Ideas, physics & dimensions

These writings are based on learning from experts. There are five energetic / physical dimensions and seven spiritual dimensions. Tier two science still doesn’t know there are 12 dimensions. This explores scientific and spiritual research and knowledge achieved by others in several disciplines.

In the arena of spiritual warfare there is much to learn, since we are as infants. Free will is the overriding fact as nothing in the physical / energetic is possible without the spiritual law coming into effect first. The most advanced knowledge should all be freely given to the youth, whom while in relationship with God would use knowledge for the fulfillment of God’s will by the abilities he gave them. Whatever is given by God, should be used as he would have us use for the benefit of all. Every person has a unique purpose by the will of God.

As for science, it is useful to learn what was lost to us in the collapse of the last age as there is nothing new, but well hidden and tells of the future. The first & greatest science book is the bible. One third is self verifying. The difference to be studied between science & religion is ignorance. People of God die for lack of knowledge. Those who retain and use advanced knowledge of the sciences, use it against the best interests of society in service to he whom is in the world, the adversary.

There is absolute superiority of getting insight from the holy spirit in comprehending the bible, beyond the natural mind and education. The lack of spiritual adherence to the will & commandments of God which prevents relationship and spiritual communication, is why the bible is the most well read yet least understood book ever written. Comprehending the times also helps prevent misinterpretation.

It is understood that the heart above all must desire to be in a deepening relationship with the most high God. One withdraws from those senses and things that would merely serve the self in the world.  One can experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To place one’s priority in any other way would simply be to repeat the mistakes of ages past and once again revisit the destruction that came upon others in the past. At this point in the totality of human history, it is vital that we lead from the heart, for this generation will not pass away before the close of human existence as it has been known. We are in the last days, which are also as it was in the days of Noah, though millions don’t know it yet.

The plan of salvation is unfolding before us in a very precise way, and free will is the wild card. This plan is within the KJ Bible and the Torah. One will either be drawn by love to God and his laws for right living that they will know life eternally, or decide for themselves what is right or wrong, which by definition is a condition of sin. To those who follow the synagogue of satan, “Do as thou will” is the whole of their law.

Articles of interest:

A simple description of eternity. All that was, is. All that is, is. All that will be, is. This is the eternal now, where thought is instant reality.

The  fallen angelic race.(Aliens)  The quantum Mechanical state of extraterrestrial transdimensional singularities of integrated consciousness.

The quantum numbers for electrons in atoms show or manifest a form of quantum mechanical state of matter. Science is analyzing this. Our corruptable physical state is defined by four quantum numbers. The first is the principal quantum number (n), which is for shell and size. The second is for orbital angular momentum (I) and for subshell and shape. The third is for the magnetic quantum number (ml) It specifies orbital of subshell and orientation. Fourth is the spin magnetic quantum number as to spin state and direction of the spin. There is also entropy in thermodynamics, as a measure of disorder. The entropies of perfect crystals approach zero as the absolute temperature approaches zero.

In our physical reality the principal quantum number can’t be zero. In spiritual reality the quantum number is absolute zero of no entropy. A spiritual condition therefore is a state of perfection unaffected by quantum fluctuation. Universes and hyperspaces are chaotic due to non zero entropy and non zero quantum numbers.

Physical existence contains chaos and therefore requires regeneration for maintenance. Since their fall, the transdimensionals or angelic race, are agents of chaos. The dimension of time which is circular is a function of the physical dimensions. God is perfection. Before the fall of man, we and our blue jewel the earth were in a state of perfection.

With the arrival of the adversary & his corruption of all things unto the world, only the perfect sacrifice of the son of man is worthy to make all things new and open the book of life.
It only remains for us to enter this spiritual condition of perfection or holiness by being in relationship with Jesus by repentance and acceptance of his gifts of eternal life. The big aha reader, is to do so before you physically die, or your spirit will never hear the call. The call you get, will be to eternal judgement, meaning to exist, but in absolute separation from all creation into oblivion or completely out of memory of creation, because the person never established their relationship before they died in the first place.

Sadly, there are merely 12 of our civilization who have acheived all 9 spiritual bodies while still physically alive, such as perhaps Enoch whom God transfigured to himself after Enoch walked with God for 300 years. A man who never knew death.

Without spiritual life, one is left to serve those things in hell, which were served as their god in physical life. Conditions experienced in the spiritual dimensions with or without God are extreme, since physical life is but a muted and dulled example of the degree and depths of the true reality. In the physical our senses receive but a tiny fraction of this whole reality, since frequency which as a fundamental of the energetic dimensions, are only perceived by limited human senses. It is by these senses that we deal and interact with the world. In this way we are subject to the influences of the king of this world, our adversary. In order to overcome this influence one would desire to become dead to anything which does not serve our leading by the holy spirit.

Since God spoke creation into existance, it is frequency sound resonance which contunously creates by individual and collective free will thought. It is thought which creates matter. Even the very DNA of people have the same basic design of all creation in the way planets move. The same principles of physics which appily to creation, appilies to ourselves once we enter a physical body.

Black Holes   

The black holes of every galaxy are apparently 2.5% of the galaxy. It sends omindirectional energy at ten billion times light speed which suns and planets alter into physical matter, and is responsible for the growth of all planetary bodies that grow from within and enlarge over time. This is why there is no subduction in plate tectonics as planets enlarge themselves, to the point where the continents would fit together if you shrunk the planet to the size which would leave the earth one solid land mass. In keeping with spiritual law, hell enlarges itself for each soul that enters. And, yes…hell is within the earth until the day of judgement.

From macro to micro.       Micro black holes form of this superlight energy in the TeV range with these rays hitting protected planets and reaching center of mass energies in the hundreds of TeV. It is these quantum micro holes which connect the energetic dimensions to the spiritual dimensions.

I find it both complex and yet very simple, that the heart shakra functions as a double torroid, as does the earth, and the internal engine drive of a superluminal craft. And also that of the universe. The movements of planetary bodies being just like DNA. That the mind of the pilot is in a symbiotic blend of the engine drive for travel. This is a back engineered technology used in fast air…sorry, jets.

Dr. Milewski has theorised that superlight which moves through all matter is the very energy matter transferr of the universe which others have discovered and have also given their own name. Chi, prana, lifeforce, orgone, dark matter and many others. I look at it as he has explained. For electricity we use copper in the center for it to travel on, and insulation on the outside to isolate it for protection. Superlight lifeforce however, with a tree for example it uses the bark for transmission and the interior for separating the two as insulation.

Now in these last days we see severe increasing interruption of all feeder root systems of plant life by geoengineering. This also destroys the ozone layer protecting us from UV radiation. Thirdly, it destroys the oxygen creation needed. On top of it, science held captive to stupidity and evil, (except for those who’s names are used against their will), are teaching even the children, that manmade CO2 is the cause. That we need to sequester the carbon and consider it the enemy of a healthy environment, instead of being responsible for generating oxygen because it makes the plants grow. Working to destroy carbon is working against the material of life.

By manipulation of religion, finance, politics, science, media and education starting with all day kindergarden, those of evil intent are over time, fulfilling what Lenin said. “Give me a child for eight years, and it will be a Bolchevic forever.” It only takes one generation to remove all the impediments to taking over society, molded into the one world government wanted by those who serve the adversary, king of the air of this corrupted world.

This is the meaning and aim of Agenda 21 and sustainable development by a variety of high sounding names and non profit structures that pay no tax.

Using earth’s natural energy against all life on the planet, the direction we are being taken has a future that looks just like the actual conditions on Mars. Not that the public has a clue what those conditions are.  Shall we say DEAD? The only life remaining are a combination of flesh, technologies, and no human spirit remaining that has any chance of connecting to God let alone having knowledge of and a relationship with him.

After the fall of one third of the transdimensional angelic race, the human design was corrupted and conditions on earth, then it was destroyed it by the flood of Noah. In our time, this corruption intensifies in every way there is, to complete the separation of humanity from God as before, in creating the initial separation in the firmament. Today not only is the firmament isolating the world, but that separation now enters the very brain of life on earth.

Along with GMO foods that will eventually be the only legal food one will be allowed or perhape even able to grow, there are all the toxins. Additives in water and food, not just a nano robotic array penetrating the blood brain barrier to recieve psycotronic manipulation, but to calcify the pineal gland, which is the door to the chord of living waters to the soul, to have a spiritual relationship with God. The goal dear reader, is to eliminate all knowledge of God in the world, that the adversary can be as God. This means a non functioning pineal gland, replaced with psycotronics.


6 Responses to Ideas, physics & dimensions

  1. John Barry says:

    I totally understand you, I’ve always been an outside of the box thinker, although it had got me into lots of trouble in my younger days, but has certainly paid off dividends in my later days, 🙂
    Being an Electrical Engineer, I was saddened to learn of Nicola Tesla works only 15 years ago, his name was never mentioned at College back in the 70’s, this was the wake up call I needed to investigate further afield, and it’s been never ending from that day on.
    Since then I’ve been drawn to understanding the physical side of myself, the spiritual side, meditation, healing the total package of understanding of who I really Am.
    The science behind it is totally mind blowing, so every time I learn of different perspectives only adds to the building blocks of life. 🙂

  2. david says:

    I think what makes me interesting is I like to learn from interesting people. I am extremely particular as to whom I listen too, and do not believe things easily. Oh, and hello man in the mirror…lol

  3. John Barry says:

    Like a reading taken from within, very interesting to meet you!

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