The Heart to transend self & technology

Since God spoke creation into existance, it makes sense we are in a frequency attack against all flesh. The enemy before their fall, were all excited to say the least at the viewing of the blue jewel of Jesus when earth was created. What remains of them is far superior intellect yet dead of the spirit in eternal separation.

The adversary has knowledge to nine stones, which are 9 separate & individual spirit bodies / dimensions, to be spiritually developed by all sentient life by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Just as to be in the world requires a physical body one must enter their spiritual relationship before physical death, or there will be no means by which a persons soul can respond to the call from Jesus from the grave, for it will not be recognized without that intimate relationship.
We can recognize the voices of parents ! What about that of God ? Will you hear him from the grave to live in eternity or will you rise to a judgement of eternity kept apart from all creation and under the unending pure evil of the adversary ?

One does not enter heaven with all knowledge revealed, accept that your spiritual condition is holy. In life, scalar wellness means resonance with the planet. Without this schuman’s resonance connection the body begins to die. Once again and finally, animal life that also emits frequencies are dying off at alarming rates since 2009. As one of the signs, even the Yangzee river of China has been blood red as in the time of the exodus. So has a river in BC Canada. These frequencies of the electronic cage surrounding modern societies bring corruption just like “as in the days of Noah”, as contents of the geoengineering encourage diseases by fungal growth & increased rainfall to encourage growth, and to overcome the immune system by the same combination of events that brought out the plague of the 1918 flu pandemic, using recombinants. We learn of the possibilities of the future by the past, already written for us in the bible & in the Torah. The bible is the most read, yet lacking intimate spiritual relationship, the least understood. With the PhD having 4% of the sum total knowledge in any field of study, it’s no wonder this cannot ever come close to a child, given understanding by their spiritual relationship. All that is given by relationship with God, is mocked by a corrupted cheap trinket technology to mimick this.  To those in relationship with the Holy Spirit, Yeshua is our sufficiency. 

By being in relationship we can learn to overcome interference by frequency pollution or directed attack. We can be in the proper place at the proper time for the protection of God while all around us is corruption and death. This is how it was the last time the death star Nemisis did it’s “passover”, which herein takes on new meaning.
HAARP & the entire electronic cage, works in conjunction with contents of the chemtrails we breath, additives in water that feminize men and brings masculinity to women to corrupt the sexes, and fluoride to destroy the mind. The GMO radiated foods, vaccines & their disease causing adjuvents. Combined, this barrage weakens the immune system and is destined to “kill our people for lack of knowledge” as the earth becomes more like Mars…nearly dead, like the spiritual condition of the vast majority of human society. This geoengineering is ultimately for altering the DNA of populations.  

Once corruption reaches the pineal gland and is calcified, you will be like those in a zombie movie, unable to access spiritual awareness for revival into relationship. The pineal gland in the mind is connected to the chord of living waters and the human spirit which in the spiritual dimensions “for those not in relationship”, is recognized as a dull grey mist in the center of the rib cage. Yet still some do not believe they even have a spirit. People wonder how satan can rule the world…well, for those who have no understanding of their dual nature being physical AND spiritual…it has worked. They don’t even believe he exists ! How little our physical vision can see in the spectrum of creation.

Even Aliester Crowley on “his death bed” was made to realize the depth of destruction he brought, and he was too late to alter his eternal destiny, let alone that of those he spiritually corrupted.
Those in relationship have conquored the ego or self, which I have learned is the first dragon. Eternity in heaven will cost you everything of this shadow we know as life which will be taken anyway. You must turn it all over to God out of LOVE, if not for a survival tactic of common sense.
We are to return the life given, that we receive the eternal inheritance of eternal spiritual perfection. Our destiny is in following the eternal direction of the spirit which fulfills our purpose of fellowship with all creation.

We can begin to learn of healing and the science in rejuvenation by uncorrupted frequency. This is the means by which music can bring emotion and awareness of our spiritual condition to light within ourselves. This can help bring mass revival, instead of another Woodstock with corrupted rock-N-roll to prevent it. And it’s continuance in pop music. It is written he will pour out his spirit. Bob Jones speaks of revival coming in 3 waves of harvesting of souls.
There is only ignorance between science and religon, a gap which closes given to those in maturing relationship. Seek first God, that all else will be added and restored unto you. Remember not to fear as we are in his hands, with the world he allows satan to rule which we are to keep ourselves separate from, lest darkness overtake us.

1. UT = 396 = 9 —————— 4. Fa = 639 = 9
2. Re = 417 = 3 —————— 5. Sol = 741 = 3
3. Mi = 528 = 6 —————— 6. La = 852 = 6

Within the 22 pictoral letters of the perfect Hebrew language is the restoration of all things by the plan of salvation, and also in the KJ bible. It is the Torah which is the heart of God. The spiritual & the scientific come together in the perfection of frequencies, and the glory cloud which is the presence of the Holy Spirit. A cloud by day and piller of fire by night as has been experienced. The ark is a perfect & most powerful frequency generator. One learns to approach God in a way most pleasing to him. With one consent in repentance & worship. The heart in repentence with prayer as in the songs of Moses and the 144,000. We have the Moses of our time in the man Dr. William Deagle to learn from. He is the biblical witness of Ephraim.

He is a medical intuitive with an IQ above 200, but now has the AMAZING Quantum Resonance Analyser. This will reveal your state of physical health to know what protocol to follow back to wellness. PROVEN to function over any distance in the quantum sense.
We are to be a living sacrifice unto God in obedience of his commandments that there is human spiritual life in the world & that we occupy, set apart fom the world and marked by an angel of God in the book of life. This will begin on the day of the abomination of desolation. Also the first doctor in Canada in 1980 to be certified reading MRI’s. AMAZING This analysis is extremely valuable for prevention of the onset of any disease. it is an order of magnitude cheaper, far more advanced in speed, thoroughness and results. (NO month long extremely expensive outpatient testing periods here.) How about less than 1 hour for final results. Here is Dr. Deagle and Lord Sterling Tim Alexander, with his advanced QUANTUM RESONANCE ANALYSER, made by Dr.True Ott.

Quantum science which includes all manner of oneness, like the effects on existance where time is no longer a factor, as with hyper communication or travel. There are 460 trillion galaxies just in our local universe. Learning about physics helps to comprehend what we see, like discerning if something is merely a scalar ball generated by our weaponised earth or the transdimensionals in the flesh as one can see the fallen transdimensional superluminal craft dissappear into the relm of another dimension beyond the visual spectrum, recognizing this so as not to be misled by them. Dr. True Ott makes a medical tool available to him. His web site is I would not reccomend calling down a UFO like Dr. Steven Greer. There will be no release of technology which does not bring forward the agenda of the one world government.

In order that the heart transend the ego, technology and the physical state, here the call to return to God is made by his servant, a direct bloodline descendent of Aaron and Moses, the Witness of Ephraim. We are to occupy in relationship with the Holy Spirit, that there is life in the world.



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  1. John Barry says:

    Very, very interesting, and so very true.

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