Music of perfection

Music of Preference Rejuvenation by music

Here are just a few examples of great undiscovered current talent on video of their debut to the world stage. Johnathan and Charlotte.

Another discovery debut is Susan Boyle.

This debut is Chelsey Redfern.

Not his debut, but it’s all about the voice Matt Cardle.

This description of society is most accurate, as reflected in music.

It is written, the plan of salvation is in the new testament for christians. Also in the Torah for Israel, within the songs of Moses in the temple worship with the 144,000 singing with repentive heart, prayers like Deuteronomy 32 and Exodus 15. Faith comes by hearing the word. When unexplainable occurrences began during the use of Gregorian chant music, the catholic church stopped using it. Hence the following statement comes to mind, “my people die for lack of knowledge” It is also written. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the son of man. Well….”They’re back” ! Corrupted music has prevented the opportunity for peace of mind and wellness of the body. Perfect music on the other hand, goes much better when you want the healing DNA of the presence of the holy spirit. God spoke creation into existance,  frequency vibration. If separated from wholesome background, it interferes with our scalar wellness, allowing life to function as all life is connected to it. Animals and plant as well.

This article is an approach to educate yourself of the effects of the global geoengineering operations to bring about the separation of our spirits from God, placed upon the world by hidden technologies, as it relates to music, as an extension and intensity of the corruption of the firmament by the fallen, begun during the war in heaven. Another comes to mind…as a woman travaileth. To comprehend the magnitude of this requires you understand the scientific means by which these troubles will increase. Here is the central means in the following video: Resonance, beings of frequency. Documentary   How all life is connected, is being destroyed by geoengineering and the electronic cage.

English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is t...

English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule. This process is paramount to all life as we know it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a great deal of culturally imbedded ways of living that bring harm to ourselves. None of us are taught anything about ourselves and self discovery, but we sure know about how a car engine works. There are also interplanetary systems and their interaction which effect all life, for us to learn about.

The approaching nexus of events is a culmination of multiple cyclical celestial events, including the return of the dwarf star Nemisis ( biblical name is the angel of death) which brings more than the pole shift. This is explained in the pole shift article on this blog. All physical / energetic life is frequency based. Music is a strong force for sound mind and body. The so-called junk DNA may be responsive to the nexus which brings within it, massive numbers of tones and frequencies in extremely higher ranges which seem to awaken human DNA. A personal relationship with God is the means I can think of for raising one’s personal frequency. Provided I use my knowledge to prevent harm to me.  How about cell phones, microwaves etc…

All corruption like fear, seem to come from the lowest frequencies.

The eternal DNA of original human creation is desired by the adversary to have eternal physical life without the judgement of God. To live a thousand years for example. This is the goal of the globalists. Only the son of man is worthy to open the book of life. For those spiritually prepared and in holy relationship with God, the spirit of man hears the voice of God, to enter the original estate of perfection and conditions long forgotten and thought of as miracles by lack of knowledge of our dual nature and that of all creation. You also need uncorrupted frequencies like that of love or 528 so you don’t get sick and your DNA altered by frequency technologies. Energy healing is becoming better well known.

Electromagnetic pollution is far more serious than is protrayed. We become separated from the natural resonance of the environment. Adding GMO foods to this can alter your DNA. Don’t forget all those who take flu vaccines with adjuvents that have serious neurological side effects, like when I got Bell’s Paulsey. I couldn’t prove anything.  The life giving frequencies of sentient beings like elephants, whales and dolphins are now being destroyed by the spread of deliberate use of technologies to kill life affirming frequencies. Like the interruption of flight direction for everything that swims or flys.

What we see, is a relative few of our population becoming spiritually and consciously aware while the rest of us are experiencing a general dumbing down and methodic corruption of the mind and body. An increased intensity and exposure to a lowering of frequencies by many means. The individual will and the condition of our heart is the most powerful and cannot be forced by evil or love. At the end of this fourth and last age of man will be the end of time itself and bring the reversing of all corruption to the restoration of all things.

Michael Jackson’s Earth song. Well, youtube refuses to allow me to play the michael Jackson Earth Song. In his video the earth reverses and heals the destruction. This is just like the time reversal of the Priory machine protocol for curing diseases. You time reverse it all by use of frequencies. Here is a video EXPOSING the means of causing more death & suffering than even WWII, by the dual edged sword of the knowledge of energetics.  The law says you must be informed before you can be experimented on. This came as a result of the Neuremberg trials when such experimenters were hanged. Today if the public knew about the chemtrails and HAARP and the GWEN or Tetra system, our politicians would get the same treatment. Government response to this is….It’s not us. THEY LIE ! Who is responsible for the sovereignty of Canadian airspace ? Cannot keep a link here.

Because angels still don’t play this H.A.A.R.P.

The time reversal of the planet wide destruction as expressed on this Jackson video, is central to the much higher frequencies of the Nexus which reaches the hearts of humanity for those not sealed off by the evil in their hearts or the calcification of the pineal gland which isolates the spirit from its nature. Those whose hearts are in correct relationship with themselves and God are not held back from it by the DNA geoengineering of all life. The science of energetics includes the reversing power of time and frequency for healing as does a spiritual relationship with God. The priory machine time reversal protocol of all diseases is explained by Tom Beardon, and seen in healings worked by those in touch with their own nature in many parts of the world.  Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Riche, Tesla, Chi masters & energy healers, are already well aware of these things the public may never learn. The aerosol crimes are being noticed increasingly but with limited real knowledge of the intent.

Thanks to a core group of great people like my friend Dr. Michael Castle who discovered the welsbach seeding in the first place, Cliff Carnicom who is the leading research authority on the global geoengineering, Hildegard Staninger the leading authority on morgellons, and a growing number of other researchers and independent thinkers. The world is discovering the methodic demise as Dr Castle explains, of our blue jewel, by the global power elite also known as the biblical foretold one world government. Of course his terminology to describe them is a bit different to the uninitiated.  Within the global aerosol operations are the off world silicon-based life form, that’s intelligent like bees and fight back, which some call morgellons. These growing nano robot – like arrays grow in the body to reach the mind, targeting the pineal gland, and the chord of living water which is the bridge to the soul.

This off world silicon-based life form is feeding off of the body’s natural electrochemical and mineral design. By means of the electronic cage corrupting influence reaches the mind for evil to gain control. This process not only targets the pineal gland, but also alters the DNA from the two strands into three strands as it responds to lower frequencies generated by the entire “electronic cage, ” which facilitates this alteration for physical and psycoenergetic control. The lowering of frequencies is part of a hidden methodic demise of all living systems that continue our separation from knowledge of ourselves, creation and of God. Destruction of animals and planetary eco systems is also an integrated part of life giving resonance being lost by interference, as all life is connected to the Schuman’s resonance of earth, including the heart. The technologies of the electronic cage interfere’s with it, from industrial scale wind or microwave ovens, to the GWEN cell tower system and the smart meters coming for electricity and water.

The general populations are completely ignorant of these manipulations. People are more generally aware of other aspects, like manipulation of mass media, to control and alter perception and viewpoint. This is a marketing effort, since the authors know that the human species are actually co creators by thought, intent and emotion, of the timeline experienced. Their mass media use spaced repition to teach by exposure, to have a perception they want you to have. In spiritual dimensions, thought becomes instant reality. In our 3D world, this remains largely unrecognized. By altering perception one can alter outcome like steering Katrina. The wild card here is human free will.

This demonic strategy is an intensity of the war for the souls of humanity which began with the war in the heavens bringing a spiritual firmament, and destroying the natural protection from all cosmic radiation and interfering with our close relationship to all creation. Upon earths creation it was covered by ice very high above the land. There was no radiation at all. The atmospheric pressure would have been much higher, rich in oxygen, no pollution or radiation of any kind, simply a healthy energetic environment. The way the results are going, what few people will be left will not live long.  The geoengineering destruction of earth will be more survivable for those who live by the will of God, or by access to the engineered supersoldiers of the new world disorder.  Again, study true conditions of Mars & you see the intended future of the global elite.

The  intensity of this spiritual warfare is active within the physical environment from above. A multiple approach of using ancient technologies for corruption, no longer in human memory except in scant ancient records withheld by those who control these technologies today. One reason aside from the takeover of banking for the false flag nation building by UN resolution is raping other nations of hidden knowledge, artifacts and technology.

Self destruction by evil use of knowledge has happened in our previous ages of civilization as with our last age when all were at least aware of pyramid energetics, just as today all are aware of the electricity generation most of us still pay for every month in our bills. Knowledge however, is not where the answer lies, as those who treasure it above their own souls will discover in the end when it’s too late. That’s the choice the fallen have already made. Knowing his time is short, the adversary is going to have his way for a time. It is within the decision of the heart to overcome evil, and enter into intimate relationship with God that prevents the second death. As for this physical life, it is but a passing corrupted shadow to be overcome by love that we may occupy, so there will be life in the world…spiritual life, as it was before the fall of man. We are to follow the plan of salvation, a path in which music of perfection is very much part of the celebration of the mass.

There is music of the world, and there is music of God. Below are a couple of sections of music. With generational separation we would recognize since these differences are within our lifetimes, unlike the larger picture of the true history of our civilization. The examples are listed in two sections and are of music that’s POPULAR and another entitled  YESTERDAY. Immediately below are a few I personally like. Beyond the yesterday section are further writings and videos about the spiritual emotional and physical effects of the science of music, and how the plan of God and intricate science come together to teach us about our dual nature and that of all creation.

Amazing grace                                                                    htttp://


The lonely shepherd                                                

Enya,  May it be                                                        

Gregorian chant                                                        

Return to innocence                                                 

Enya,  Now we are free                                             

Beethoven, Moonlight sonata                                   

Adagio, in G minor instrumental                             

Carlos Santana                                                           

The drums ( incl, Bert & Ernie )                              

Two love songs                                                           

A moment in heaven                                                 

Beautiful music compilations.   Part 1                     

Part 2                     

A secret garden                                                           


Nights in white satin                                                 

I want to know what love is                                   

I don’t want to miss a thing

Another day in paradise                                           

Purple rain                                                                  


Glen Miller In the mood                                            

Moonlight serenade                                                    

Benny Goodman  Sing sing sing                                

George Gershwin  Rhapsody in Blue                          

Buddy Rich vs Neil Pert                                            

Louis  Wonderful world                                              

Ella     Dream a little dream                                       

Artie Shaw,  Traffic jam                                             

Using transcribed prayer to musical notes from temple worship. We praise him until the worship comes. We worship until the glory comes. We stand in his glory, which is his love and presence of the holy spirit. Within his presence is the glory cloud as written of in the bible. His presence is a cloud by day and of fire by night. The teachings of translation using the Hebrew letters with a musical note for every letter may be found at

This is a means for learning how to approach the most high God in a way most pleasing to him as suggested by Rico Cortez, a student and teacher of the original temple worship. Here is another who made the discovery of the language of the heart.

Suzanne Haik-Vantoura                     

An example; Psalms 23

For a tremendous interview with Rico Cortez explaining the temple worship. His love of the temple worship makes this come alive for those hearts that seek relationship with the most high, in the way most desired by the most high God. His web site is

There is a story of a woman on this blog, who after searching most of her life for her spiritual salvation by Jesus, was saved. Singing was her greatest passion. When she willingly gave up all of herself for it, her singing became spiritual and greatly effected all who listened to her new way of singing. It brought audiences to tears, wanting what she had. What she had was two vital aspects never found in popular music today. The uncorrupted tones of the ancient solfeggio, and a birthed eternal soul in relationship with Jesus.

Here are the videos teaching the science of man’s nature interacting with frequency and color of perfection, by Dr. Len Horowitz. This is the Live H20 lecture. Dr. Horowitz will alter your view of the world to recognize how science teaches us about staying holistically healthy and staying connected to our spiritual nature. “This, in a time when those of evil intent seeks to separate us from it.”

Often in my businesses of marketing and selling I’ve had people ask me how I maintain a positive attitude. I said life is too short to be bitter & it would only slow me down anyway. Let others make mistakes, and be aware of people’s weaknesses in the world. Frankly all the attitude adjustments from happy hour actually take you in the opposite direction people in sales need to go. Remember anytime you get upset with someone, it’s because you don’t understand something. All one need do is put the person before the money, and it just works. Care about people. Be the spark that lights up the room that sets the world on fire with conviction. Anytime you think you’ve got it rough, just remember what was done to the saviour of the world already ! Couragous Action Resolves Everything. C.A.R.E.

1                                2

3                             4

5                            6


This lecture is sponsored by :

Gregg Braden, Awakening to zero point. Reminds me of the song with the words…When two thousand years of your time has gone by, the song will begin once again.                           

The science of miracles, Greg Braden.

Now that truth about music has reached you, the music of the corrupted world we’ve listened to all our lives is explained by one who was in a position to know, but got out of the control of those responsible for that corruption. Since then he has disappeared and was likely murdered. His name was John Todd.

The new rock and roll has become hip hop. Here, a 2 part explanation of Beyonce…one of many artists that have met or will meet their fall for fame and fortune, and a short life with an eternal price tag. In the last decade increasing numbers in Hollywood have met an untimely end, engineered by the Illuminati. In the sixties we never questioned deaths from drug overdoses of rock stars. Today it’s more obvious. Just do a little research & that’s what you’ll discover from Joni Mitchel who got Morgellons & has given up music to teach others about it, to more famous ones like Dennis Quade, Mel Gibson, and Michael Jackson. Once free from control, their reputations are attacked….very successfully.                   

A more in-depth teaching of the differences in music are on these videos. Anyone who loves music will want to see this short group of videos. Should be on one video.

1                              2

3                          4

5                         6


Now that you have been exposed to this relationship of music to our well-being, here is the worship of other gods, by symbolism unknown to the public at large, and the corruption of mass media.                 

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