Gold Backed Currency Arrives

There is a single company that has risen to putting everything in place. But first, just to recap the direction of our now pending global New World Dis-Order economy, being brought about by these planetary thieves of Satan.

Here’s the formula known to me so far.
Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar Mathematics Code Interface. ( Destruction of the law of Fiction, the law of the Admiralty. ) PLUS
Quantum Cray Five Supercomputer Array ( connected to all data bases and communications globally located beneath Falcon Colorado )
Biometrics Authentication using the RFID as the personal tie-in, to those with a calcified pineal gland.
Just a peak into the multiple purposes of it here. Geoengineered nano receptor array in your brain to “cancel out & replace ” use of the pineal gland, to strengthen the connection and enable psycoenergetics / psycotronics & voice to skull, with little to no awareness of their spiritual nature. Then to become the transhuman of altered DNA. This is being brought into the environment by geoengineering , and altering the atmosphere creating more plasma to also hide the effects of the return of the death star, and justify agenda 2030, and the carbon tax to attack the basis of all life that carbon is. Once the mark is taken, it cannot be reversed.

While this not in depth, it explains a lot of implementing the mark of the beast. Naturally brought about using problem reaction solution, tested in computer simulations. It all puts the pope and the bankers in charge.


PREPARATION This is gold bullion as a currency. The framework already exists in over  120 countries. This is credit based, L.B.M.A. certified, vaulted, gold embedded currency. It is sealed with a serial number, stored for free until delivery is made. This is value added. The world has the metals, but not with all the features & benefits within this emerging global parallel economic solution for stable commerce.

Trade enabled denominations. In sizes suitable as transaction friendly using 1 gram, 2 1/2 grams and 5 gram sizes. This is not an investment company,  but for the average man or single parent on a limited income, to gain economic stability taken by the globalists. As it is possible for gold to reach perhaps 50,000 per oz. , it has to be in small quantities to buy and sell. You must also have gold bullion of a globally acceptable standard, which LBMA is.

A network is being created for savers and companies to buy and sell using this means, separate from all governments and banks. People merely exchange their budgeted savings from cash to this globally acceptable means of commerce. The communications uses non prime number encryption for online commerce. These levels of security and means of commerce are not available anywhere else on the planet.
Online Vendors have already applied for use as a medium of exchange.

Here’s the best part. The world is desperate to discover this to survive.
Business developers are paid every Friday in gold or will be placed onto their credit card. The gold is already on a card, and coming soon, to be placed on to paper. As for the remuneration means, it’s not quite too good to be true. It’s THAT good.  One cannot be successful without being of great value to others. Especially the 99% group this is for. The principles are used by the 1%.

People are saving on a budget anyway… imagine one gram per week, per month, or one ounce per month, delivered and even on automatic shipping. Your trading fractional reserve fiat paper, for globally recognized pure gold. In this case, using God’s fair weights and measures.

To sum up. Let’s see: Physical life with ample needs and end up in spiritual eternal life with God for being able to buy and sell without taking the biometric authentication RFID mark of the beast, or, slavery of a short hard life, and eternal death with Satan….Hhummmmm
Real tough choice…EH ?

For those who still don’t get it, perhaps a buddy can explain it. ( At least, the economic portion), Or, send me an email and I’ll get this taken care of for you. Email Put in the subject line;  Gold as currency.

For those who are born of the spirit, and have no prophetic leadership. The call to discover the ultimate truth is found in the prophet to the nations.The ten  lost  tribes who desire to find their rightful place.Their destiny, established from before the foundations of the world. Herein is the leadership of the remnant.