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Dec 28 2012 http://youtu.be/3QavwmX-73U  People have been briefed in Homeland Security/ FEMA/ the military, and a source from each have said there will be martial law in the United States before memorial day 2013. One was a military officer who said they were told in very general terms, to follow orders under martial law or their families will be murdered. That officer considered suicide as a result.

There have been 150,000 Palestinians cleared to enter the USA of military age 18 to 40 years old. The government wants to demonize those who are preparing. (Like the tv program Hording !) They want to deploy about 30,000 drones and have them armed, and put foreign troops into action in the USA. The Rothschilds may want to remove Obama from office for fear he will advance the agenda too fast, but somehow I doubt it. If foreign troops think they will make Americans give up their guns….UN colors or not, they will be killed and burned with no body sent back. Many will give up their guns for bread.If you get into a gun fight against the military, you will likely die in it. Note that the NWO now lobbies for a third presidential term, against the constitution. Of course, the executive orders signed by Obama for the most part are all against the constitution, or lead to the destruction and decay of the US.

The Nuclear regulatory Commission (NRC) knows the public is being made aware in the blogsphere about the coming grid collapse by coronal mass ejections (CME’s). Up to two years down time in some areas. The peak of this danger co-insides with the circling of Nemisis. Has been seen & a picture taken. It is below the southern plane of the eclyptic out beyond Jupiter in the solar system now. By 2015 it will be visible from earth. The solar and galactic weather is discussed here also. Rural populations will move into cities on their own for lack of electricity & water, as part of the Agenda 21 strategy of rewilding the land. 

Dec 11 2012 http://youtu.be/9ZYwv1IkBrs

Dec 6 2012 http://youtu.be/yVY_ffx5ZsU ISSUES: Only Obama as President, can declare a false peace treaty by partition of Israel. It’s time to get angry and act against the NWO, says Lord of Sterling Tim Alexander. Invasion planned by Obama admin. More false nation building. The mid east war will be bigger than the rest as the economy crashes. In the military the Veterans wait for cancer therapy is five months, which ensures many will die first. Some soldiers are on their fifth tour overseas with broken minds bodies and spirits. The biggest issue is suicide for soldiers. A comment in media was withdrawn by the commander of the largest force. He was as callous as I expected and obviously lacks the psychological training to effectively deal with the issue as commander. His soldiers are dying inside which remains invisible until no longer alive by their own hand. The weakening of the military is part of the destruction of the nation and THE PEOPLE are accepting it….that’s the serious part. Murder by maltreatment of soldiers, or by abortion, is still murder.

The zombie movie not out as of this writing is about populations surviving under poor conditions. This however, has more to do with altering the very DNA of mainstream society. We will likely see $10.00 per gallon, and food 4 times more expensive. All thanks to globalization and corporate strategies like “just in time delivery” distribution systems, but will hit home when the oil stops flowing and groceries are no longer in the stores, because the west no longer have small diversified farming in the outskirts of cities to support populations. The people simply are not ready. The general levels of food stored is dangerously low and will get a lot worse with the ownership of the industry being very concentrated, and structured into huge corporate GMO food producers.

It may be news to many, but WW III was initiated by 9/11. Putin went to Turkey to stop them from joining in the war and failed. It’s all window dressing, since he too is just a player. Planned years ago, weapons made in China come through San Pedro in California, to armed gangs for creating internal revolution in the US. This fact is already in the news as Sect. of State Hillary Clinton claims ill health to avoid possible discovery of her involvement & would go to prison if discovered.

Gold and drugs will be like money, as will food & seeds. For most the focus will be food and water.Gold will likely be confiscated for a mark of the beast economic system.  After two weeks of a nuclear explosion or any radiation release, just don’t drink the water but you can enter the area. It’s the radiation blast that kills most. After 90 minutes the war is over. There was already a suitcase size detonation in the underground. What’s coming is far more than nuclear war. Primarily the return of the death star Nemisis and the global effects on populations that if prepared could survive this, is what all this preparation by the new world order is for. while in Japan for example, 48 volcano’s are ready to blow. If you don’t know what Nemisis is, read what happened to the people of Egypt in the time when Moses took the Hebrews out of the country…you will find that on this blog. Those same events are coming about again, and for the last time, but there will be much more than that going on….much more.

Dec 5 2012 http://youtu.be/v1ZNuF44G6o With Harley Schlanger: CEO of JP Morgan Chase may replace Tim G at the Fed. An Obama keystone issue, is his 13 categories of new taxes that are destroying the economy. The policies are designed for destroying the economy, while congress is too corrupted to be effective political leaders. On the latest space weather, lack of Govt preparation by alerting the populations and protecting the American and Canadian electricity grids. No preparations for public survival at all…a total blackout of information to the public by any government. I hope readers don’t think the blackout in 2003 was an accident, power going out just after trading ended in markets !  THIS IS A VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS. Oh, the prof. James McCanney was on the history channel program called ( Countdown to apocalypse)carefully edited for content of course.

There are already 250 youth already recruited into FEMA workers. Civilian security workers. That’s right folks…you too can send your son to the new ranks of today’s version of “the brown shirts” of Hitler’s day. This is a variation of the Hitler youth movement of the pre WWII era. These are the ones who will turn in their own families having been so completely indoctrinated.

Nov 16 2012 http://youtu.be/2ru6gW9i5zk Civil Defence preparedness, with John Moore.

Nov 15 2012 http://youtu.be/eqlsCzR_WbI Guests Tim Alexander  & Chris Harris.

Nov 14 2012 http://youtu.be/KOQOSLEU0a4 The electric universe effects coming. Getting radiated, like cell phones effect reproductive systems. An explanation of the pillar of fire, like the one blocking Pharo from attacking the escaping ancient Hebrews. He explains what made the rivers turn red in ancient Egypt, and critters to come out of the ground caused by teluric currents.

Nov 14 2012 http://youtu.be/75r20BNGyjc The fiscal cliff and The Benghazi coverup.

Nov 13 2012http://youtu.be/Vp9Eb4ENktM Johnathan Grey; The prophecy that saved many lives. Forget FEMA help. They’ll shut down the electricity just when you need it.

Nov 12 2012 http://youtu.be/5-eLfiQOs_E  Book: Rise of the secret sect Dr. Bob Thiel. Obama will deconstruct the military ability to defend the USA, leaving it open to attack.

Nov 9 2012 http://youtu.be/HoySl7DcKEw Prof McCanny advising history channel on the electric plasma universe. Space based lasers create a plasma vortex to cause and steer storm cells. Using the thorium, aluminum and barium mixture, it’s also space based 3D high-resolution doppler radar. It can also function as ground penetrating radio tomography to identify resources. This is superheated into plasma to manipulate storm cells. They can use either the space platforms or HAARP, or any combination. You don’t really need a lot of energy to do this due to the leverage of effectiveness available by using this technology.

Nov 8 2012 http://youtu.be/SIzf1TRsIiY Issues discussed;  Texe Marrs, truth or consequences. Headed for the electronic biometric global mark of the beast currency based on the US dollar. Obama looks more like the false prophet, to bring false prosperity. Like the game monopoly, banks have all the money. The name of the place where demons in the flesh were first discovered by US cavalry, was named Truth or Consequences in New Mexico.

Nov 8 2012 http://youtu.be/wJKZqqwGP_U Syria is the backdoor to Iran which is the front door to WWIII, after closing the Straits of Hormuz collapsing the global economy. By 2040 mankind will not be able to reproduce. Biometric currency.

Nov 7 2012 Election autopsy: http://youtu.be/Af7uunWaD1M Professor James McCanney. Plasma discharges and space weather will bring extreme weather on earth,like the plagues of ancient Egypt.http://youtu.be/B0fnQJv76b0

Nov 2 2012 http://youtu.be/b8NEm4WjcAY/ http://youtu.be/Wd5L1UlBFac Romney would not behave as Christians expect him too. He is not a Christian, but a Mormon. For the most part the world actually thinks being one is Christian.

Nov 1 2012 http://youtu.be/ot4HaZnHQQ4 Obama is most likely to be impeached. The only reason he would not be is a congress that is too far corrupted to be worthy of office.

October 31 2012 http://youtu.be/KLi_Avrn6l8Military command split against Obama who did nothing to stop the attack on the Benghazi embassy. This is just another nail in the coffin that could finish Obama.

October 30 2012 Dr. True Ott. Obviously hurricane Sandy is manipulated. other issues. EG: Facebook is the NSA. Most Masons are Muslim. The synagogue of Satan are the Sabotean Kahazarian false Jews decendents of the house of Esau. http://youtu.be/Ftocnn7wpOw Lord Sterling Tim Alexander: Press TV has been banned in Europe. Article: Super carrier combat Gp rear-admiral, being 1/3 of the force in the Straits of Hormuz while on exercise, was fired by Secretary of Defence as a suspect for planning a coup if Obama is re-elected. http://youtu.be/FgzejEoDXbM This is biblical. Between Sunni & Shia Muslim, Iran will attack Saudi Arabia. Israeli Mossad started the Arab spring.If they don’t have a common enemy, the blood runs hot enough to kill eachother off, while the leaders allow them to wear bombs and kill themselves for the lies they believe.

October 26 2012 http://youtu.be/K8k83dwRFzA  Hurricane Sandra the Frankenstorm celebrates the evil of Halloween. Louisiana will have people killed by deadly gasses as the salt dome in the gulf deteriorates. This continues about Hurricane Sandy on “Global intel sitrep”, another section of articles on this blog.

October 25 2012 http://youtu.be/tousg2C9L9A Louisiana sinkholes increase. Cause…hydrofracking, being done so badly it’s criminal.

October 24 2012 http://youtu.be/mDlSlNND6_M NWDisO working for war.

October 23 2012 http://youtu.be/OFtnGp_J0Co Nobody on the political stage talks about the collapsing economy & earth changes, especially radiation while the USA approaches the need for hazmat procedures without knowing it. The elephant in the room those with open eyes can see. Like Romney seen doing manual labour to help for his 1/2 hr photo op, but says nothing “denying three times as the cock crows”, when asked about getting rid of FEMA. After all if he did that, who would run the prison camps, and be positioned not to respond appropriately for the likes of another Katrina.

October 22 2012 http://youtu.be/cdt4Z3M5WNI Nuclear radiation increasing. By 2017 it will be dangerous to get pregnant. If you still can because of the electronic pollution in the cities.

October 19 2012 http://youtu.be/YbdLjPFUoqo By treaty, the UN now owns all international airports, most land resources of the USA and the people have no idea.

October 18 2012 http://youtu.be/YwF0RtOzICw The connections of events like a multi level chess game.

On the Presidential debate with Mr. Bruce Director from the LaRouche foundation.http://youtu.be/KqHqRyciwbI

October 17 2012 With Barry Chamish it continues from Oct 15th. http://youtu.be/LGFlZ8PuHDc

October 16 2012 Stan Deyo ; On the US sink holes due to earth expansion and water erosion. Like 100 Hiroshima bombs in Louisiana if the gas inside them burns. A lot of generators have been sent to New Orleans. http://youtu.be/hs_JP7tMQds

October 15 2012 The Sabotean False Jews , by Barry Chamish. Polar opposite to Torah Jews. http://youtu.be/aOlJGKusabE

October 12 2012 Highly compartmentalized preparations of the New World DisOrder activities. GET PREPARED. http://youtu.be/gDBZT9Bf9V4 AI systems monitor all communications globally can recognize every dial tone there is ! The New World DisOrder is already here.

October 11 2012 Turkey is in a high state of alert in preparation for an attack against Syria. The freedom fighters of Syria are not Syrian, who are actually peaceful. The majority are foreign mercenaries some of whom faced the choice of being executed for past crimes or to fight against Syria, while others are there for the 100,000 or so they are paid…if they live. The military and police of Greece meanwhile have already marched against their own government. America will experience the same effects. Many soldiers will refuse to fire on American citizens. The heart cannot justify killing our own so easily.
He who controls the computer source code counting votes in the USA, controls the political system. The counting is done in Spain by a company owned by billionaire George Soros. He is one miserable excuse for a human being. Israel was founded by Sabotean Jews and America was founded by Freemasons.

October 10 2012 IMPORTANT: Professor James McCanney knows all about using zero point dark matter energy was told not to talk about it. www.jmccsci.com is his web site. It’s proposed that Valacoski was correct in his research, that Hale bop Venus were companions. Hale Bop went one way around 3,200 years ago and took about 600 years for Venus to position itself in our solar system, caught in Jupiter gravity, which ripped away the atmosphere of Mars. The evidence of water is everywhere. http://youtu.be/fhlhla78fi0 It is also a theory that spending 35 days in the comet tail of Hale Bop brought plasma discharges to cause the flood of Noah by rain the opening of an enormous fissure or fault, known to exist beneath the atlantic ocean.

October 9 2012 The evil, hidden in ceremonies of public culture. See also www.weirdstuffmagazine.com for a lot of eye openers.

The highest level I know of in freemasonry is 180…not 33rd degree, and the (11) levels beyond that, hence the term Illuminati. Every lodge is built after Solomons temple to house the ark of the covenant. This is the original druid cult going back to the time of Atlantis and Lemuria in humanities last age and perhaps further, since this is the fifth and final age of our civilization. http://youtu.be/BcEqXtk-GQ4

October 8 2012 Being former military intelligence, you learn a few things. You think you have a pretty good handle on life? Reality is top-secret. If in prayer you ask the right questions, you’ll get the security clearance.” A Deagle..ism.” I can now vouch for learning more that way than any experience I ever had.

Another great overall description of the way it is. Are you prepared to hear this conversation ? Do you know the difference between science fiction and actual advanced technology ? Symbols in pop culture. The appearance of the mark of the beast looks like an X with a circle around it like a voting choice, the xbox, the xmen, the X on logo’s etc…. A brief mention of the structure of creation. US /UN Space Command controls space out to Mars has a colony there.

THIS IS NOT A MOVIE ! The transdimensional nature of those of evil intent. The pope worships the leader of the Gorgon in the chain of command. The Gorgon are the leaders of the fallen angels in physical bodies living underground, in places like Area 51 and the Vatican. Alpha Centauri is believed to be the closest inhabited galaxy to ours. Did you know there are 22 interdimensional gates on earth and that Iran has the last one ? Using captured, Cern will be able to keep a wormhole open for transdimensionals to enter our 3-D world. Like the “Babylon working” ritual at area 51 for spiritual transference. In the tiny bubble we call the existence of the known universe, our particular universe has 460 trillion galaxy’s. Each with over 150 billion stars with a minimum of 15% supportable for life. God has created beings of all manner, corporeal and noncaporeal across this and other more distant universes over countless eons….a-la-star wars scenario. Some of these went good & a few went evil that we are dealing with a spiritual cosmic war. Earth has been under quarantine from the rest of creation. While extremely advanced technologies exist you and I don’t get them, and we will not be permitted as a civilization to advance into creation unless our hearts and spirits transcend technology. That’s why it’s a misdirection and a mimic of all that is already added unto us once spiritually born. The carrot & stick of Satan for the Illuminati chain of command / bloodline of Esau.

October 5 2012 Announcement of an asteroid headed toward antarctica before the end of this year, as told by a Canadian astronaut astronomer. This near earth pass will affect human technologies in a limited way, but certainly will hit the news. On this show they speak of several cycles happening right now. http://youtu.be/7hNx-PsJJlY Expect an explosion of the gulf salt dome causing fires.

October 3 2012 Getting close to the time of troubles. http://youtu.be/hGHfnui0dQ4 The witness of Ephraim is also one of the most loved men of those who know him. Still, others who know him are threatened. There are of course issues of contraversy that prevent the healing of divisions in the body of God’s people.

October 2 2012 Anderson Cooper had this revealing video on the air on Oct 18 2006. For those who do not believe the fact that Israel is owned and controlled by the Khazarian false Jew, globalist, neocon, money changers, members of the house of Esau (many names), watch the video on this blog from the Kay Griggs interview in the section I titled “The People Media”, written in Sept 2011 on this blog.  

There she describes meeting one of the assassins trained by her former husband and people under General Joy of the “cherry marines”. This will give you an insight of how infiltrated the new world disorder really is. On the Anderson Cooper video they are saying the snipers are Israeli Mossad. Meanwhile a two-year history of his video records have been removed from his blog. I think it has more to do with the assassin group trained by Col. Griggs. These are the guys who take over when the economic hit man has long failed. Either way of course, both groups work for the Illuminati New World DisOrder. http://youtu.be/YB2zmoqYduE

The next video doesn’t even get close to the truth, yet is referred to as explosive by the reporter, about whether Israel had advanced knowledge of 9/11. There were 60 Israeli’s held for questioning about 9/11 but nothing came of it of course. The world has no awareness that they were indeed responsible for it, since those who control the world intelligence networks belong to the ultimate adversarial chain of command of Satan. Here is the video footage of the media the public did get, yet extremely few put the puzzle together. http://youtu.be/LJyCAZGRpf8  The spy ring has more to do with placing foreign troops in strategic locations for the coming collapse than the story being followed. Below on the ISSUE of 9/11 you can know the truth. Marine veteran Dr. Alan Sabrosky published a number of inconsistencies which obviously escaped the 9/11 commission.

October 2 2012 http://youtu.be/wStlGwuaiYo  Johnathan Gray’s book chapter 13.  Revenge by crucifixion. Israel was founded by unbelieving Russian communists & Sabotean Jews, with a tiny seed of messianic believing Torah Jews. The most brutal and cruel form of death ever devised by man is crucifixion…dislocation & slow suffocation. We approach the time of the feast of the tabernacle. Important to understand because this will occur at the beginning of the last seven years when the false peace treaty is signed. The largest number of Christians in Israel are actually Arabs. God’s judgement on Israel is being restrained because of them and the seed of Torah Jews there.

What Jesus felt at the moment of death, was the souls of those he was empathic with, who he knew were going to reject God into eternal separation with the deaths of their spirits. Souls that will never be born into eternity. He suffered immeasurable agony for the sins of those he saved. This experience literally caused his heart to rip apart by his separation from the father with whom he had always been one, for he is the father in the flesh. Every other religion including transhumanism all think they can become as gods. God will never allow humanity to advance and populate across existence, without advancing as a spiritual being.

October 1 2012 http://youtu.be/Z4YX-UrUIbA   ISSUE: There is a confirmation in the s.w. end of the dead sea of the 27.2 trillion barrels of (abiotic / replenishable ) oil in Israel as found elsewhere on this blog. Additionally Saudi Arabia will be out of oil by 2032 at the current rate of extraction. It’s also known Iraq holds EIGHT times more oil than Saudi Arabia, with a range from 800,000 bls. to 1.2 trillion bls. Even good ole Camp Pendleton USA land holds up to 15 billion bls. itself. The reality is, the world has oil all over it at 35,000 to 40,000 feet under the surface as plentyful as blood in the body.

ISSUE; 9/11 false flag attack:  Still looking to many nations facilities for a lab to do the work to prove the means of destruction of the twin towers on 9/11. There have been death threats. The twin towers had asbestos & would have cost 1.5 billion per floor to remove it. The occupants died instantly as they evaporated in the blasts of superthermite with neutron insertion which can only have come from Israel where they make it. This causes a blast of extreme heat with very low radiation that will vaporize anything paramagnetic, like steel, aluminum, or anything with water in it. This means that the enormous clouds of dust also contained that of the people in the buildings. Their deaths were instant as they were turned to dust.

These were placed into the building by specially trained Mossad agents , while Jeb Bush was the executive running the building security.  The aircraft that struck the towers were window covered E –  10 govt ops aircraft prepared and refurbished at Fort Collins Colorado with global hawk guidance systems and flown into the buildings by remote control. As for the pentagon, it was a missile, not an aircraft. I have viewed the video and know this for a fact. Having been qualified on piloting fly-by-wire missiles, and trained in visual recognition, it was quickly obvious. 

ISSUE: The medical industry needs to increase use of low-cost scalar energy medicine. Mainstream medicine will not. “Hyperbaric” oxygen is needed. To use organic superfoods, to detoxify, to remineralize, and oxygenate the blood and balance the PH levels. To use genomics & epegenetic medicine. To store your own stem cells for later reintroduction to replace failing organs. From the knowledge of frequencies known by people like Nikola Tesla, Raymond Rife, and also to researchers like Col Tom Beardon, Dr. Milewski and Wilhelm Riche. The transdimensional fallen are masters of frequency manipulation. You cannot even incarcerate one without a faraday cage, because they would simply walk through the wall.  

Sept 28 2012 Nemisis/Wormwood, Earth changes, financial collapse, preparedness & civil defence. http://youtu.be/JuYrSGF51FI  On Feb 15th 2013 an asteroid will pass earth by 5,000 miles. This event will be in the news, wherever it lands. Nemisis / Wormwood / the death star however can only be seen by xray or infrared. In northern Mexico, a drug war is expected to continue . Schools there are being raided & youth are being forced into being soldiers for the drug war for the drug lords. H. Clinton is directly involved in the drug war. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield warns about asteroids. Earth is moving into a debris field in this location of the galaxy, as our solar system passes through the center of the galactic plane, a very energetic & active region which will eventually bring a collapse of the electricity grid due to lack of preparation in hardening it against CME’s. People must be independent in energy, food, water, transportation and communications. The top priority of course is the individual spiritual condition, or all else is for nothing.

Sept 20 2012 There is an 82 page report circulating in Washington read by all 16 US intelligence agencies and the pentagon called; Preparing for a Post Israel middle East. The Chairman of the joints chief’s of staff General Dempsey & Netanyahu almost came to a fist fight over this. If Romney/Ryan are elected, they will back Israel going to war against Iran. If Obama wins, he says this will be shown to his insiders only, but General Dempsey refuses to go along with supporting Israel in a war, as Obama is saying he would not support Israel. He wants to be the one who brings peace that divides Israel. http://youtu.be/mi617SLlWa0  In my opinion he will not be President & will end in disgrace.

Sept 20 2012 Obama is currently winning unto the end of America. Both him and Romney are no choice to draw from. The wall street money junkie is nearly as bad. With 315 million in the USA and 89 million out of work, how can fast food & Walmarts employ them all ? The USA has a navy displacing more water than the next 17 largest in the world, and there are a few battle groups covering the Straits of Hormuz. This will obviously be a short war to prevent global destruction and a return to the stone age. This is Satan VS God. http://youtu.be/4q1u51jzMjo

Sept 13 2012 The Lord of Sterling Tim Alexander, and Chris Harris. The top military generals in Israel and in the Pentagon are not exactly cooperating with  Netanyahu, the Illuminati wolves in sheep’s clothing and the New World DisOrder. War is justification for creating the one world government by the banksters, just as environmental upheaval is an excuse for Agenda 21, the green lies, one child policy and the new age gia worship religion.  http://youtu.be/oz5gl-Q-n0U 

Sept 12 2012 With guest Dr. Bob Thiel/ Obama, Prophecy, & Destruction of the United States. A best seller book on Amazon written by Dr. Thiel. The book is mentioned during this discussion. http://youtu.be/FU4sBOEUNX8  The Muslim’s will not be happy with Obama…the non practicing gay smoking Muslim. Outstanding research. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, a splinter off of Freemasonry. Sept 19 2012 The conversation continues:  http://youtu.be/0Q5m2qmYFMA Canada pulled out the embassy staff & means a war is coming. Mr. Bayer was advised about the coming events. In addition; the plasma weapon is the most advanced in humanity. The mark of the beast will come from the USA. Old news for a few, shock for the immoral majority that was willfully ignorant. Obama’s name means “lightning from heaven”. He is likely the false prophet, and certainly the most powerful position in the world, and the most evil, who may actually win the election & drag the USA down permanently.

Sept 11 2012 Stan Deyo / Nemisis and solar events on earth. http://youtu.be/jogK999dkXA  Changes in gravity & electric fields effect the land but the information is kept from the public. The Stan Deyo web site shows maps of the new Madrid fault being effected, including the Yellowstone caldera. Fracture zones are more serious than people know. Their discussion reaffirms the video I have showing the growth of the earth over millions of years explaining why the continents would match up if the earth were smaller. No subduction. There are several events coming together mentioned, to a different structure of time /space, as we pass through the galactic plane. South becomes north & north becomes south. When magnetics go to zero, the planet surface gets cooked, along with blinding anything in the sunlight & killing anything exposed to it. Massive die off in the oceans will turn the water red, just like in ancient Egypt in the time of Moses. The geoengineering makes it worse by destroying the ozone layer and depleting oxygen. Even now in 2012 the difference in the sunlight is a stronger UV. Not so noticeable to the young.

This is about the struggle between the Illuminati who want WWIII and those who do not.  Sept 6 2012 http://youtu.be/ZDY977Kl94I

In this discussion Dr. Deagle and Harley Schlanger mention the Lyndon LaRouche video UNSURVIVABLE. The Larouche web site is one listed on the top of my site, but it is not an active link. Sept 5 2012   http://youtu.be/cGto7Xk6u1M

Here, is the video Unsurvivable by Lyndon LaRouche. http://youtu.be/DJYDW9wMVkY 

Here, is why your life must be clean of evil to be in relationship with God by repentance. This is the description of how the USA will begin to fall. Thanks to Dimitru Duduman.     http://youtu.be/WGwvqcj9_9g    People should know, that the door to God is opening in the former Soviet block nations, as it now closes against the USA. We will see the missionaries come to Americas, like they “used” to go all over the world from America.

Aug 31 2012  http://youtu.be/xSOALxOlCrg Great description of ancient earth conditions, that we built the pyramids (and many other technologies) with lost advanced knowledge. The world is not prepared at all for the earth changes in an energetic position of our galaxy. We don’t need to use so much oil & the globe is LOADED with oil, and we we don’t need nuclear, let alone the radiation disasters coming from its misuse.   

Current events. Lord Sterling Tim Alexander, Dr. Bill Deagle and comments from others like opinions from LaRouche & guests.  

Aug 30 2012  http://youtu.be/UCiEtFEPtxA

Aug 29 2012  http://youtu.be/cYa3d41l8ZA

True leadership may be recognized by the child or the most wise of man by the leading of the heart. To those who come from the disconnected heart and use the mind, this puts the PhD to great disadvantage.  http://youtu.be/Hp8WLS6E4Wc

This discussion reflects further details beyond basic spiritual awareness given to me of my own origin…praise God. That which was lost is now being returned to those who will see and hear. As for our generations,  English / French  &  Scotts / Irish. Would be of a tribe of Hebrew.  http://youtu.be/0RbltxPsR-U

Now a confirmation of a psy-op against the researching citizen journalist blogger of the alternative media. Further to this are updates of the men of evil intent using money of tax and criminal dollars to steer nations toward Armageddon  and the many attack venues or fronts by the global  elites.     http://youtu.be/fYgDrEn0GDM

Remaining US military bases preparing for collapse of the west the public is unaware of. Hear a list of preparations for, take your pick, not necessarily in the order presented ….Asteroid related to the debris field from Nemisis at the west coast of North America or Hawaiian Islands, (not extinction level event but some flooding)as soon as Feb 2013,  Solar flares, Coronal mass ejections, deliberate sabotage of the grid by FEMA in 2013, (EMP) electromagnetic pulse, public uprising, food riots, agenda 21 & codex A, FEMA death camps, economic collapse, polar shift, New Madrid collapse & nuclear reactor meltdown by earthquakes,  tsunami at all ocean fronts, scalar attacks, first strike nuclear sub attacks.


Telling life-like it is, and the infinite supremacy of our most high God, Yeshua which is God in the flesh, and the holy spirit. We are free to receive the ultimate gift, to enter extreme limitless love & attributes of being in relationship with his eternal presence, or suffering unto eternal oblivion.


After the deliberate exposure of the LIBOR scandal to destroy confidence in the US currency as the reserve for the world, the British banker underling CEO’s ( some of whom have been sacrificed), and factions of the Illuminati themselves want an answer for immediate Glass Steagle from the USA, and naturally the Obama admin AKA the banksters themselves who orchestrated the LIBOR scandal in the first place, refuse to enact Glass Steagle. This is to weaken confidence in the global financial stability, to engineer a financial collapse, and to implement a cap-and-trade swap with increasing taxation for massive increase of red tape EPA violations to put more businesses out of business. After many coming disasters the mark of the beast system will be their answer.  And I thought the height of stupidity was having language police in Quebec. How about GREEN police. The globalists have also  been behind providing finance for the 99% occupiers to further create dissent & upheaval. I was personally invited to attend the business and religious leaders conference in Toronto which (knowing the plan in advance,) refused to attend, and naturally as expected it was all over the news how terrible the police messed up the whole protest of the G20 based on the strategy for security and the likely implanted dissenters  placed as protesters while they are actually cops…..this already happened in California. I got the email invitation to attend and wrote  back telling them I do not participate in being drawn into this staged waste of public money and abuse of exercised rights. The organizers had the former Bush campaign manager as the speaker, What a joke.  Any man who helps put that vessel of a demon into power is not one I would spend a moment listening too.


Additional influences for the instability of land, and the poisoning of birds, animals or people by gasses beneath the land from hydro fracking and mining deposits of methane, while replacing the cavities with water. Imagine ahead of the collapse having trillions of gallons of water beneath the New Madrid fault before the major event, during a richter scale 9 quake. Guess we know where all the water is going instead of for developments like the LaRouche PAC NAWAPA  solution for taking back freedom from the Federal government and corporatocracy of Satan.  The discussion mentions the Russians & foreign troop training going on and to have Northcom take over for martial law. There is a lot of indication of military preparedness for the passover star last here at the time of the Hebrew release from Egypt.

The discussion mentions the satellite still in space, placed there and called the Black Knight satellite, some 12,000 years ago to 35,000 years ago. Other issues from the passover deal with various infrastructure being destroyed. Pipes breaking for water, oil, gas, & electrical. They also mention the St Lawrence Seaway being on a fault . Imagine the radiation to sweep across Ontario with the loss of water to keep Bruce nuclear remain cooled or operational. The Savannah river is a very dangerous point for radiation in the USA. Personally Ontario needs to stop paying Bruce Nuclear for NOT generating. Just like they need to quit paying Ontario pig farmers NOT to produce bacon. (Did you know the pig is a blend of animal and human left over from the last age of human civilization) ? Why do you think we are told not to eat it. Including all shell-fish ? We are not to pollute the temple or alter our DNA, or put technology into the body. This is transhumanisim.  There is a lot of radiation exposure coming with the collapse of the New Madrid fault, and I suspect the new river will be about fifty miles wide. 

Aug 17 2012   http://youtu.be/YC7FZLpGcVM

Obama threatens nuclear war. BIS to be controller of global currency upon meltdown, or get Obama out & implement Glass Steagle to save the global economy.  Eliminate the tax strategy of the NWDisOrder. The danger is if Obama gets re-elected and  for WWIII with strategies like terrorists supplied by the globalists “do not instigate” a mid east war.

Aug 22 2012  http://youtu.be/pxzpvvso47Q 

The global sit-rep on military models and strategies being psyopted using redline conversation (wars and rumors of wars), with Lord Sterling Tim Alexander. The fingers are on the triggers.  There was an attempt to kill the chairman of the joints Chief of Staff, General Dempsey. This, for his refusal to partake of war with Netanyahu. Likely a Mossad ops.  Includes issues of radiation, Russian black ops training  in the USA, and galactic & solar events.  Reports of activities for preparations in several countries. Bringing China into power over US citizens by economic destruction & corporate takeovers. This is communist collaboration & provides hidden transport & distribution of materials like weapons & drugs for preparations. Corruption is the overriding business of global economics.  

Aug 23 2012  http://youtu.be/OvCzSsx2Uuc

Anne explains the materials “burning the oxygen” & depleting the ozone layer. Geoengineering air & thermosphere up to 60 km up. TMA aluminum igniting &  forms smoky white clouds. This is to change the ground level of ozone. Add the dozens of fungal found in the aerosols attacks the immune system. Now you know why a lot of people get a cold or flu like symptome these days. A few minutes outside and you start sneezing. Every 3,600 years the red dwarf star Nemisis brings solar mass ejections. It can be seen in infra-red or xray now.  Youtube says they will remove accurate pictures of Nemisis. Bragging these will be removed within SIX MINUTES. They say of geoengineering, it’s to protect us from a solar storm, or from CO2 pollution global warming. Sure, that’s what they tell the pilots. 2013 will more likely have coronal mass injections. A US senator blocked political effort to protection of the grid. When data is withheld, it’s a red flag warning.

Aug 24 2012  http://youtu.be/JMONQrJPCKY


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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