It looks like Cathy O’Brian and several other slaves now awakened are revealing the true nature of those of evil intent. Dr. Joseph Mengela is still causing people to suffer. Half of this woman of the Rothschild bloodline. To her he was grandpa.


Today we face times disguised to most. This is as in the days of Noah. The interbreeding of the transdimensionals in the flesh, with human DNA, was the same reason God destroyed the world with the flood in the first place. There were only his family of pure human bloodline. Since the abduction activity began, the star children been growing up in society. Since a Rothschild can obviously reject satan, so can any nephillim human mixed person. We can perhaps agree I don’t think many greys preach Jesus as the son of God.That’s an opposite of their purpose.

Here is a good layout to the reality of learning life is not what you thought. Alex Collier. Unfortunately he deny’s hell as a reality of where you go if you don’t enter into a relationship with God. He is missing the most vital part of the “big picture” by leaving out God, and telling people to forget about their concern of hell.  I choose to take the warning from Jesus about hell, rather than the opinion of Alex Collier. After all…he cannot see in the spiritual dimensions. He can not even see he teaches the doctrine of demons in preparation for the great falling away in accepting one other than the doctrine of Christ.  There are transdimensionals around the earth in space, and also within the earth. To see the visual proof, just watch any space video footage shown by David Sereda. There are gates in the spiritual dimensions that lead to hell in the center of earth in the shape of a body laying on it’s back. It’s purpose is to hold the fallen until the day of judgement, but also holds millions of people. Learn of this from Kathrine J Baxter. Not sure if Alex C. knows, that spirits can place themselves into objects. They enter music disks, albums, cassettes etc… all the time. Ask anyone who knows about the ceremony for this,like John Todd or someone with a recording contract.
By his use of the word “density” it means to me, an entirely higher lever or dimension. There exists nine separate spiritual bodies to inhabit. Alex seems to mistake this spiritual growth for being born into these bodies. He does not know, only 12 people have ever reached all nine bodies while still alive, like I think Enoch must have been one such person, since he never even knew physical death. If not “prepared” you would not want to move to a higher dimension. You wouldn’t be comfortable there at all.

Spiritual development is impossible when you are completely unarmed.Those with a calcified pineal gland can no longer connect to the infinite since that portion of the mind is cut off.
This brief shadowy whisp of physical life is for us to  become “prepared” for the birth of your eternal spirit, without which you will never begin your life of true reality. Obviously this must be accomplished before death. There is only one other place in existence to be, and millions cry that you do not go there, because the cry’s are from hell. Free will is the wild card! People cross the boundary from the metaphysical into demonic guidance simply known as guides. There are many unrecognized means for leading a person into self-destruction of the soul. Tarot cards, mediums, yoga, kundilini, astrology, remote viewing, transendental mediation, astral travel or projection Ouija board, even seemingly harmless things like dungeons & dragons, video games that over excite the brain without the balancing release of the emotions acted out later in more extreme behaviour.

Since the guides become trusted,”especially in the case of those who are of abduction bloodlines and all offspring, there is little chance of going in the reverse direction to total dependence on God & living by the holy spirit. I don’t want attachment in to any hive mind. Personal acceptance of the hive mind are issues which involve altering the body in ways initially acceptable to most, like makeup, jewelry, tattoos, graduating to more
intrusive yet socially acceptable means, like the personal technology pre implant devices. This is the public’s introduction to the initial stages of transhumanism, and is shown in movies of all manner.

Not by the Kundilini serpent as shown in the logo of the globalist owned medical industry, which climbs up the spine & takes over the pineal gland to mimic true relationship. Or by any technologies of transhumanism. Such are the tools of the adversary. One person spoke of Yoga to where they could float. If you empty the mind, you must have the discernment to recognize evil if confronted by it.
These relatively weak demons needed 10,000 of them to make it happen, once they entered her, by her PERMISSION. Remember…it must be of your own free will because this is spiritual warfare.

I am in control of my own thoughts. I do not require or need an ascended master, an alien from another planet, a mentor from HELL…to teach me how to ensure I go to HELL. That’s just exactly where all of the “falling away” will end up for listening to that group of lies like the misconception provided by Collier. He is teaching a new age doctrine of demons. Since thought does create matter then what we think affects the outcome. That’s why evil is loaded with Advertisers or ad men projecting a Pollyanna world.

Those in the flesh beneath us are not our friends, no matter how close you get to one. You may be a star seed, star child, indego, light worker or whatever name you choose for description. What the world will discover too late, is that those names are all for the people who are of mixed bloodline, from the iron part of the combination. This is the clay of being human, and the iron of the advanced science from the mind of Satan. Just as in the days of Noah, the nephillim have returned, from the abduction scenarios spoken of by many.

These youth increasingly show their capabilities from greater access to their DNA than the rest of us. This was made possible by first, corrupting God’s human creation to make us into the typical adult we all know. All of the abilities now coming out by those of mixed bloodline were already within us, to the extent of perfection, before satan’s fall to earth to reengineer us to a much lower level of being, which is the typical person of our time. A small part of our original DNA condition is being returned to those we have these names for. In this way they are the leaders and teachers of how to get lied too until it’s too late. In the movies this is reflected by the likes of Xmen and the super heroes we all read about from comics as children, and our children learn about by movies & video games.

The Andromidan teachers or any so-called alien are not those I want to learn from. (The public is unaware, earth has been deliberately isolated from creation and others are not allowed to interfere without spiritual law being recognized. )Like an angel of God going back and forth between heaven and earth answering prayers.  Sorry Dr Greer, THERE ARE NO GOOD ALIENS to teach me about God, and they are not aliens, they are of the transdimensional angelic race that has long ago separated from all of God’s creation. My only teachers are those in spiritual relationship with God, but primarily it is the holy spirit, and for the spiritually mature, the messengers or angels of God that protect us, against those who would not serve humanity due to their great ego & self-pride.

Naturally since corruption has reached the position of this last pope, an evil Jesuit General & Petros Romanus, even the vatican wants to accept aliens into the church. This has already been stated.  This man Alex Crollier is leading people into misdirection, if he thinks we can advance in technology without the spiritual wisdom from the holy spirit. That…will NEVER BE PERMITTED.

The only technologies to be useful for solving problems, will be what comes out of the new world order, to solve the issues they themselves created by it in the first place. It all comes from the adversary, but is a mimic of those abilities natural to our original condition which satan stole from us in the first place to make himself as god. It’s just that it’s being used for evil & we need to reclaim it for ourselves, without the fallen transdimensionals and their empty & misleading metaphysical and spiritual earth worship.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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    Just a note here readers. I do not participate in social media, since all is merely smokescreen for NSA datamining into the cray five supercomputer array. This is much more advanced than just the old ECHELON we all know & despise.

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