UPDATE /Global intel “sit rep”

On this section of articles, the most recent article was about the flood in western Canada, and the removal of personal guns, but was done in a responsible way by the RCMP. This was the correct procedure we would expect, but it is not the issue to be debated here in this article. www.ecologynews.com is a good source as one of many for information about the ongoing use of the weaponization of earth to bring down society to create the chaos needed for a reason to take control of the public.
UNDERSTANDING the evidence is needed in the minds of Canadians, in order to prevent these attacks on Canadian soil. For any reader with doubt of it’s effects on weather, here is a video of Dutch S. proving it using the rainbow effect. http://youtu.be/eu04PR_VsNs

Reverend Michelle Hopkins is an advanced student of the geoengineering & exposes the masterplan of the adversary & those he leads by deception. TTA sonic cloud formations, created by HAARP & the electronic cage. The satelites are used by computer program & Tesla tech array. This is meant among other reasons, to decieve the masses into believing aliens have come to help us. The inside messages of the images portray anything desired. Like an image of a fallen angel. http://youtu.be/z1B4ZUZbWrk

The only response by the Canadian government about the aerosol / chemtrail activities is to respond by letter saying “it’s not us.” Other enquiries will not end with Canada gaining control over it’s airspace, regardless of what the government will or will not do. This is beyond negligence by the lack of enforcement of protecting and controlling Canadian airspace. The public is being lied too in a lot of areas, but this one is vital to understand. This evidenced eco attack on Calgary Alberta demands nothing less than the resignation of the top persons responsible for neglecting their duty and responsibility to the public they apparently do not serve, like the Prime minister and the minister of defence. The video herein assumes these leaders do not know about geoengineering. This is no longer an acceptable excuse for those in position to protect the nation.

The truth of it is…Canadian leaders especially in the church, the multinational CEO’s & top level politicians have all shown themselves to be COWARDS toward Canadian citizens who believe Canada is a free nation. The ozone depletion above Canadian airspace will at some point kill anyone out in the daylight in the period between Nemisis’s (the death star now well out beyond the ort cloud ) but eventually reaching it’s closest position to earth at whatever distance, with it’s trajectory rounding the northern hemisphere on it’s way back out to space, on it’s 3,600 year hyperelyptical orbit.

This third star of our solar system was for the most part the main cause of the destruction of the last age of human civilisation, and again in the time the Hebrew nation left Egypt in the exodus. The leaders participate with the misdirection from tier 2 science which is taught in universities, which is deliberately witholding technological solutions. You can’t even find a manufacturer of transformers in Canada. These are all made in China of all places. Who’s the idiot that did that ? Who cares. It’s not the point. The fact that we have no grid hardening or protection is the issue.Globalist agenda 2030 is well on it’s way to developing the scarcity mindset. From energy to all basic needs. Going green is the HUGE scam.

People are told the pilots believe global warming is caused by man and industrialisation. Obviously the pay cheque gets in the way of expressing truth, or pilots are a little less intelligent than I give them credit for. The truth is…they are wilfully ignorant because their jobs are on the line and they don’t have the guts to stand up against their participation in geoengineering.

Don’t tell me they don’t have access to seeing equipment loaded on to aircraft. I have a relative that was in charge of all maintenance at an airport. He was retired before anything had to be explained…but he never would have accepted it. Leadership in the airlines has changed just like in everything else from police chiefs to military command rank officers.

We are in an energetic region of space bringing a pole shift that is quite survivable, but only if one is prepared for it. Just the grid shut down is estimated by three governments to cause the deaths of 90 % of the population over time. I think that is a little extreme, but there are a lot of other things coming at us in these last days. One issue is the 360 year maunder minimum now taking hold and was the reason for the Viking move into Europe now being shown on tv programs.

To cause the biggest death rate possible as espoused by the masonic stones stating goals of depopulation, the public are left ignorant until it’s too late. Societal collapse is expected to begin with a pandemic & followed by a financial collapse into the cashless biometric mark of the beast system. Another controlled demolition like that of 9/11.  At least a currency correction during a bank holiday. These corrections will come in Canada as the US currency bounces up in value, because global currencies will return to the US greenback in a flight to quality, as Europe faces banking manipulations to prevent them from leaving the EU. and driving down the Canadian dollar. Brexit is one example, and it’s a struggle, especially with all the Muslims destroying the countries they are being WELCOMED into by globalist leadership.

This silicon – chip based supercomputer system for an economy will be subject to extreme control over commerce. Remember, silicon is sand without foundation & will not last. Can we imagine say… 3 1/2 years as the scriptures suggest ?  The internet is also a technology based on the use of sand. The destruction of the environment by the contents of the aerosols will provide the reason for mass evacuation of land. Not just mass migration of Muslim populations. This is central to the UN depopulation goals under agenda 21. Now called Agenda 2030 and backed by the last pope… Not actually the man 1.2 billion Catholics think he is.

The Duke of Edinburgh, my former boss as I was part of his personal guard for a time, wants to “reincarnate as a disease” to de populate. All royalty get their crowns from the pope. They will do as Satan commands. I understand Bill Gates invested in vaccines for the third world… Guess he just wants to do his part in decreasing the surface population like old SCROOGE ! Not that reincarnation exists because it doesn’t. To live in high density very large cities being monitored by everything from smart dust to monitor you, to the smart house & your personal device.

Food would be GMO and radiated till it has no life giving properties in it, the environment covered by electromagnetic frequency pollution by the global electronic cage. Google bathing the planet in wifi by satellite.  You can’t even walk into a fast food place without walking ointo wifii, or in an increasing number of establishments, and people have NO CLU what this is doing to their genetics, making them subject to diseases, weakening the immune system.

Wild reproduction will become forbidden due to the radiation releases and a host of engineered circumstances. WTO rules allowing for spread of diseases by it’s policies. Participation without which also destroys the economy in the globalist TPP economic model. Codex Alimentarius and lack of organic food, with regulation strangling the rise of human ingenuity in the public interest, which is our political leader’s trust. Unfortunately now run by the son of a man who was seen by George Green to have cocaine in front of him. Can we say nose candy ? So much for Canadian leadership. That SNOT NOSED KID needs a kick in the diaper out of office.

I’m not yet able to love those who would allow the murder and destruction of my country. Prayer would heap coals on them. If these so-called leaders continue to allow this as I strongly believe they will, there is much more coming to hurt them from those they remain silent about, than anything the public would do. We will all have a day of judgement. We will be held accountable for every word in that book.

What’s your reason for being on this planet ? How vital is it that you overcome the flesh by spirit, to hear and see reality ? How long will people remain wilfully ignorant ? What level of destruction will be needed to force people to change ?

If the public knew what our leaders have done???? They would chase them down, drag them out into the street, and treat them like B. Mussolini when he got his. People are asleep at the wheel. Spiritually sleeping too. The mass media are totally owned & no editor will go contrary to his company owners, because he would lose his job. Hey people, if I can take the financial loss for the truth, SO CAN YOU. The argument of needing to make a living is no excuse for cooperating with those who would kill you. Millions of us work in multinationals unaware of their role. Create your own work that doesn’t participate in the harm it may do to others. Tell the big multinational corporations where to go.

http://youtu.be/DXEyDcWoESE  The Steering Katrina method using the electronic cage has “by way of evidence”, come to Canada. Not that those of Calgary or anywhere else would have a clue without the right information. Dutchsinse does a mean video on youtube.  https://youtu.be/i93LzNi7Icg

There was also the recent flooding in Ontario, against the greatest black soil in the province just north of Toronto. Fantastic rich bottom land soil. It is now destroyed by flooding. Obviously food is going to become more expensive while too many people still have no clue this is even going on ! The public is too distracted by daily living and deliberate pulling away, by many means of a somewhat modern society.

Yep… everybody wants a local SEO job to optimize for cell phones so they can make money by helping destroy the health of populations with no knowledge of the effects of psycoenergetics against the mind and emotion, let alone the brain cancer they pay for in the monthly cell bill. You give a child a cell phone or cordless phone ? You ought to be shaken till you wake the F*#^ up !

By either psycoenergetics or eastern philosophy’s I caution anyone against giving heed to seducing spirits and following any medium. Scripture teaches this is an abomination. The coming one world religion being embraced by the vatican is gia worship also known as the new age, which isn’t new at all. The pope has already called for a new world order. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ? That is the pope showing himself to those in the know, that he is not the man over a billion think he is. If I want knowledge of other dimensions it can only come by way of prayer in tongues to develop the anointing over time, and not ascension masters or spirit guides of the demonic. The mind, is Satan’s playground.

Clearly eastern mysticism, kundalini, yoga, TM, remote viewing, hypnotism, freemasonry, the false Jew kabala which could take many years of study, are all based on the satanic agenda to steer people away from truth.  http://youtu.be/zSvSXLdVQzI As in the case of Mr. Snowden, the NSA needs to leave him alone for merely telling others what a large part of the public already knows regarding countries using ESCHELON to share personal conversations or information. Countries didn’t spy on their own, ( till recently) so they spy on eachhother & share files globally under Omega, which oversees all intelligence agencies globally. This intel structure was created by Bush senior. Meanwhile, Obama refusing to meet Putin is merely a stage act for public consumption.

His attitude if genuine would otherwise show the mentality of a narcissistic child’s temper tantrum for not getting his way. Something he has already displayed to his peers. It’s been developed and going on since before the cold war, which was merely stage play for public consumption. Misleading empty spiritualists are people who listen to seducing spirits… like David Icke.

Ever wonder why he’s still alive & Phil Schneider was finally murdered after many attempts? Globalists want some of this out there, because it serves their purpose by yet a deeper gameplan. It bloggers didn’t spread this stuff for free, they would need to pay people, like those they pay to lie in forums and created misdirection.

If psycotronics is a subject new to you, you need to learn about scalar weapons, electromagnetic weapons, using a now weaponised earth against populations. The technology of mass mind control is at least 300 years in advance of the public knowledge….but not mine. Why ? Well, certainly not because I’m smart, but because I stand on the shoulders of others with a heart that is right with God, and also have say… an IQ over 200. Being exposed to that for over ten years, can teach you a few things. Let’s face it reader, even a parrot, can repeat with it hears often enough. Spaced repition learning is the mother of all education after all.

The applications for example include geoenergetics against geology & weather, bioenergetics against all life, and psycoenergetics or psycotronics against the mind and emotion. This surpasses all other weapons of humanity including nuclear weapons. Conventional military armies are no longer viable. You will find this information on this blog in the article Ancient energy returns. The title reveals the concept, that scalar energetics using ley lines & trinity points have the pyramids & structures for all the same reasons that HAARP & the electronic cage has been reconstructed in these last days. This includes of course the off world space platforms.

Study the protection research done by my good friend Dr. Mike Castle, the man who first discovered the welsbach seeding. He has also discovered the means for protection. His information is part of this blog. He uses orgone. Also Dr. Milewski & the research of those who are knowledgable on frequencies and basic physics. Have you read the book by Dr. Nick Begich called, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP ? https://youtu.be/QgXHsh5EGqA  Unlikely.

When you look up, you do not see with understanding because you’ve been lied too. It’s been used since the Vietnam war. Now it’s being used on the world that is not so free any more. You know things are bad when slaves believe they are free. That’s where Europe and the west is.  Wilful Ignorance will kill you.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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  1. Hello there, You have done a great job. I’ll certainly digg it and
    personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this site.

  2. authorthat says:

    Absolutely, when the patterns of activity are exposed to the new viewer they begin to realize it’s not just the airport doppler etc… Then the light bulb goes on & you get better questions.
    Creation consists of 5 energetic dimensions and (unlike tier two science) know there are 7 spiritual dimensions. You will want to go a lot deeper than Dutch has to see where this activity is connected to other events. My article “Ancient energy returns” can take you into the past & consider a comparison between HAARP & the electronic cage – the former scalar energetic abilities of ancient pyramids – the pineal gland – the altered use of energy in the public sector today compared to what the public had in the past, which today is hidden by the synagogue of satan.
    There are so many aspects to this multi purpose weaponized earth facilitator, that several articles on here touch on the subject. geoenergetics for the geology & weather / bioenergetics for all life / and psycoenergetics for mind & emotion. Since God spoke creation into existance, as stated, it makes sense that we are in a frequency war. Example: The same double torroid field effect seen around the earth, is also seen by a highschool kid that used autocad to revert a crop circle into the design of a superluminal craft. Frequency takes these within and outside of, the visable spectrum, but of course the vehicle is still there.

  3. 8thdegreeofj says:

    I agree with this article, count my vote for man-made disaster. I’ve been employing the DutchSinse method of watching radar feeds to see what kind of weird experiments are going on.

    Not by total coincidence and only 2-3 days ahead of the Calgary event I watched a massive ‘pulse ring’ erupt on the live radar screen, originating west of the Rocky Mountains but extending east well into central Alberta. I say not a total coincidence because I live on the Westcoast and so I watch our little area of the continent more often than other areas. This is also not the first time I have seen ‘ring’ signatures from this particular area, in fact I’ve got screenshots going back almost a year or longer (I’ve been following Intellicast since mid 2011).

    I have not uploaded the screenshots I took as yet to my blog because I’ve been curious to see if anyone else would report on this story in the same vein. After reading this article I’m thinking I should probably put them up on the web sooner rather than later for others to comment on.

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