Ancient energy, returns !

Panorama of All pyramids of Giza.

Panorama of All pyramids of Giza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are about 50 names for earths natural energy. Chi, orgone, superlight, life force, etc… Much of this blog exposes the directions we are being taken as a civilization as going in the wrong direction by every institution and structure we have. Have a good look at Mars and you’ll see the future of earth if the public don’t make a very strategic and timely move, of putting Ron Paul into office. It won’t solve all the problems, but it’s one great place to start. Once you connect the dots in an industry, you have a template to follow in any industry.   In our time, the developed nations  uses increasingly unstable, expensive and low density wind, solar, ethanol and generally closed energy generation methods instead of open systems, and of course oil… all in a bid to take us further from our nature and the freedom it would produce. Earth has always had more oil than it could ever use. While able to control oil, they use extraction accidents to raise solidarity for Gia worship. Water will be killing people from hydrofraking. Bottled water will also be untrustworthy.

In this video David Wilcox shows in his work the various attributes of the energy of pyramids.

The following video shows that the pyramids would be able to produce enormous energy. This in my opinion is absolutely correct. It was man, using what is today, hidden knowledge & technology which in the last age was as global as the pyramids are, who built the pyramids. The source of the knowledge are the fallen, either in the flesh or the spirit. The nephillim are mound builders. Wilhelm Riche for example developed a box with alternating organic and inorganic materials that could cure disease if you were located in an area without electricity pollution, called an orgone acuumulator. The pyramids are far more advanced in materials and far more powerful, but the same principles are applied.

The below video suggests the Pharo wanted the ark of the covenant to be used or that it was used in the kings chamber, for producing the energy generation for  Egypt. I don’t think Egypt of this age ever had operational use of the pyramids because their use ended in the end of the last age. Moses was educated for the position as leader, but his heart belonged to God. While Pharo would have wanted the application of energetics for energy, I do not believe Egypt ever had use of it. In the last age of Atlantis & Lemuria, these pyramids found globally would have functioned as our grid does today.  In redevelopment of this age the Egyptian pharo had headdress which is symbolic of helmets, used to protect you from negative effects of pyramid energy generation. (The tin foil hat joke?)This symbolism is also on the Mars face wearing one. Pyramids are also visible on Mars and the moon.  In this age however, the  Pharo would have wanted this, to keep his position of power in a time when Nemisis was en route to earth. Moses had the knowledge of the pharo’s.

While the ark is a perfect electromagnetic frequency generator designed by God, it was never used in any pyramid. The pyramids on the other hand, had already been built long before this in the last age, likely using anti gravity knowledge of sound vibration frequency, just like coral castle in Florida.

The return of Nemisis or “the destroyer” this time is not the only earth change coming, except the only ones who control the technology are the global elite. Just the same, their access to it will not save them, any more than holding up in an underground city.   On the positive side, like Wilhelm Reiche, there is knowledge of healing being taught, and we are on the verge of great strides. For those who think however it’s a good approach to place technologies into the body…think again !  That’s what the adversary and his elite are doing. They use technologies to mimic and replace what God has already given to us if we are in obedience to his ways, clones including the mixing of DNA as foretold, if you follow the advancements in transhumanism.

The word is getting around about the abilities of HAARP. This technology involves geoenergetics for non sentient & geological systems, bioenergetics for living animal & ecological systems, and psycoenergetics for the mind and emotion. All part of terraforming & poisoning all that’s natural to earth’s original condition. This is the most powerful weapon ever assembled….again.  It’s capabilities are able to draw on the earth itself for energy and amplify it, just as the pyramids were able to. To illustrate the reason for outbursts of mass killings lik in the schools, I submit the following video to explain from the top medical authority who knows about the HAARP facilities, like the one in Tromso Norway. Did I mention UN Space Command ? They control every inch of space between earth and mars. This woman does not get very deep into the reality of the soul and the dimensions, the holy spirit or God. Just an almost new age slant about depending on your own mind instead of being in a personal relationship with the Lord as we will all need as one who said, at least as a survival tactic, live holy.

Part 1.   Part 2.

In fact, it is my opinion that the pyramids functioned with some of the same multiple abilities as HAARP does today, but only until the last pole shift. Once that shift took place, the galactic alignment for Giza was off. Pyramids in China are even larger. The planet itself is physically larger.

In the last age when the pyramids functioned, the use of gold in the top along with demonic blood ritual, was perhaps combined to function as a interdimensional gate, as well as energy for society. This allowed the functioning of an interdimensional gate for bringing not just knowledge to followers of Satan, but for the entrance of fallen angels in spirit to come into our energetic 3 D world and enter bodies prepared for them in ritual, or to enter bodies prepared for them. Today in the DUMB’s, soul transferrence from a 200 yr old body to a clone. Today this gate is like a master gate for all the gates to hell and it’s called CERN. It is known there are clones of people, and a supersoldier army of 110,000 being grown underground in China. Are technologies used for demonic spirits to inhabit clones ? It would seem so, more importantly, the Giant of old, will return. What will the public do ? What would you do if you saw the Hulk in your back yard ? The giants of old were cannibals, just as Steve Quayle has written. You think the scientists have found the God particle ? Not quite. More like the gate to allow the fallen angels (gods) to return en masse. Just think; All those who accept the aliens as space brothers taking the biometric RFID chip. One world religion of the new age. You know you will never enter the new age without worshiping the beast, taking his mark to buy & sell.  We have Obama the false prophet, The last pope which is a sworn enemy Jesuit General. The CEO of Earth Inc. Baron Guy De Rothschild, Pindar (penis of the dragon). Advanced use of resonance frequency for ultimate solutions. To move beyond HAARP. Eg: To move space/time, not the vehicle. The property of negative energy matter. Not just a quantum matter transfer gate.

Here is David Sereda with Kerry Cassidy, exposing his discoveries about the abilities of the pyramids, which is in agreement with the above findings, in that the ark of the covenant would fit inside the casement of the sarcophagus in the king’s chamber. It’s typical of the adversary to use Gods creation laws for his own use. The design of the universe of Satan is that of the pyramid structure. The design of creation of God, is that of the cube. It’s the cube shape that’s used in the design of the new Jerusalem, and David Sereda mentions briefly how this is more complex than the pyramid.

Then there is Cliff Carnicom  who says the purpose of the aerosols are for “control” which is accurate. It also destroys oxygen. It makes holes in the upper ozone which increases the severity of the earth changes coming due to earth’s position in the galaxy which is far more energetic.  The chemtrails along with GMO food, flouride, and global low-frequency manipulation by means of the electronic cage, have the ability to seal off the pineal gland to prevent people from moving beyond the desire for physical satisfaction. As Dr Deagle mentions, some of us are like campaign bubbles in a bottle, gaining spiritual awareness. This happens to very few, while the large majority of us are being dumbed down. Well if I can get an answer in prayer, I think anyone can be like the champaign bubble. If you live by the leading of the holy spirit, your  just where you need to be.

It seems that those with more magnetite in the pineal gland are more spiritually aware than others. The transdimensionals in physical form as in the gorgon serpent are always gathering magnetite, since the planet is losing it’s normal level of magnetic energy, until the magnetic pole shift. Here now is that discussion. It is also known that magnets are used extensively underground by the demons in the flesh. This video was removed without ANYONES permission, except by the direction of those who control all content on youtube. The problem you encounter with truth is that youtube cuts it off when you get too close. It’s known that if information on Nemisis is too accurate, it would last about 6 seconds on the youtube channel.

This video exposes the multiple capabilities of using the earth itself as the ultimate weapon, while being controlled by those of evil intent.

The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HAARP antenna array

Just as there are pyramids in many places all over the globe, there are also many places that HAARP technology have been placed too, like the Russian woodpecker grid. Note that Facebook has a logo that represent this widely disbursed array of ultimate energetic power. Television programs like the History channel, or the Canadian owned ? CBC, are nothing more than a media manipulated white wash that insults everyone who runs into that trash and knows better. If they can’t get an angle the projects global warming as being man made, the last thing you will see is the true function of the frequency war. They expect people to believe  the stories of slaves who built the pyramids. Yea right…WHAT’S A CUBIT. Today it’s Oh WE’RE JUST EXPERIMENTING . Yea right. Can you say steering Katrina ? There’s also one of these systems in northern Norway. I know because I’ve been there. Now of course there are videos showing transmitters globally.

Even living near industrial scale wind turbines is like living in a microwave, and that’s why it’s a chosen method of low density generation, while also unreliable while it still functions. To protect ourselves from the effects of the electronic cage that lowers our frequencies like a microwaved meal and which has created the now altered plasma geoengineered environment which attacks all life, one can study about the use of basic science ignored by the mainstream deliberately. See a great friend of mine.  He discovered the welsbach seeding. This led to the grass roots movement world wide against the European royalty, C.F.R. & UN agenda 21 inspired geoengineering known as chemtrails. What do you know about using ormus and orgone? Dr Mike Castle studies from sources like DR. Milewski. I have news for you folks, the sneezing you think is from a seasonal allergic reaction is deliberately created by the aerosols. Increased ground level ozone. Then you can go out and buy a big pharma product that will never solve the problem, just mask the symptom while working on creating another problem to solve using big pharma. A downward spiral into disease.

HOW SERIOUS THE GOVERNMENT LIES ARE : Bubonic plague anyone? Morgellons at least !  Step 1. Spray chemtrails of dormant bacteria. 2. Use the GWEN cell tower & tetra systems to send out the correct frequencies. High numbers break out with a range of diseases like bubonic plague. Psycotronics can cause everything from agressive behaviour to depression.  The appropriate frequencies of entrainment by microwaves ignite the effects, and you have the known outcome. The governments are already well aware of this and are lying to the public about it to protect the cell phone industry and many others that would be effected if the public understood. There are about 20 individual “Gatekeepers” responsible for allowing this, while the Nuremberg trials make this illegal. Those responsible for experiments like Joseph Mengela were hung for this. Today our politicians would get the same treatment if the public were to be made aware of this. Govt of Canada says they work on behalf of the people for cell tech to be affordable…a complete misdirection from the real issue. All that does if successful is cost us less to kill ourselves. The goal you need to discover, is to alter the DNA of humanity, and it’s working.

Here is a video by Barrie Trower, explaining the deaths will be greater than the entire second world war. The worse genocide than the world has ever known.

It’s the electronic cage which both bioenergetically and psycoenergetically are able to SEPARATE people from their own nature. Here are two videos explaining earth’s natural energy of lay lines and their trinity points. Part 1   Part 2

Here is a great conversation between Dr. John Milewski and Dr. Hildegard Staninger about superlight, which travels 10 billion times faster than light. This is the fifth element out from the black hole of each galaxy. This is the essence of magnetic energy, zero point, orgone, chi, or dark matter energy.  Without this we go back to manual machines, the horse & buggy and candles, which is what the enemy want to keep survivors as slaves.

Thought into physical reality. Dr. Hildegard Staninger: Portals to destiny short video.

Western understanding of energetics is limited. One aspect of energetics is bioenergetics. Just as there is the schumans resonance energy within the earth which is strongest at the trinity points of its ley lines, so too does the body have a system of points that can be manipulated for causing harm or healing. The use of chi requires the understanding of these principles and years of practice in their application for the body and mind properly prepared. This video is an excellent example of one who is its master If not for healing, then certainly in self-defence applications.

Another application of bioenergetics using one’s chi is for healing. This is a video from 1987 of a healer using his knowledge of the energy points of the body, and the use of chi for healing.

The point of the electronic cage is depopulation, and spiritual separation from our very nature, as the numbers of nephillim increase. The goal is to erase all knowledge of God. Hense, we are “in the days of Noah”. Living off grid yet? What are you waiting for? Collapse? It will start with a pandemic followed by the banking collapse. Watch FEMA camps fill up for cross contamination. Now that we have the picture lets see about the science of it. 

Col. Tom Beardon on scalar knowledge. Recall that there is geoenergetics for non living systems, bioenergetics for living systems, and psycoenergetics for mind and emotion. The below videos are about non living systems. Geoenergetics, or, scalar interferometry energetics. The global elite can use all three categories of applications. Without the legal seizure of this technology by a new publically controlled government, there will be very little chance for preventing its abusive outcome like the experiences known by some investigators and inventors or scientists, some of whom are no longer alive. Eg;  Dr. Seymore Cray. Now 100,000 times more powerful than the cray four supercomputer array. His company went chapter eleven. On the highway, his car was T boned and he was killed instantly. The cray five is said to be self-aware. This is only possible by an evil entity placing itself into the operating systems, as these can inhabit any object.

The following is obviously classified information. Developed by Nikola Tesla,( whom reportedly got the information from his father who in turn got it from the Vatican library.) The US military has A plasma death weapon. Using plasma interferometry in the upper atmosphere, they can superheat the air in excess of 100 million degrees by x-rays. This is however mild compared to the report from an Iranian NCO who reported witnessing the use of a weapon which can shrink a bus down to the size of a Volkswagen, and a full-grown man into a tiny shriveled up corps, by intense close quarter exposure. The strength of this technology is powerful enough to vaporize anything alive, man or animal. War allows a venue to test it. There are also witnesses.

The capability of the technology explains biblical prophecy.


About authorthat

As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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  1. the ‘soul’ or life energy maintains a body for itself after the initial gestation period (the life force enters the body with the first breath after birth). this life energy then continues to project this body into being until such time that the body is overcome by the toxicity spread by the dark light.

    • authorthat says:

      Every soul comes from the breath of God , which move about the throne room of God and are very small. Our only wish is to come to earth to become a human spirit that is redeemed. The only gestation period is in the womb. At the moment of conception, the soul granted a human spirit enters the life created upon this conception. There is no acceptable condition in the eyes of God for murder that is abortion. The soul can be brought into remembrance while in physical life. We are given free will to choose eternity with him or sent into eternal oblivion of separation by sin. The connection point between the 5X 3-D space time energetic dimensions of entropy seen by the senses, and the 7 spiritual dimensions of nonentropy. This connection point is the pineal gland in the mind and it’s non time domain attribute. This is the point of attack by Satan & his LUMINOUS followers in the world. If this connection is calcified or destroyed, I think a person would stand extremely little chance of connection with God. Another condition would be if the conscience is seared that the mind then accepts evil as good, to be further turned over to a reprobate mind as the sin condition deepens.

      There are 9 separate light bodies or levels of spiritual condition that can be attained even while still physically alive. I have heard only 12 have ever reached this. Sin enters once a person sees it as good and allows it or engages in it. It is impossible to do anything good or pleasing to God, until after your whole being has been placed into his hands without reservation, and you are in holy relationship by the leading of the spirit of God in the world. We are to live by every word of God. Once a little maturity takes root, there are gifts available from the holy spirit.

      For most people, I think they will believe there was still time for them to live for him and not themselves. God does not want to depart his creration from him, but no sin is permitted in heaven, and he will wipe every tear. Time…that which was, is. That which is, is. That which will be, is. One must prepare their heart by repentence and prayer in all humility. It is not possible to please God while in sin. Beyond salvation there is worship, reading the word, praying, evangelizing, offerings and tithes, service in the body of christ. These are the materials for an eternal heavenly home. People have seen heaven and returned to earth to tell the people he is coming very soon. On that great day, many shall be departed from God. For those who accept the mark, their very DNA will have been perminantly altered and cannot be forgiven. This is the same effect as would result from killing yourself, or grieving the Holy Spirit.

  2. get smart says:

    I understand the sense of lay people getting mixed messages about climate change. Their confusion is not only their fault since seemingly scientific statements, like the one above, feeds into this made-up controversy. However, what people read and except as a fact is partly (sometimes wholly :)) determined by their political convictions. As I read the article, the first thing that struck me was the unscientific, biased language! Then, I checked on the background of the authors. It turned out that they are indeed two of the less than 10% (2% ?) scientists who doubt man-accelerated global warming. Then, looking into the report itself, it hit me: sun-flare, a relatively rare, episodic event, discharges particles whereas Earth’s temperature is determined by the constant flow of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun. The prove that the latter form of energy input from the Sun is amplified by CO2 and NO, is overwhelming. The NASA report the article refers to has nothing to do with the “standard” model of green-house gas effect. It doesn’t prove or repute the proposed model for global warming. The “climate-doubters” have to do better than this – and then perhaps their voice will be given more merit.

    • authorthat says:

      Hello Get Smart. I can be unscientific and bias too. Actually I am very bias. Not to appear arrogant, but one could say I am convinced. I use experience & training I do have, to combine with intuitive insight that tempers my judgement. I don’t have the formal qualifications from any university for anything. The only school I ever attended after grade 12, are the ones I have been invited to speak at. I didn’t even go to my prom or highschool reunion. I place extremely little value on the complete lies taught to me all my life by others who were also lied too and never knew any better & still don’t.
      In education, the most advanced knowledge in all things must be made available to all children. This will never happen in our world. If any teacher tried to include little known truths not already in the curriculuum, they would end up out of a job. It’s the same in any field.

      Leadership watches their own minions with any level of authority to ensure they remain within the guidelines given. Just like the purging of the military by communism, the last 9 purges involved military leadership of flag officers. Any excuse will do to get rid of those who are in the way of WWIII. Obama doesn’t murder political opponents like Hillary, he doesn’t need to as chief liar & biblical false prophet. Step outside that boundary & you get clipped quick, kinda like Seymore Cray who got T-boned on an interstate highway & killed instantly, after constructing the fifth gen Cray computer system, 100,000 X faster than the Cray 4 array. His company was sent into chapter 11 like they wanted. Or Eustas Mullins who experienced several attempts to take over the author rights of his work….TO CORRUPT & DESTROY IT !

      Rothschild began his takeover of the education system even before 1920, when my studies show he had all the history books slightly altered as they always do. Or for example, like teaching all the young geologists who became leaders, that oil was a fossil fuel for example. How else can you get away with creating artificial shortages in all the basic needs for survival. Teach like the first line in every Economics 101 textbooks teach. That it’s the study of scarce or limited resources, & the only way you get more is by war, or taking it from someone else. Even the early alchemists who were wrapped up in religion thought it took a lot of praeyer to create gold. ( without the use of glass & a microwave like Prof John Milewski can.) Gold & silver are useless.
      Energy is the currency of the world. Mars after all, has enormous mountains of gold everywhere. The value on earth is controlled by satan’s minions in limiting the supply, like the destruction of my own billion dollar stripmining venture the red shield interfered with. I have never even been a millionaire. Why else would the most powerful men pay any attention to an average nobody like me…. Because I was trained on business by the great James Edwin Tolleson on entrepreneurship. Had I gained capitalization of 32.8 mil for 1st yr ops or 200 to 1,000 TPD I would be a billionaire today. In their opinion…How dare I scratch the earth to gain dominion over it as God commands.

      I use research to find those who are “accurate” in their knowledge & learn from them. People like Lord Christopher Monckton, Prof James McCanney, Lord Tim Alexander, Dr. Len Horowitz & Dr Emoto, Dr. William Deagle or like David Sereda. The global warming / climate change or whatever handel you put on this, is designed to blend into the concept that humanity is responsible for the increasing weather uprisings. Those in the know understand the use of advanced technology is increasing the number & severity of disasters happening. This deliberately hides itself in the truth of the issue. The causes of weather disasters are being made worse & are manipulated by the synagogue of satan. The long term cyclical celestial events of our location in the galaxy does not have to mean the destruction of our society. The reason it will is the use of technology to interfere, and the lack of spiritual awareness in the world, as the fundamental nature of humanity is increasingly separated from it. THAT…is the goal. Eternal separation from what we are and that of our nature which has been stolen.

    • authorthat says:

      NASA is not the organization it once was. Today it’s a shell or shadow, used to manipulate public awareness & knowledge of tier one science. It’s obviously owned by the demonic NWO, as increasing numbers of astronomers are turning up dead. One that is trustworthy & alive is prof James McCanney. The best source for the return of the death star, Nemisis. As Lord Christopher Monkton would agree, CO2 has absolutely nothing to do with the weather disasters and CO2 levels are a non-issue. They are a combination of space weather and HAARP & the electronic cage making it worse & steering them. The demonic attack carbon because all life is carbon based & they want to destroy the planet & all life, before they steal the millions of souls before they get sent into eternal oblivion, along with anyone not in holy relationship w/ God. You will find my good friend Dr Mike Castle on my blog here. He discovered the welsbach seeding in the first place & now the world knows (from citizen bloggers).

  3. I think this type of information, on the whole, is nonexistent in the mainstream forums, religion, history ect..thus making it very difficult for our average non-studying brothers and sisters out there. “My people die for lack of knowledge” is an appropriate quote. That doesn’t mean that a huge number of people are not looking for it either, I’ve been studying for quite a long time and have not been exposed to most of this information before. That is not for lack of looking/ researching for it.

    “careful to let no man deceive you” It’s hard sifting through all the disinformation while on the hunt for the truth of our most important questions about life and what it’s about…

    Thanks again,
    Spartan of Truth

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    Interesting, Thanks.

  5. Lissakrhumanelife says:

    For those who think however it’s a good approach to place technologies into the body…think again ! That’s what the adversary and his elite are doing. They use technologies to mimic and replace what God has already given to us if we are in obedience to his ways, clones including the mixing of DNA as foretold, if you follow the advancements in transhumanism.

  6. Piracetam says:

    This also rings true to the Greek mythology of,…”where dead souls have to cross the River Styx to get to Hades, the land of the dead. But, they can only get across if they have a coin to give the ferryman, Charon. Either way it’s warriors are warranting the mocking of the devil to their every step. The dogs of doom are very much likened to the hounds of hell, to me at least. It could also be a reference to Jimmy Page’s ZoSo emblem. A ZoSo is a 3-headed dog that guards the gates of hell. Others say it’s a symbol for Saturn, for this is the astrological sign of Jimmy Page.

    • authorthat says:

      Closer to the bottom of this article are youtube video’s that teach much more about the corrupted solfeggio of music, including the garbage played in churches to entertain the people. There is also the instructions on video from Dr. Len Horowitz and his H2O presentation. There is also a very good web site by Patricia Patrick where she delves deeper into Rock, pop, and people like Jimmy Page. Her site is called Mystery of the and it’s a wordpress site.
      See; The music of the Hebrews was pure and uncorrupted, and their hearts in relationship with God. So, you may recall the story of what happened as they carried the ark of the covenant with them around the city seven times as instructed by God, this leveraged power of collapsed the walls of that city. This is not merely a case where metaphysics of the energetic are used, but the power of God. By energetics I mean the resonance of frequencies of all life. This knowledge is used by the hords of Satan both in the flesh beneath the ground, but also by the human followers of the adversary. Today we know this ultimate means of having weaponized the whole earth as HAARP & the electronic cage. The HAARP system has many locations. Facebook is the hidden logo of it. These locations are also used in conjunction with the satelites in orbit, and the GWEN cell tower system.

      The most vital aspect of this weapon is that it interferes with the natural connection of people to the schuman’s resonance, and to connect the human spirit in prayer, to the holy spirit. This is SEPARATION. To be further effective in this, there is flouride, and other now altered aspects to what is now becoming a more dense electromagnetic plasma environment. These include the geoengineering chemicals like barium, aluminum and strontium etc….There is a poly based life form NOT FROM THIS WORLD, which has also been added to this chemtrail mix. GMO foods and the electronic cage work over time to destroy the connection in the body, between the pineal gland, connected to the chord of living waters down the spine, to the spirit. This vital connection is necessary for a spiritual connection in prayer to God. When you sever it or deaden the connection, you become one who is depicted in the movies today by the Illuminati. This is a tv series called Zombies.

      All those zombies have had this disconnection of the human spirit in their pineal gland and are no further threat of being born of an eternal soul in relationship with God. On the carnicom web site you will find a nano life form that assembles itself inside the body. It uses the minerals of the body for growing inside us. It looks like a very tiny silicon octogonal shaped item. This is lodged into the brain since the size pass the blood brain barrier. Once it becomes fully developed, you become a zombie. Nothing like in the movies, you interact normally, except you would become far less aware of your own spiritual aspect. Most of us never connect to source. Never have a single thought at the higher spiritual level. As has been explained, most of us never develop an intimate relationship with Jesus and this disconnection counteracts the higher frequencies of this region of space which is very energetic and tends to open the intuitive side of the mind. The condition of separation for those who have this nano robot array inside their mind ( like morgellons sufferers), precludes them from seeking that relationship by prayer and spiritual communication with the holy spirit, like speaking in tongues, one of his gifts. I have the protocol to cure the morgellons condition, while the entire medical profession will still tell you it’s just a figment of your imagination, and you have a mental condition, not a physical one. Hense the term….my people die for lack of knowledge. This referrs more intimately to the dead spiritual condition, not just physical death.

      This is now an entirely stronger more pronounced attack against humanity, begun with the corruption of the firmament and our very DNA when Satan was cast out of heaven.

  7. gold price says:

    Remember, thoughts and emotions are made up of frequency patterns and are fed into your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodily systems, and they either sustain and increase your life force or detract from it. If you feed your system enough low energy thought/emotional vibrations, dis-ease will result, and eventually the destruction and death of the physical vessel. The purity of the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you ingest not only affects your physical well-being, but also your spiritual well-being. But we tell you that even more important than these things of a physical nature, are the thoughts and emotions you allow to take dominion within your bodily systems. Much can be overcome and transmuted through clear, focused, balanced, and loving thoughts and emotional expression. A true master of Light can transmute and neutralize almost anything within or around them, but they are wise enough to realize it is a waste of energy to spend their time on neutralizing substances that they can avoid.

  8. idebenone says:

    The triangular canvas is representative of a pyramid that can store meditative energy. “In the Pune Ashram, there are pyramids for meditation. Those who meditate there experience a high that they don’t feel when they meditate at home,” she says. The triangle represents the order of the cosmos, the elements, the zenith of spiritual energy and also its nadir.

    • authorthat says:

      The pyramid is the corrupted design of the adversary. He holds knowledge to the level of nine stones of the mind of God. The god of this world isolated from the rest of creation who creates nothing, an blasphemes everything as a cheap mimick of the power of God. It was said by one who advanced in the metaphysical, yoga, transendental meditation, opening the psycic third eye of the pineal gland, opened his chakra and was involved in Kundilini. He told of how he gave permission to his ascended masters to enter him. Finally he was able to levitate off the ground. He said there were 10,000 of them to enable his levitation. Talk about a weak vail of deception and display of power.

      Idebenone, the zenith of spiritual energy from the pyramid is the mind of the adversary. As you know, the mind of God is a multitude of orders of magnitude far more powerful than this since it is without limitation and resides in perfection outside creation itself. The above are some of the means used by the adversary to separate spirits of men from God, by preventing the birth of eternal life from the wholehearted acceptance of entering into personal relationship with God. The design of creation from God is actually far far more complex as reflected in the shape of the cube. In the case of it’s application on earth, it is also the coming spiritual city of the new Jerusalem with it’s twelve gates, one for each tribe of the Hebrews. It will be in the air over the mount of olives on the new earth.

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