Ongoing global events

Hurricane Michael in the eastern Atlantic on S...

Hurricane Michael in the eastern Atlantic on Sept. 7, 2012 (Photo credit: dsleeter_2000)

21 Feb 2013 Biblical revelations have been explained by the witness of Ephrahim, a descendent of Aaron and Moses. The following revelations have been announced; that the mark of the beast system will originate from Falcon Colorado, USA. The false prophet will be the President of the United States. The beast will come out of Russia. 

Sept 12 2012 Dr.Bob Thiel/ Obama, prophecy & US destruction. 

Sept 11 2012 With Michael Coffman. Enviromaniacs & carbon based economy. Agenda 21

Stan Deyo /Solar events.

Sept 7 2012 Prepare for earth changes & civil  defence.

A limited description of creation now corrupted is given. The fifth dimension’s symbol is the pentigram. This represents the relm of entropy, or an existance of a life cycle. Beyond this are seven spiritual dimensions or non entropy, an existance without decay or imperfection for those in relationship with God. The fifth dimension is called the tortion field.  Like putting two magnets together which contracts & reduces the space between them but also the mass increases. This is linear space mass conversion, while gravity is non linear space mass conversion.

For all matter that enters the black hole which consists of 2% of the galaxy in the center of each galaxy, it reanimates into white hole matter, the suns. (The electric universe energetic nature of 3D is frequency based, because God SPOKE creation into existance. ) Matter travels at 10 billion times the speed of light. This “force” has as many names as it’s discoverers. Chi, orgone, life force, etc…

This fact is what allows superluminal travel possible, and hyperspeed communications possible. While you cannot have more than a single reality, free will makes the possibility for many outcomes as time is fluid. Time can be altered for communications and one can hear the words spoke by Julius Cesear just before his murder. One can also appear to bend time from the perspective of the observer, just like watching a craft make a right hand turn at extreme speed & not seen to slow down. It does, but this is not seen. Occupants experience no alteration in time or gravity, until back on the ground asking…well, can we go now ? Meanwhile they have already had the experience but don’t remember it at all. An enormous reason for the lack of experiencers talking about it, Official Secrets Act or not.

Here is exposure to the vital issues this generation will see. The public will never hear of these issues in normal media or education. You will get the big  AHAA !


2 Responses to Ongoing global events

  1. david says:

    Hello John Barry,
    Well, that would be nice I suppose accept…I have no training in engineering accept a little in working in the steel industry, both in working as a member of a union in a steel factory, and as an international import / export broker of record, or an associate trader working out of a house for a small company. Well, I just study from a variety of people in various industries, and what goes in just comes out. After all, a parrot just repeats what it hears. Accept for my junior matriculation, and 50% of my education being all trades related, and some time in military intelligence, I am self educated.
    I do have superior eye / hand coordination from things like playing pool, 13 years as a drummer that played mostly by myself & a little TV & stage work as a kid. I am well practiced in the use of many firearms. I even had a little experience making neon lights for a few months because I was picked as one of 12 out of 300 applicants. One guy was from Russia & he was better than me at it. This also made me the best missile fly-by-wire pilot / operator for the anti-tank T.O.W. missile system in the special service force. I was the only one on the course they allowed to fly one as these were about $15,000 each to fire into a target. Engineering however…naw. I don’t like NORMAL schools anyway. I did have a couple of schools ask me to give a talk on entrepreneurship. One I agreed to. I got a fruit basket with a coffee mug. That as nice of them.

  2. John Barry says:

    Great opening page, it’s so nice to finally be able to read knowledge based on science and spirituality, which can only be taken from an Engineering background.

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