About this blog:
This blog uses personal experience, history, mass media(between the lines), and superior internet sources from people who are aware of the many facets of the takeover of globalists, the 3 lettered agencies under ultimate control of the council of 13, the political NeoCon’s, money changers, the synagogue of satan. The greatest comprehension is not military intelligence training or experience. Comprehension is from the Holy Spirit guidance & those who hear & do his word. Without the leading of the Holy Spirit….holders of multiple PhD’s can forget it. Each PhD provides the student merely 4% of the total knowledge base in that subject. The rest is by invitation  at the ultimate price of our soul. How is it those with such wealth are sucked in to serving satan ? Spiritual blindness until posession. The bible being the most read yet least understood shows how few take the leading of the holy spirit as comforter & guide to follow in life. I have no university education, nor do I want one. There is no value in paying to be taught things in a limited fashon being just smart enough to be a good worker drone, only to discover there is no job to go to either…only debt & the realization you learned the wrong skill sets without knowing those which will be demanded of you for survival after the global economic collapse .

Hidden knowledge:
The false prophet is the Jesuit pope Petrus Romanus, loved by millions who die for lack of knowledge. Of the druidic council is the Pindar (penis of the dragon), Baron Guy de Rothschild. The CEO of Earth Inc. This family controls over 50% of all money in the world. The allumined ones are spiritually dead by the posession of transdimensional fallen angels. The anti-christ can be expected to be the most perfect physical example of a human male, in that he would have the attributes of this world. The image of a man’s man, educated, wealthy, and would take power by flattery, and allowing corruption.

The false Jew Khazarian’s & royalty teach the Kabbalah. Freemasonry and many other organizations follow it. It has many complexities intended to cause misdirection, could easily take a lifetime of study, and is based on the structure of the DOUBLE PYRAMID that is the design of the world by the adversary. He creates nothing and corrupts everything. The fallen are masters of the corrupted energetic dimensions of chaos that is life as humanity knows it. Solomon for all his wealth and wisdom allowed the corruption to enter. It was after the great sin of Solomon that the lost tribes of Israel grew further into corruption and no longer kept Go’s holy covenant.

In our time, many avenues like “new age”are used to funnell populations into abominations. The practice of Kundilini for example allows the serpent to rise from the human spirit within, up the spine to reach the pineal gland by emptying the mind and giving heed to these seducing spirits. This is symbolized by the insignia of the mainstream hospital and pharmacutical medical industries. The goal, is to corrupt humanity by any and all means. To calcify the pineal gland to prevent connection to God. To alter our very DNA that is the mark of the beast. To steal knowledge of our true dual nature that was man’s condition before his fall.

Those who overcome the world will have the capacity to be called from dust and be translated into their eternal body. This is knowledge denied the adversary, and he can only mingle the seed of man which is of clay, to that which is iron, as in transhumanism today.  We are now living, “as in the days of Noah”. The Alien agenda as explained by people like Phil Schneider is that of satan. Since the end of the war in heaven, satan & his legions have been among humanity. The old testiment tells names of the fallen. The leaders of the fallen in the flesh are known as Gorgon’s. The physical bodies of the fallen in the flesh are the result of mixing all manner of animal and human life and work to corrupt all humanity as in the days of Noah.

This is the purpose of the abductions & the integration into society.  Both Satan and Jesus come to separate the worthy from the unworthy whom in the end, are self chosen by free will. Not even God will interfere with free will. Whatever is of human DNA that is in spiritual relationship with Jesus & in a state of holiness, will enter heaven as spirit. Nephillim such as in Greek mythology are, in our time, known as star seed or child, or indigo. They have a free will like anyone else, along with their advanced abilities. Those who take the mark are changed in their DNA and can never be reversed. There can never be forgiveness for this self destruction including suicide, or if you grieve the Holy Spirit. Even to mark one’s self is to place a curse on yourself in the eyes of God.

With some 15 years of background business experience in the energy industry, I do have a little knowledge of this area. Israel has the largest pool of oil on the planet. There are 27.3 trillion bls. of abiotic oil some 35 to 40,000 feet below the ground at the foot of mount Horeb. This oil runs N.S.( for now ) through the land in the shape of a hook, eventually bringing nations to war. Oil is far more plentiful on earth than is known. Water used as hydrogen can eliminate the energy shortages in most transportation. Loadstone magnetics can fill in many gaps. Dark matter overunity for example will only be permitted to be released from tier one science into the public use, as all technologies, to usher in the false peace and serve as another tool of the adversary.

The most powerful weapon that can be created already exists since earth has long been weaponized. This was used widely in the world during the last age for energy, and also functioned like a pinneal gland for the fallen transdimensionals. A means of entering our energetic dimensions during demonic ritual blood sacrifice. As to the energy generation, in our time the weapon is known as star wars & HAARP & the entire global electronic cage, which includes GWEN cell towers & space platforms. Geoenergetics for geology & weather, bioenergetics for all that lives, psycoenergetics for the mind and emotion. These have multiple applications and increased dexterity via geoengineering, a whole new aspect. Other advanced weapons, tested in wars, can include things like an energy beam able to instantly vapourize at the sped of light, at 11 million degrees.  Anything you can imagine or have already seen on television, is in reality, far outdated. A science based source for this arena would be people like Col. Tom Beardon, and Dr Nick Begich.

Creation consists of five energetic / physical dimensions and seven spiritual dimensions. Our universe is merely an elemental particle of a creation exceedingly greater than the natural mind could possibly imagine. There are 12 (twelve) dimensions. This is not taught in public education of any university that I know of. Science is still not teaching the process of moving from one state of physical being to the next. Nor does religion teach the whole of the truth, for all are without revelation knowledge by the prophets.  God spoke creation into existence. All that it physical is sound frequency resonance. To be separated from this is to die. The resonance of the planet is connected to the resonance of the heart.  God is outside these dimensions where time does not exist. Time: all that was, is. All that is, is. All that will be, is.

The spirit & the soul.
The human spirit once created by God, exists without end. If the spirit is not ascended to return into an eternal intimate relationship with the great “I AM”, the God of Abraham, out of love and free will, that spirit judges itself upon physical death and after a time in hell until judgement, and then between the adversary and our advocate, into the oblivion of outer darkness or, out of the memories of those who drink of the river of life in heaven. There are 9 separate spiritual bodies we can inhabit. Satan therefore holds knowledge of nine stones of the mind of God, but his spirit is dead. To my limited knowledge I would say few people  have reached all 9 bodies while still physically alive. At last count, Bob Jones said 98% were going to hell. Contrary to my initial understanding, not all of mankind are loved equally by God, as some are created for his own purpose. This is scriptural.

More real to the spiritual senses of having a physical body, than to actually be in a physical body on earth. Hell is in the center of earth in the shape of a human body lying on it’s back. One enters through a gate which appears as a whirlwind or tornado high above earth’s surface in the spirit. I believe these to be energetic trinity points which over some as least are pyramids, which perform more for transdimensional entrance into the energetic dimensions during demonic ritual sacrifice for the fallen to come into the world, and also as public energy generation for civilization during the last age. This form of energy in these last days of physical corruptability is almost completely hidden from society. Once in hell, the absence of all attributes of life are self evident. The belly of hell is three miles wide by fifteen miles high. It is circular with the walls lined by jail cells with bars, and a demon chained along the tiers every fifteen feet. All the cells are occupied by a soul until judgement. Hell enlarges itself each time another person falls. The planet enlarges itself from within as tier one science explains. Again, this is not taught in any university.

Ark of the covenant.
Many have searched the world throughout the centuries for this ancient artifact of perfection. Some still search but in vain, for they will not find it. After I was confronted by the truth of the ark, I learned of another far more knowledgable than myself, who wanted to know the truth of the ark. He proved what I had also learned, that the man who found it was telling the truth. It had been given for me to know as soon as I was confronted by the truth, that the ark was found in the grotto, about twenty feet below the site of the cross on Golgotha or skull hill. There are four angels guarding the location. The stone tablets are on a shelf in the room of the dig where all the items of the celebration and worship of God are kept. There were eight priests of the Sanhedrin who tried to enter the dig that died.

About the time of the enforcement of the cashless biometric mark of the beast economic system, news stations like CNN, will broadcast the test results of the blood of Jesus. It was taken from the western side of the mercy seat. The blood is alive. There is power in the blood of Jesus that makes all things new again. Those being taken or confronted by the fallen in the flesh can withstand them in the name of Jesus if in relationship with him.  Once under the protection of Jesus, nothing of the spiritual enemy can touch you. BE HOLY, FOR GOD IS HOLY.


6 Responses to About

  1. David says:

    Gentlemen… Phil & John; this is the year of the shmeeta, as Johnathan Cahn points out. The year the shmeeta can hit the fan as it may be said. That means we know there is an airborne plague coming we must prepare for. Swine & bird. To have at least 1 1/2 years worth of all basic needs to survive, apart from the systems of civilization we depend on. Also the global economic reset, a quick ‘ CHANGEOVER’, to replace the law of international commerce / law of the admiralty / law of the seas.

    This will be done by quantum parse syntax grammar math code interface, & Quantum cray five supercomputer array beneath Falcon Colorado, HQ for the US black ops space pgm. & mark of the beast central. The beast will seek to change times & laws, and win by flattery. We know there will be a false peace treaty. Economically this will be achieved by this quantum language, quantum computers, Echelon monitoring, and those of geoengineered or altered DNA may not be able to use the pineal gland to spiritually communicate and be a zombie.

    As warned by people like Phil Schneider, Aaron Russo, Katherine Albrecht, Von Braun who told Carol Rosin… And the last card will be the alien deception. We don’t want that MARK, SCRIPTURE says… not to be misled, to bow down to alien gods and worship them. The sunday law. The sabbath is Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. This as changed by Constanyine & his mother began by Rome in 321 AD In 325 they abolished the passover sedar meal. By 709 we were admonished to kiss the feet of the pope. Now he openly worships satan in the Vatican.

    Jesus .came for the lost sheep. The eternal covenant was never done away with. We are to return to the ancient ways of keeping all the commandments, Just as the Jew does, for we lost our identity, and did not know… All Israel, all Hebrews, are Jews. so that the blessings be ours, and we not die in the increasing curses coming upon the earth, and kill those for lack of this knowledge. In quantum grammar language to be used for this global economic changeover, the word AMERICA, in Latin actually says… NO MERCY FOR THE SHEEP. These are the ones Jesus came for. Such are the woman, which the dragon will be very roth with, and be at spiritual warfare with. The teachings of Elijah are complete, and taught to the fruits, like the ten of Zechariah 8:23. Find that prophet on youtube & enter ( 144,000 revealed by a major Jewish prophet. ) The call for these last days, is to come out of the whore.

  2. Phil says:

    Found you through a comment you left , WOW you are very intelligent. I have a whole new area to read from . Looking forward to it all.

    • authorthat says:

      Hello Phil,
      Got the notice you read my about page. Perhaps you can let me know where you read a comment of mine, or perhaps you wrote something in response to that comment….wherever that is ! Anyway, if you let me know what areas of subject matter interests you, then I can direct you to a source or sources to learn all about that. It may be something I have explored on my blog. Also, if you happen to have a web site or blog of your own, I could have a look. Always good to know someone can learn from my own explorations.

      Regards, david

      • Phil Mosolino says:

        It was on a article about Led zeppelin, Satanism, I think on the web site Mystery of the Iniquity, pretty deep comment . My search for the truth always ends up in the realm of the battle between good and bad , and I am patiently waiting for Jesus to wipe all this evil away for good.

      • Char says:

        Ole, ole y ol!;#!&e8230!al fin estoy escuchando el disco que tanto tiempo llevo esperando, tu disco. Ojalá tengas toda la suerte que te mereces y que siempre podamos estar escuchándote. Tienes una voz que enamora.A ver si vienes por Marbella que allí estaré.

  3. John Barry says:

    An excellent introduction, I meet another I Am 🙂

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