.  Naturally one has to continue earning cash flow to pay the bills while developing other interests, and those other interests were simply too expensive for me to continue. Basically, even with the expertise recruited I got in over my head. Prior to this, I had been a regional manager for a life insurance company that was bought out. In this video, George Carlin using his colorful language explains it as an overall picture. It’s a big elite club…and you ain’t in it ! I had to discover it for myself the hard way. The mine would have made me very rich. After all…how dare I scratch the earth ! Can you say….DOMINION OVER.

Lyndon LaRouche                

Now a video seen by many already. It’s become much easier to kill en mass, than to control, and that’s what they’re doing in a variety of ways.

Here is a tool of the money changers, 450 CEO CFO and the like of whom are now out of a job and largely headed to prison, since they are the top men under whose leadership the lies and theft grew in the financial services industry. Just like the banksters to throw their own to the wolves. This use of other forces, is applied to cause people to cancil eachother out in favor of the NWO  UN takeover. The eighties had been flush with opportunity, cash flow and profits but has continued as a slow collapse ever since.

An above video showed the fall of the wall by Pink Floyd. The fall of that wall did not alter the GRU as much as it conquered a spiritual door that had been closed that will now never close to the former Soviet nations again, as spiritual  doors DO close against the USA. This next video explains how the British bankers stole the life millions hoped for instead of the growth of criminal organizations, which take money for no contribution to doing business. People working in small import export businesses like the one I work in would have to pay off, depending what it is, in order to do international business.

Next  a video to explain the great depression which will return and make that depression our parents survived living in, is nothing compared to the coming economic disasters unless the US puts in place the glass – steagall act. As mentioned in the late eighties, I was a regional manager for a life insurance company. It was diversify or die and companies were getting into each others business. There was a lot of mergers and acquisitions, and a lot of office space was getting changed in the financial centers. We were acquired by Travellers Group (under the umbrella) and I left the business along with many others which was no longer the same under new leadership. Then the Citi Group got involved. Consolidation was on its way. I was after my mining operation by that time, while working a local sales job to pay bills. The loss of time to raise capital just to discover whispers prevented capitalization. At least I had tremendous exposure to the derivitives brfore discovering it was a scam. Tranches of securities of 80,000 per month. It gets much bigger.

Here is the new deal communicated from banking globalists of Europe, to the US. Just like the new deal after WWII. Unfortunately this will never happen, since it would ruin the timeline of plans for the new world disorder.

The economic collapse is eminent in Europe and the oligarchy has capitulated but not those who make the final decisions, only a minority in conflict with their own leadership, since they cannot go into nuclear war to cover their sins as of yet. This is of course temporary, since they want the mark of the beast system of electronic currency. There is actually a bigger rift of separation in the US military than among the rank & file of those in finance. This means there will be a purging to the extent it’s possible, a serious concern for the new world disorder because it’s a serious threat to them if someone does not carry out their orders at the critical points, and they can’t monitor every individual so someone may go rogue on them if their will to do right rises. They hate exposure. Aarogance is their weakness.

Following is a video from Lyndon LaRouche, who has the position to receive a communication by the British, to the USA, since extremely few are capable of taking this communication and acting on it appropriately. This communication says basically, they want a new deal. This also means Obama is out of a job, and most likely Mitt Romney will be the president. As far as ending the fed goes, the audit is no longer needed, and definitely not wanted, since the gold in fort knox is not there. I suspect It’s used for means of transdimensional interaction and its scientific uses, superior to the economic use of gold. In any case, the means to continue the globalist agenda, is to allow the evil to continue, but with a delay. This means the enactment of Glass Steagle. Write off global debt which does not exist anyway, and start over, just like after WWII, to rebuild Europe after the war ended. Here is the latest update on the global economy.

Here is a General & Steve Quayle’s explanation of the olympics, and hiding another transfer of wealth, as it relates to the Illuminati card game. He mentions bloggers are doing the job of mass media. Looks like I could use a little traffic. Do I see an echo coming ???

Once understanding reaches the public, due to the lack of faith in their belief system, great fear will overtake them. People lack spiritual foundation. People must prepare their hearts so as not to fear.     




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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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  1. Economists say it generally takes nine to 12 months for Federal Reserve interest-rate cuts to work their way into the system. By contrast, sending checks to consumers tends to produce quick results. Some retailers have reported a surge of business spurred by the tax rebates. But consumers are shopping for necessities, not discretionary items. Sales at Wal-Mart and Costco were up in May, while sales at Kohl’s and Nordstrom were down. David Rosenberg, chief economist at Merrill Lynch, argues that higher food and gas prices are eating the rebate. Follow the math. The rebate checks will total about $120 billion. Studies suggest that about 40 percent of that total, or about $48 billion, will be spent in short order; the rest will be saved or spent later. Rosenberg reckons that higher energy costs—crude-oil prices are up 40 percent so far in 2008—are draining about $30 billion out of household cash flow per quarter, and that food inflation, running at a 9 percent annualized rate, drains another $20 billion per quarter. “So instead of the stimulus being filtered into real economic activity, it’s being diverted into the checkout counter at Albertson’s and the gas station,” he says.

  2. Confronted with big challenges—economic crises, health disasters—the instinct of most politicians is to hack problems to pieces and then tackle them bit by bit with targeted legislation or departments or high-level envoys. But in an interconnected world, that’s not enough. Every problem is linked to every other problem so our solutions need to be broad-based and aim not only at the particular problem (like bad lending practices), but also at the way these problems effect everything else. And that offers a crucial lesson for Obama: Systemic risk means that simply tackling the parts of a challenge—no matter how brilliantly you do so—can never be enough. In foreign-policy terms, this systemic sense is called a “Grand Strategy,” and it’s the thing most obviously missing from this very active presidency at the 100-day mark.

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