Choose this day the language of God or Man

Parse Syntax Grammer unto the mark ? Or Restored ancient pictoral Hebrew in tongues ?
One is for the king of this world, the other is for the king of creation.

On April 6 1988 Federal Judge David Wynn-Miller broke the math interface in all 5,000 languages proving that languages are linear equations and algebra. This has not been done in 8,500 years (since we began to babble in the first place…remember Nimrod ? ). This unlocked 2/3 of the missing words of all languages. The intro to the secrets begins at the 33rd degree. This man is a 92 degree mason, yet there can be up to a 180 degree mason, of the 360 seeing spirit within the dual nature of humanity.

This disqualifies every treaty trust and contract on the planet. He calls himself PANDORA as destroyer of worlds. He explains however that the word destroyer is a no, no, no word. That without the correct parse syntax grammer, the world exists in a world of verbs, instead of a world of facts, so what he destroyed was a world of verb in all 5,000 languages.

This also means that all legal documents are being re done in proper parse syntax grammer because being a math equation, people never go to war over a math problem, so there will be no mis- communications, even if it is between a human and an alien ?

EXCUSE ME ? I don’t care if Petrus Romanus accepts the ALIEN. That’s his misfortune. Deut. 11:13-21 Bewware…lest you be misled to turning aside from the right course, to worship0 alien gods and bow down to them. God will be angry with you, and he will close the heavens, so that there will be no rain, and the earth will not yield her produce; and you will fast disappear from the good land which the Lord has given you.

The problem with this of course, is that this enables the mark of the beast system, when the entire world switches to it. The beast is of course operated by the synagogue of satan, which operates all human activity by computer code and biometrics authentication and one may buy and sell via the RFID chip tie-in , to the cray five quantum supercomputer array beneath Falcon Colorado. Not me fella ! Today we have the cutting off of heads for religieous reasons. As the adversary and his functionaries in the world will demand all humanity worship him as G-d, the world will accept this math interface of perfect language under UN law, taking the mark so they can live in this perfect forward and BACKWARD language of false peace. What do we do with music today that has language understood when it runs backwards ?

Counter to this of course yet completely ignored by the world, we have already been given the perfect language which is the restored ancient pictoral letters of the Hebrew alphabet that is already given by God to be that perfect language. A Hebrew cantillation. Music IS math.  Can’t read ancient Hebrew? JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES. It also means there is no mark of the beast biometric authentication math interface. So, wanna guess which language the synagogue of satan will use, and which language the people without the mark will use ? It will be in the gift of tongues.

It is petrus romanus who controls the universal postmaster general and all keymasters. The matrix is there for those who choose to corrupt themselves unto satan. Otherwise, take the pill and wake up to hear and do the will of G-d by the leading of his holy spirit to join the rest of creation. Not the transdimensional fallen under the adversary and king of this world. Come out of Babylon by speaking in tongues and having common law, but more importantly, the eternal law of God…his eternal covenant of Jewish law of Torah, AND the testimony of Jesus.  Not the babel of the language of the admiralty for commerce, or the mark that is the math grammer of commerce to worship the alien beast and his false prophet Petrus Romanus.  Besides… since when does a high level mason keep Torah and have the testimony of Jesus ? How about NEVER !

The quantum language provides the neuro linguistic programming accepted by the quantum cray five array in Colorado. The tie-in is the RFID. When the speaker mentions the aliens…understand, there is no such thing as a good alien. There are only the fallen either in the spirit or in the flesh. If you ever experience the presence of an angel, then know you are spiritually saved, once you have tested the spirit. This requires discernment, for they don’t work in sin. They are only for the saved.

Psalm 94
Shall those who decree iniquity, who devise evil by law, have companionship with the ? They conspire against the life of the righteous; they condemn innocent blood.
Deuteronomy 11:16 ( Hebrew Translation )
Beware lest you be misled into turning aside from the right course, to worship ALIEN gods and to bow down to them. God will be angry with you…

Von Braun did tell Carol, that the last card the globalists would play, is the presence of aliens, which naturally Petrus Romanus will claim are morally superior to us, and are our space brothers. Certainly one who is spiritually saved, would not have their life force taken from them, for they know who they are, and are not rooted in fear, but in love by the indwelling of the Holy spirit. Peace beyond understanding.

Whistleblower Calls Dr. Deagle, Gets Mind Blown. The doctor has more knowledge about the mark of the beast system than any man alive.


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As a youth my first love was music. I sang and played drums, appearing on stage and television. Then came the FLQ crisis. Ask not...what your country can do for you. I am a veteran of ten years military service, including intelligence . I risked my life in foreign countries to serve the people, yet there are those with power over our government with evil intent. I did not wish to give up my life for lies. When you learn the nature of life, your own being, and the natural form of energy available to all life, you become responsible for that knowledge. Now in 2011, I just ended my business in the field of energy after beginning in 1997. While I have lost financially, I will not be duped into promulgating the very things enslaving people. Like governments, many industries have also been co-opted by those of evil intent.
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