I prayed for truth. Boy did I get an answer. One discovery was the blood test which will be made known to the world by all the networks like CNN, showing living blood with a chromosome count, already taken from the western side of the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant. There were eight priests of the Sanhedrin who died trying to enter the dig, where the stone tablets of the commandments are sitting on a shelf having been removed from the ark.

This is God’s testimony of his son. This…about the time of the enforcement of the biometric controlled system to buy or sell, by the 13 families of the Drudic Council of the synagogue of satan, now own over 51% of all planetary wealth, while in the early years of this century, their wealth was 25% of the world. Some of these people think they are of the bloodline of Christ….that’s insane. The CEO of Earth Inc ? That’s Baron Guy de Rothschild. He is the head of one of the houses of the council & holds title as the Pindar or ( Penis of the dragon. ) This is represented by the oblisk or phallis like in the nation states of London, Rome and also in Washington.

Guess who the enforcers are? Can you say chimera supersoldier ? How about what happens to those that are “not” emitting any signal while travling, giving automatic permission by a drone to fire on your position since your not being recognized by the electronic cage, because you don’t have the mark of the beast. After Agenda 21, living outside a supercity with most places kept out of bounds & rewilded will require a personal relationship with God. Caused by geoengineering to bring drought & damage more places will be against the law for people to trespass, as this destroys the feeder root system of all plant life.

Meanwhile, Google helps with things like cataloging all planetary resources and collecting personal data for the new billion dollar data spy center that keeps getting caught on fire. Then there are the new age leaders whose condition are as in the days of Noah which we now are living in, which is a result of the abductions, cattle killings & mixed blood people of part … fallen in the flesh, and those of mankind that are possessed, are increasing in numbers beneath the ground, growing. Being integrated into society & some raised in society.

The generations of nephillim of the last days like the days of Noah. Naturally God brought the global flood to kill them off. In out time we now call these Indigo or star seed, crystal child etc…. Like all the superheros in the comics you read as a kid, and today’s movies, to get you used to the idea of super abilities and of transhumanisim. The darling dream of people Like Ray Kurtswell. To bring about the spiritual blindness that people will desire evil and see it as good. The global elite learn technology by demonic worship, using their three mother goddesses and the blood sacrifice rituals, as on new moon and Oct 31 at midnight, to control those they call up from the deep. A corrupted temple as those of clay and iron to which man adds technologies, used to add too himself beyond the purpose of God, when man is not even to so much as defile his temple by markings…like make up, or tattoos, let alone a technology that will alter your temple DNA permanently & bring spiritual death which is the mark.

Today tattoos & piercings are pushed into mainstream, and promoted on television as acceptable. People have no idea they are cursed in God’s eyes…or do they really care anymore ? Less than 50 years ago only the hardened sailor or soldier would have brandished such a publicaly unacceptable display of anti social or criminal signage on themselves. This brings my attention to those who will bend over in agony, since the people having taken the mark are changed in their DNA structure.

For those who know scripture… The roll of a book which is how DNA is read, is only sweet tasting to those who keep the temple ” their body”as a living sacrifice. Only God may open the book of life, which is denied the adversary. The very design of creation fits DNA like a glove, solar systems with all the same movements & arrangements.   Today, the public is breathing smart dust to track and more easily influence people as their DNA is altered by GMO foods, flu vaccine adjuvents & the contents of the geoengineered plasma environment. This is now destroying our oxygen & ozone protection from death by normal space radiation. Adding tremendous levels of toxins like barium & aluminum but which also brings the same effects as nuclear radiation.  The dead spiritualism of channeling the ascended masters which by any name / age are the fallen of the adversary, while people get a taste of a tiny amount of power for the ultimate price of the soul; the worse “deal “in creation, taken by those with the most money & power that should recognize a bad deal when they see it. The world has it hidden from tham that these they worship ruled on Mars in the last age, before the shifting of the planets wiped away the atmosphere. Fortunately the earth can not be moved.

Why don’t they ? Spiritual blindness. Many of the synagogue of Satan have generations of evil curses of power within them & will never escape the grip of Hell. They could, but will refuse. So much for being smart in business… eh !  I know of one woman who made a great deal. A woman who turned her temple into a transfigured mansion. Corrie Tenboom, a hero of the overcomers from the 3rd rise of the Reich. We need an army of prayer warriors like her to gain intervention from the forth and final rise. One use of this widespread corruption of frequencies in the environment is to separate people from God, by severing the spiritual connection in the pineal gland. By that same principal, I think uncorrupted frequency of the holy spirit in music can bring revival. This was the great fear at the onset of the baby boom generation. So, along with a corrupted musical solfeggio, the Rock-N-roll music generation was prevented from experiencing a spiritual  revival. All that pot to destroy their minds and drive.

Today this garbage has a few variations of further corruption, like heavy metal already proven to have health consequences over time by destruction of healthy structured cells in the body. Words and intent matter, especially once you throw in a basic understanding of physics and the structure of reality & time. Tier one science is kept from the world to destroy the world, when it could save it. The catch is…man must balance spiritual development beyond technological advancements, but this is being prevented, and God knows well that people are spiritually sleeping, but that will change by increasing judgements.  Another, the most outstanding result among several was, I found Dr. William Deagle and others in answer to my prayer to know truth, because God gave him a voice for wakening others up to slaying their own dragons & keeping the commandments. The man does speak truth. He fulfills the statement. He will be a thorn in their side. Now I recall where I read that. He comes from conviction, knowing who he is inside. His boldness is out of spiritual maturity like no other I have seen. Finding him…that’s answering a prayer.

Then I find out his spiritual calling ! I won’t reveal it here.  Enough self sufficency in basic needs too. I recall as a child a cousin of my dad’s visiting from the southern states. I asked him how come he kept saying praise the Lord all the time. He simply said, “Because I do, that’s why”. He & his wife had just had an accident a few miles from his arrival at our home. There are a million little experiences like that which now come to my attention that before, my travels in life had provided a far less meaningful perspective.  It is said that on the cross, Jesus experienced the loss of those who would not come into heaven with him. This must be the ultimate spiritual anguish that physically tore open his heart. Obviously as terrifying as being crucified can be, he was also the perfect sacrifice, from a place where much of the animals raised there were also for sacrifice.

I don’t think the natural mind could comprehend the much more powerful level of intensity of the physical senses being translated to one’s spiritual body. I think as beautiful as the earth is, it’s like a brief whispy shadow of the true reality, created by all life as individuals and as a collective.   I am also convinced that beneath the center of the pyramids like at Giza, the lowest chamber discovered is the chamber entrance to great evil. I believe these pyramids which are placed on ley lines & trinity points are amplifiers to open the gates to hell.These are seen in the spirit as tornadoes high above the earth and lead into the center of earth where hell is temporarily located in the shape of the human body. Due to spiritual law, these fallen must be invited into our 3 D existence by the opening of gates by human sacrifice. As these continue the evil increases.

Nothing in the physical can take place without the observation of spiritual law which gives permission in the physical to manifest. Just as if you have the faith, are saved, and pray within the will of God and develop the anointing over time by keeping his holy covenant you can speak to a thing that is not, as though it were and it shall come to pass.  The synagogue of satan by ritual, give spiritual permission to manifest. For knowledge, there are always three mother godesses to be used for controling the disembodied who never want to be returned to their eternal prison. The pyramids act not merely as an ancient energy hidden from the public in these last days to re-emerge as a solution to bring power to the synagogue of Satan, in the form of today’s frequency technology.  They would also function as a giant pineal gland for the fallen, put into operation by the demonic blood sacrifice rituals. Today technology is known that was common place in the last age, like antigravity for building such structures.

During my research, I got the impression a spirit of fear comes from these places, while focused on this lowest of chambers. I even avoided going there when the opportunity arose, because intuitively and followed up on by  research, I already knew who built them & why, and although I don’t have the specific knowledge of engineering and materials,… how it was done. On the other hand, I sensed nothing while at the vatican, but that was before the prayer that woke my spirit by increasingly recognized answers. This should upset well over a billion Christians. The vatican now holds the seat of Satan until the day he arrives and calls himself God, in the abomination that desolates. Today Petrus Romanus seeks control over the “upper room” where the holy spirit descended on the followers of Jesus, so he can defile it. The replacement of the pyramids of a previous age are partly fulfilled by HAARP & the entire electronic cage, and of course the rituals continue. Cern, is the master gate.

I’ve discovered there can be grief in receiving knowledge. There is also the aspect of being separated from the strong ties of earthly life in a body. It’s very emotional, and extremely fulfilling, as it’s the holy spirit and his indwelling which heals you in so many ways.  This is being made aware of my personal separateness, and that of a corrupted world.  By the answering of a prayer  you are made aware of your spiritual condition to a point and that they are indeed answered. To the degree which one can withstand such spiritual awareness. The Holy Spirit knows what we can deal with much much better than we know ourselves, because this is God, and he placed all the yearnings of your heart into you.

Be careful what you ask for, you may get it. God’s love is so great he even gives us things that he knows are not good for you, and that you will learn from it, because he knows the heart thoroughly. By deepening our relationship we discover sin to overcome by repentence, out of love. Our temple is a living sacrifice to God, whom in the flesh is also a living sacrifice for the body of Christ.

In gaining awareness, this also requires fulfilling your obligation to others in what you learn. Not all answers desired are given as we must at times, wait on the Lord. Yet other answers are given we are not yet to speak of.  I have seen several videos of Mr. Cahn. His knowledge and spiritual condition goes deep into the heart of God. Not having read his book and based on comments I’ve seen & heard, the contents below about his book reflect the same view I have concluded, obviously not in the same level of clarity & depth of understanding, but that there is spiritual connection between the true Israel and the populations of the US and Canada, as well as Europe and the rest of the world too for that matter.

The blessings or the removal of spiritual protection are based on collective spiritual relationship. More to that point, all is in the timing set by God. I have written that once the abomination of desolation happens, that this would lead to the collapse of the New Madrid fault. What you do to one, you do to the other. Now I understand this is all very precise in how events unfold, yet based on the free will of humanity at the same time. The only way this can be is by God being in control, over what satan can & cannot do. Knowing the end from the begining of course.

It’s always facinating how the spiritual and the knowledge of science & technology come together to reinforce the intricacies of the grand intelligent design of one that is limitless perfection beyond comprehension. One suprise for me is the thought that the almighty has a need for keeping that which he loves by the sacrifice of his son. That God can be hurt. That to grieve the holy spirit is eternal death with no forgiveness. The same death would result from suicide or taking the mark of the beast which can never be reversed as it permanently alters the DNA of our temple, our body.

The presence of Jesus is so powerful his mere presence weakens the body that one cannot remain standing on their feet, unless he has a reason to appear before a person which has happened. more than once. Although good and evil are opposite, I have also discovered this is the case in hell too. You simply have no strength. Well, it’s one place that has absolutely no attributes of God.

The preparations as some know have already been made both in Israel toward the abomination that will desolate in Jerusalem on the the special day, and on the land in the USA. The hydrofracking, the pre existing weak substructure, HAARP, and yes even initiated by space weather. When the New Madrid fault splits, perhaps technology will give the USA a push in the prophetic direction ? The splitting of the USA will apparently be caused because man has divided the land of Israel against God’s will. Jerusalem…. will NEVER be destroyed.

Then there was the destruction of the loop current. A strike at the heart of weather stability of the world with uncanney timing, already knowing the dangers by warnings from geologists about drilling in the gulf.  As usual, people were told in a movie with Steven Segal, about a faulty blowout preventers of a refinary he destroys in the movie, along with the mercenaries.  Kinda like the magazine held up by Bart Simpson showing (9/11 symbolically using the two towers) The drill site in the gulf was a strike against the very heart of the earth’s weather moderating pattern. This abuse worsens to this day by the weaponized planet, and the additive to hide the spill that only makes it worse.

Abuse like deliberately hydrofracking in just the wrong places. This creates increased liquefaction in all the wrong places, shown to these people by using the looking glass with torsional field imaging. Public awareness is far too ignorant of important revealing events. Basically if you split Israel, you provide the spiritual ground to allow the splitting of the USA and it will happen. People don’t understand that prayer & repentance is power over this kind of planned group of catastrophes we have already experienced….yet the public remains ignorant of the nature of the attacks. Instead they look for a practical / physical solution created by the mind of man. HELLO!!!!! Following a wisdom inferior to that of your adversary….is suicide into eternity. Talk about going into a war ill equipped. The distractions & intensity of the war will only increase.

As the spiritual door over the west closes and protection is removed from the USA, there is also a spiritual door opening over Russia where it will never close to the heavens again. Here Jonathan Cahn highlights the exactness of the replay of judgements between Israel & the western populations. All the events of the nine harbingers that happened to Israel in it’s refusal to unite under God. The fact is, a large number of the lost tribes of Hebrew are today, the population of the USA & Canada. In a word of Knowledge given to my parents: I call you my own. I see your body as whole and renewed.

In a time we see the removal of God from people’s lives, the spiritual connections of events become evident to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn as the same things happen to the USA. All part of why the warlike Kahzars became false Jews. Why bringing the USA into WWI brought forth the Balfore declaration to own the land of Israel against the word of God. Why the US state department is loaded with Zionists. Why those of evil intent have infiltrated every institution of man, never designed for sustainability in the first place as the world is corrupted. Why Israel is led by a nut ! Wait till this one hits the fan.

The future discovery of 27.3 Trillion barrels of oil in Israel will bring many nations against Israel while the straits of Hormuz will be the bottleneck for world supply. In ten years the profits will build the military & more people will go there, for the oil development. You think Saudi Arabia has oil? that was the overlooked overflow from Israel. Yea…the largest pool on earth. Energy…is survival.

This is like revisiting the fall of the Roman empire as a living history lesson. In the words of newscaster John Stossel, “gimmie a break “, did you see young Miley Sirus on stage? Even her hair was made into horns. How obvious can it be? Yet, a young woman in India will hang, as there are several people who say she insulted Islam or the prophet. The truth is being murdered while evil is being raised up.

More and more, in order to receive honour from the world, we unwittingly become part of the problem. Less and less, do we see the truly virtous, rewarded. Well, actually the work of black ops is killing off the next critically important individual so as to control outcomes. If the following upsets you, leave. If you want to learn the outrageous truth, read. Here & now I say in truth, the child molester named Mohammed of the false religion of Muslims is burning in hell.  He is no more a prophet of God than the last pope to die that was the most loved, because he’s there too. That ought to upset about a billion of my former fellow believers in the Vicor of Christ ! Further, the pope who just resigned, did so within six days of getting notice of the trial results in absentia, of child sex trafficking in the International Criminal Court of Common Law in the Hague.

There are charges here against the Queen, the Prime Minister of Canada, The head of the RCMP, and several religious officials and investigators who hid evidence. This is in relation to the native residential schools. The only response I recall was an apology from Steven Harper. If YOU were God, and you saw what people are doing with what you gave them, what would you do? Likely erase it all & start over. Well folks that’s been done before, and this is the last age of corruptibility.

I sure don’t want to depend on being underground with a one way ticket. On 9/11 the world changed. America experienced a sacrifice by the synagogue of satan, who destroyed the twin towers and building seven to continue the wars, continue their (literal) underground & off world economy, and plot for increasing mass sacrifices to the fallen. Thanks to Dr. Deagle we have a venue for the details on the “how too” of the 9/11 event. That was the morning of my mothers so called leukemia treatment…it was not a good day.

People need to give up their own opinions for that of the holy spirit. Ya think love would catch on ? Now Jonthan Cahn answers his critics. In my opinion, this man has a highly developed spiritual strength and maturity. In the opinion of the witness of Ephraim, he is the witness of Judah. No person can get a better reference than that. Besides…. who better than for one to call out the other as he has done? If you think the economic troubles were great in 2008, you ain’t seen nothin yet. The economic collapse coming is like just about everything else…engineered to happen, to replace cash with the cashless biometric mark of the beast system. As indicated by the harbinger, the collapse may ? begin on Sept 13th 2015. There is certainly a powerful set of examples for this so far. Here is Bob Jones warning the people that will hear and do the will of God. Pray for truth. Some perspective for the over fifty from Bob Jones. Dr. Deagle has stated he will ask Jonathan Cahn to join him on his show. Here is his latest Aug 22 2013.

Take this rule & note it. Whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your heart, obscures your sense of God, takes off your love of spiritual things. Whatever increases the authority of the body over the mind and spirit, however innocent it seems to be itself, is sin to you. More effectively as stated by DR Deagle, doing anything outside the will of the Holy spirit, is sin. The more I learn of the spiritual dimensions, the more I know how extremely limited our physical senses really are. They are merely a faint passing shadow of reality. Like the hippie who took one too many trips said….”Reality, wow what a concept”.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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